Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Merci Dayna for this yummy apron

Isn't it gorgeous ?

I've just received Dayna's Apron this morning. It is awesome. I love the pockets and the Chocolate Factory print is so Lucy-esque. Last but not least, it is perfectly sewn.
You've all got to know that Dayna is an angel, because she sent a first apron that got lost in on its way to France. That makes this apron particular dear to my heart.
She also sent an adorable mouse pad made with the same fabric. It's already on my desk. and a nice towel.

Thank you so much Dayna.

Marie-Noëlle, FRANCE

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  2. Thanks a lot I won't miss to visit your blog and comment.


  3. Good to see you again. Beautiful work on the apron!

    Kat in Florida


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