Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get a load of this!

The swap hasn't even started yet and I've already bought something special for my swappy sister to be!
Check this out!
It's a roll of wrapping paper I found while out today.
I can't get over how perfect it is! It's vintage-y and Valentine-y.
 I haven't decided what I'm going to with it yet. I don't think I want to wrap something in it. It's just too pretty. Maybe art? Valentine's Day card? Suggestions?!

Anyways, just thought I'd get the ball rolling!! CAN'T WAIT!


  1. Love the paper. What to do with it though I have no idea. I'm betting some of the really crafty gals do though :-)

  2. Great find! How about decopage?? Maybe a tea tray:)

  3. I would totally cut a cute piece out, mount it to some cardstock (cut it a little smaller than the cardstock for a border) and frame that! (Then you'll still have some leftover). Too too cute!

  4. Very cute! Love the decopage idea and the card idea!

  5. our local walmart had some nice sized clipboards clearanced for a dollar with a little mod podge glitter and ribbon that clipboard would be a wonderful thing for someone to receive

  6. Way too cute You could transfer to fabric and incorporate into your apron.

  7. That paper is so perfect for this swap! And I love all the ideas too! You could also make cupcake wrappers by: 1.) laying a pattern (free online) on the paper and outline it with a pencil. 2.) Next cut it out with decorative scissors. This is much the same shape of a Starbucks cup wrapper when opened....also open on the bottom when finished and you set your finished cupcake, with its regular paper wrapper, inside the decorative wrapper! So cute!!!

  8. Amy, you have received so many good Ideas, I am sure you will come up with a plan!! You are so creative!!

    Have fun with it.

  9. @Laura - Tea Tray, GREAT IDEA!
    @Sare - I really really like that idea!
    @Amy - Definitely making a card with it!
    @Mary ann -Transfer to fabric?! Explain please! That sounds fantastic.
    @Jayapea - also a super great idea!
    @Jennifer - you flatterer you! But i def would not be able to do this without everyone's help.

    To everyone else, THANK YOU! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!


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