Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gorgeous Fall and Halloween Aprons

Here's a little sample of the gorgeous aprons from the FAS12 Fall/Halloween Flirty Apron Swap:

Aprons...and proud of it!

While I was trying to register for the new swap my family had a little swap of their own, and Dad even got involved! Maybe not by his own will but it's amazing what daughters can get Daddy to do! We had to have a little rundown to catch him for a picture (pics of that on my blog), it just proves everyone needs an apron!

Finally -- Some Pictures!

I received my wonderful package from Sharon a few days back. I am just now getting around to posting the pictures. She really showered me with Harvest Blessings. Not only did I get a wonderful hand-stitched apron and lots of really neat tuck-ins, but I received a wonderful journal of her journey making the apron. It is set in the 1800's and was very fun to read. I absolutely love everything I received. THANK YOU SHARON!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Sweet Tammy in North Carolina spoiled me rotten!  I did a terrible job of taking pictures of the beautiful pumpkin apron that she made and sent.  By the time I got home from work the other night and found my package waiting, it was already dark and hard to get a good shot, but believe me when I say this apron is gorgeous and so much fun.  It's going to see lots of pie and bread making in the month to come!
Awesome tuck-ins came along, all wrapped in tissue paper and tied with those great skull ribbons that you get a glimpse of in the picture.  That pumpkin spice candle smells incredible and I'm in love with the grinning pumpkin!  Thanks so much, Tammy!  I love being spoiled!!

Amazing Apron and Goodies

I received the most amazing apron from Karen in California. She must have tons of sun to thank for her amazing creative genius. Thank you so much for my apron. It was beautiful. It could't have been more perfect. Although I've been dreadfully sick with the flu this last week, apparently my Halloween trick, it completely delighted me to see your wonderful shipment of tuck ins so craftily wrapped and beautifully designed by your personal touch.

Thanks ever so much!

Amy Keyser

Friday, October 29, 2010

So many swappers, so few posts

Shawnee, feel free to chastise me or delete me if I overstep, k.

Dear Fellow Swappers,

As we approach another swap, I am awed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of so many of you. You sent thoughtful packages and equally thoughtful thanks. You shared your progress and cheered those of us who ran into some sewing roadblocks ( yes, I still suck at potholders). Some of you are quiet, simple posters, but at least you joined in the festive atmosphere. I applaud all of you!

Although I understand that life has a way of interfering with fun, I can see no reason that a simple little post cannot be sent. Some of you received some fabulous looking aprons with some darling tuck-ins. I was one of them (thanks again Laura, McDonald's will never be the same since I wore it in to order lol) I am at a loss as to why a few sentences are such an inconvenience! Especially if you like your package!! If you don't, still, a few polite words do wonders.

We all invested something very precious: our time. Surely that alone is worth a few minutes of your day.

I shall revert to something that even kindergartners understand: if you can't play nice, you don't get to play. Snarky? Yep. Something that, unfortunately, needed to be said? Yep.

Please don't be the ''bad apple" that spoils the bunch.

Sincerely, Regena

Regena and all,

Just a small edit to your post. While I have invited everyone to be blog authors with the ability to post and while I LOVE seeing all the pictures, thank you posts on this blog are not mandatory. The minimum requirement is a thank you email or note to your partner.

Again, I LOVE seeing the pictures and even though I hope that everyone who can will post here AND on their personal blogs linking to this swap and to their partner's blog, not everyone has the the same level of technological literacy (is that really a word/phrase???). That said, please know that I am happy to post for you if you don't know how .. just send me an email with what you want to say and attach a picture - I'm happy to do the rest.

The only way you don't get to play any more is if you don't send a package or you don't let me know that you received one; some people actually post here but don't contact their partner directly and that's not quite right either, since not everyone remembers to check here regularly. (Reminder - if you subscribe to this blog, you will know when a new post goes up.)


PS - I'm excitedly working on the new swap ..deets SOON!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yipee! My first Apron Package Arrived!

I got home frome work on Monday to find my beautifully wrapped package laying on my counter! Oh how excited I was to see it! Before I even kissed my husband I grabbed my package and opened it very slowly to enjoy every moment! Thank you Teresa so much for everything you sent me. When I opened my backage she had a little BOO pillow laying on top. Beneath it was so many goodies: chocolate bar from Washington, pen and notepad, cupcake cups, baking cookbook, and then my darling halloween apron. I love the pumpkin tie she put on the strings. I had so much fun with my first swap. It's going to be hard to beat this apron package! Thanks Teresa .. I loved it all! Thank you Shawnee for organizing our swap!

Sharon from Waller.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm in love............

OH my gosh!!! I LOVE my apron it is just the right thing when I am feelin just a little bit witchy when I'm a cookin away. I love the fat quarters and have great plans for them, and with the help of my partner and some super cute halloween candle holders my house is decked out for the holiday.... Thanks so much!!

This beauty was made by Jenny A in Utah!! -SH

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Other Ways to Connect with FAS

I don't know if you all have noticed, but on the sidebar I have a link to our Flickr Group! Flickr is a free web-hosted picture sharing site and I love it. Join our group and then post your Flirty Apron Swap aprons there for all to see even after these swaps end!!

If you're on Facebook, I have a group there, too! It's very creatively named, "Flirty Apron Swappers." That's a great option if you haven't started your own blog yet, because you can upload pictures there and chat about your swapping experience.

And, if that's just not enough ways to feel connected, I'd love it if you also follow our swap on Twitter, @FlirtyApronSwap. If you use the hashtag #fas in your posts, I'll be sure to see what you're saying or you can type in @FlirtyApronSwap when you're talking about us. Flickr can be a great way to quickly chat back and forth, too, especially if we set up a specific time or have a Twitter Party. I'd love to explore that more if any of you are interested!

Ain't technology grand?!?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Chance

Hey ladies,

I haven't heard from a few of you regarding the mailing status of your aprons. IF I DO NOT GET A TRACKING NUMBER BY 10 AM TUESDAY, you will not be allowed participate in future swaps and I will hustle to find a sweet angel for your disappointed partner.

Don't let that happen to you ... send me trackable information asap! Thanks for meeting your commitment.


PS - Others, don't forget to let me know when you RECEIVE your precious box and cc me on your thank you email. Danke!

I got a present! Woo hoo!

I came home from school today and found a wonderful surprise on my porch! Jeanie, you are wonderful! My apron is so cute and is so me! I loved the pockets with the cute buttons. And the chocolate - I'm in heaven! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Thank you Regena!!

My camera and blogger do not want to cooperate. I got the picture of my AWESOME apron uploaded at least. I didn't get the goodies to download. Thank you so very much Regena for the apron. It is ADORABLE. I keep wearing it and staring at it in the corner. You did such a great job. I also loved the scarf, the Pride and Prejudice zombie cards, the cupcake wrappers and toppers, and the apron. I loved the whole package. You did such a great job and I just love it. Thank you for all of your hard work!!!

I'm back!

Thanks for the e-mails and phone calls.  We have been dealing with a family thing but I think I have survived with my brain partially intact.  I have received my gorgeous apron and have one ready to send - which I will do tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.  I'll post pics too!

My Package Arrived Saturday!!!

I was so thrilled to receive a call from my husband on Saturday (he was home, I was out) to inform me that I had received a package. When asked if I wanted him to open it I said NNNOOOOOOO!!! I was so thrilled to look inside and see what Kerry J. had put together for me! How thoughtful of her...she put little Frankenstein boxes filled with hershey kisses for each of my boys! She also included a super fun Halloween banner, socks, ribbon, a really cool jar of M&M's, and some Halloween patterns. OH YES!! And a completely adorable apron with little scarecrows and pumpkins. I'm in love. Thanks so much Kerry! You won my boys over, for sure:)


I already emailed Madelyn and told her how much I absolutely love my apron and package.  I can't seem to get a good picture though (I have 3little boys...the oldest takes the pictures), so refer back to her post to see all of the amazing things she crafted for me (the cool reversible apron with the pumpkins and goards on one side and the cute little witches on the other side...matching pot holders, AND some embroidered towels...PLUS som yummy treats, an a fabric pack....oooooh). 

This is me and my "little" man...he's getting big really fast (only 7 months and about 25 lbs...sorry, had to throw that in there).  I screamed when I opened the package.  My husband even said he's never seen me that excited about anything.  I guess I am usually pretty subdued, but I love this apron.  Love it love it love it! 

Thank you Madelyn!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Time Mailing Apron Winner Announced

Well, ladies, the time has come. We're wrapping up this fantastic apron swap and 90% of you mailed on time! I wonder if this little incentive had anything to do with that??

As you know, one of our lovely sponsors AND participants, Lana of Sassy Aprons, has donated the cutest apron E-VER just for one of you. It's the cute Turkey Apron in our swap badge!!

Now that the contest is over, remember to tell your friends about Lana's Sassy Apron Shop on Etsy ( if they need that special apron and don't have time to whip up their own. I've bought many a Sassy Apron and LOVE every one!!

Well, enough anticipation .... the lucky winner, thanks to, is ....
REGENA!! Congratulations!!!!!

Please, keep posting your packages as they come in. We LOVE it!! There are three aprons to be mailed - please get those off and send me a message asap!

Now, a question for everyone .... do you have time for a Christmas apron swap? I have a fun idea but I know we're starting to cut into personal crafting time ... leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Here's a little hint ...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You Lana!

I must be the luckiest Girl in the World!!! Thank you Lana, aka Sassy Apron! I have been checkin out your aprons online at etsy but now I own one!!! The headband is even on my head as I type this... Thank you so much.

Viva Dia de los Muertos

Thanks Laura. How you got all that is such a tiny box is beyond me!
Already using the candy corn clips. I have a stationary addiction! LOL

It's Mine, It's Mine!!!!!

WOO HOO HOOO!!!!! This beauty is mine and I Love it! I can't tell you how hard I have tried to get my hands on some of this totally cute fabric. Thank you soooo much Melody for such an adorable package. Cupcake goodies, hot pots, a toxic glass(which my son has claimed), holiday napkins,a cute little tote, coffee cozies...oh my! Thank you, thank you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What a Fabulous Day to be me!!!

Wow! I am constantly humbled by the kindness and generousity of the super talented women in these swaps! Today I received the most incredibly thoughtful apron package! The apron itself is totally awesome with jumbo ric-rack and yo-yo buttons! You know I'll be wearing this on Thanksgiving! Look at all the cool stuff that accompanied my lovely apron from Astonia, Or. (I have dreamed of living there since the first time I saw Kindergarten Cop) Paula YOU ROCK! She sent me Caramel Apple Cider..yum! Sprinkles shaped like autumn leaves that I will be using with my grandsons! The most beautiful fall kitchen towels that match my red and yellow kitchen perfectly! A Gooseberry Patch recipe book! I love those! Pumpkin spice tea! The most adorable felt pumpkin that she made! A beautiful doulble spoon rest with pumpkins on it and a fat quarter of fall fabric with a red background and those are not easy to find....I know...I've looked! Everything was packaged so beautifully. Did you notice the cute little witch tag on the apron? I have been blessed beyond measure! Thank you soooo much Paula!

I Received My Apron! Thank you Chrissy!!!

I received my package today!! I'm so excited. Thank you SO much Chrissy. The apron is absolutely beautiful! It fits perfectly too. I am so happy that yours was the one I got. ;)

The pumpkin was what my note was written on. I also got a lovely sunflower candle, an adorable wooden pumpkin decoration and those AWESOME cupcake wrappers.

And can I tell you how sweet it is that Chrissy's 18-month-old picked out a Halloween book for my 4-year-old son Nicholas. He was more than excited.

Thank you for making my first swap SO much fun.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank You Amy!!

My apron arrived today!! It is just like Christmas tearing into the box and pulling out each item and saying ooohhhh and aaaahhhh. Amy really went above and beyond and everything was perfect. This is my first ever hostess type apron and I'm so excited. It will be perfect to wear during the upcoming harvest holidays. The tulle added to each layer makes it so cheerful and festive. I am love, love, loving the potholders and they are huge so they are perfect to throw down under a hot dish on the table. She also included some orange and black fabric that I'm sure I can use to make something fun, a delightfully smelling candle, two adorable notepads, stickers that my daughter will love, and also an autumn and turkey doorknob hangers. Like seriously, the box was crammed full of so much goodness. I can't say thank you enough!!

Completed and ready to mail tomorrow!

Please ignore the sexy model!!! My husband was gracious enough to model the apron due to my craft room being in a scary condition (plans for this weekend: Clean it up!!). I had a blast making the apron and I hope my partner will love it. Some of the add ins are below and some are already wrapped. Off tomorrow to it's new home!!
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The Best Way to Brighten Your Day...

...Come home to a wonderful Apron Swap package! Oh my! Susan from Oregon City did a beautiful job making her apron for me, I just appreciate it so much! The tuck-ins were so fun! I got to un-wrap each one! I love the surprise! 

Thank you Susan for doing such a great job! Love it! You definitely made my day :)

Goodies and Apron on the Way!

Went with a cute vintage print for the front and the polka dottie for the back so my partner could get lots of wear out of this hostess apron. Made this cute Boo! door hanger and put in lots of goodies. Hope she likes it!!!