Thursday, June 28, 2012

Helping Hand

Just want to thank Mary Lea again, she said her camera was on the fritz, so this is just a closer look of what she got, she looked good in it, especially with her red top, it made it stand out!


Looking around...............

Just checking out everyone's swap packages and the aprons are so pretty. Sigh I am still waiting to receive from Elaina so hopefully something will show up.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Received My Apron!

I received my apron from Barbara B and I love it - it will be PERFECT for next week's July 4th cookout. Here is my daughter modeling:
Barbara also included the pearls that Courtney has around her neck, a coffee cup sleeve, and some recipe cards. What an AWESOME package! Thank you Babara! And here is Courtney with the apron that I sent:
Thank you Shawnee for hosting again! I am looking forward to the next swap!

Asking for prayers

I believe strongly that prayer works I am pleading with all of you my swap sisters to please pray  for Colorado springs pray and bless over the fire fighters and  the family's that are evacuated and for those who have lost their homes and most of all please pray for rain. right now my beautiful city is on fire, it started in the mountains Sunday and took a turn for the worse yesterday at 3pm and came into the city.
The Air Force academy is in harms way and has been evacuated.
My husband was on the phone all night with coworkers who have been evacuated and sadly one of them loss their home.
My home and family are pretty safe at this point but the smoke is overwhelming my house smells like I have a camp fire going in the house.

This picture was taken not far from my house it really is awful to see these flames I cried so hard when I saw the flames it looks like something from a  Hollywood movie set or not something you should see in your city. 
Again if you could each take a moment and pray and spread the word I would be for ever grateful.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Wonderful Apron Package

I received my apron package while away on vacation so I'm a little behind on the posting, but here is my fabulous new apron...
I love it!!!

These fabrics are EXACTLY my style.  They couldn't have been more perfect and ohhh how I love those ruffles!!

Beautiful Jean, thank you!

Look at these other goodies that she sent.
She wasn't kidding about the forklift...I needed one to lift it too - haha.
Above are some pretty fabrics that she enclosed.

a pin cushion jar with lots of lovely notions tucked inside.

a box of beignet mix...mmmm...I can't wait to make these.

a beautiful photo album with a wonderful French theme!

a cupcake cookbook

scrapbook paper pad with lots of wonderful patterned papers...

and a sweet hand stamped card!!

Jean even sent something for the kids!
  Delicious European cookies

and a Hot Wheels car - these are his absolute favorite thing!!

Thank you Jean!
I love it all.  You really outdid yourself - I'm one lucky girl!
God Bless.

My Rose-y Package were all jealous when you saw the beautiful "roses" that Melinda showed a sneak peek of recently...well, I'm the lucky lady who got the package! I rarely get flowers from anyone...gosh I can't even remember the last time! So what a special bouquet that was for me! And the best part? They won't turn brown and die! Ever! Such a sweet package she is that bouquet, along with some beautiful torn paper roses she put on a sweet note to me...

Here's the apron...I kept finding more and more little "treasures" in that apron, like the patch of embellished chenille tucked under the first ruffle...
Melinda added nice, long ties so I can wrap them around to the front - love it!
She also tucked in a beautiful tin of vintage buttons - I tried so hard to get a pic of them, but they just kept coming out fuzzy and dark, but trust me, they are gorgeous! And even the package itself was tied up in some fun, furry yarn! Thank you, Melinda, for this great package - I love every bit of it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

So I sent off my package

It's been really crazy around here.

So crazy I thought about sending my model off with the swap package!

She may look cute, but she's been pretty rotten lately!

My tuck ins...well, I hope the vacuum sealer works because some items are perishable. And I HOPE my partner likes to cook :/ I forgot to check on that one!

Anyway, hopefully I see a happy swap partner post soon?
Just received my Swap package! Yay! Thank you, Chrissy!! I Love everything....want to show off All my goodies but.... Does anyone know how to upload pics from IPad??

It’s here!

I received my beautiful apron and swap goodies from Tammy..I hope she has received mine by now..

First, a stunning ruffly apron

Ruffled swap apron2

Sorry for the funky picture, hubby took it with my phone camera that he isn’t very good at using..pretty hard  to take a picture of myself, and I would have had my hair and makeup been done, but alas one of those days I just languished and was lazy..

And some awesome goodies, Tammy really gave thought to what I liked!

Swap stuff2

A lovely card, thank you..and a cute little sign that says “The Rooster May Crow, But the Hen Delivers the Goods’  Perfect!  Also, a spoon rest with a rooster on it.  I have never had a spoon rest before, honest I have been wanting to get perfect, Tammy you were reading my mind!   Also some Roostery cocktail napkins and recipe cards…

All are so appreciated..I am so glad that Shawnee partnered us and hope you are happy with the package I sent to you!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Days!

Last night I came home after a bad day in sales, and to my surprise my package had arrived, right then my day turned around, I was smiling and shaking the box , it was so heavy, wow, I  knew I was gonna be blessed, I open it up I saw all the beautiful gifts inside, I love my apron, the ruffles are so pretty, soft pinks and greens, colors I love!  I also received so many fun gifts, I got engraved napkins so cool, a new cook book with my favorites "Appetizers" I have been known to just order them for my dinner! I also got a journal, nail file, pastel custard cups, lip balm, pretty pink candle smells so good and a  key finder  if you only knew, I lose them every day, and some cool information about Wyoming, that is gonna be on my travel list in the near furture.  Mary Lea! you are the best, so very kind, you turned my day around and I am so thankful for you sending me such a wonderful package.

God Bless You!


One LUCKY gal!!

Well look what arrived in my post !
Is this not the cutest apron ever!!  Janice did such a fabulous job...the fabrics are fits me just great...I've hardly taken it off since I put it on!  AND that was not all...because Janice also sent me a CATH KIDDSON pattern book (swoon)....I almost fell off my chair when I opened it up...I am so in love with her fabrics...and ...and...oh my gosh....I've never even seen a sewing book of hers generous!  AND Janice also whipped up some very dear pot mitts made of jean pockets...all bound up with fabric to match my apron...she posted a sneak peek below, and my camera has decided to go on the fritz now.  Sorry!  What a wonderful parcel Janice!

Friday, June 22, 2012


My package for Nadine is mailed. Thank you Shawnee for partnering us. She is a wonderful person and has been so fun to get to know. I am just going to show a little peekie ......
 Roses that last....hope she enjoys her apron. xoxoxo melinda

Its Outta Here……

Just in the nick of time..the only excuse, sorry that it is, for my being so close to the deadline mailing making me freak out, is that I couldn’t decide on which fabric to use.  I am sooo glad I used what I decided to use, because I think it turned out really awesome..I know I am such a bragger!

Here is a sample of my fabric that I chose so just a tiny hint of what’s to come..


and various tuck ins ready to goooooooo…and they are OFF!


I hope Tammy enjoys her package from me, I had such a nice time sewing and putting it all together for her!  Nuttin’ fancy, but the love is in there Tammy! 

Thank you Shawnee for putting this fun swap together for us, I was really starting to have apron swap withdrawals!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I didn't post pics because I wanted my Partner to be Totally Surprised! is in the mail & I am Hoping she will post pics...:) My pics were not very good! I had a Lot of Always doing Shawnees swaps! I modified & added elements to the apron I created & I think it came out really cute! Hope my partner likes it:) Thanks again, Shawnee!

Talk about last minute!

My day keep mixing together I have been super duper busy.
Yes today the apron is due in the mail and I just made it.
I woke up early ran 5 miles then sat down and started sewing.
Thank goodness every thing was cut out 30 mins later this little honey was created.

It turned out a little long or maybe I just short.

I love the color combo.

I also like how bright and summery it looks.
BTW did you all know its the first day of summer.
I hope Amy likes this apron I have to have some surprises for her so I wont share the tuck ins. 

Now I am off to the post office!

I Finished

I was able to get the kids in bed at a decent time last night and pull out my sewing machine.  I actually like how the ruffles came out, even though I am not the best at ruffles.  I really hope that my partner likes her apron as well as the tuck ins.

My apron

Cards I made from a picture I took at the Boston Public Gardens

I have a few more tuck ins that I hope are liked.  Now to get to the post office today and get it off to Jen.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful apron from Barbara

This is a picture of me wearing the gorgeous apron that Barbara sent to me.  It is so lovely!  I love the gathered bodice and the little fabric rose pin that she also thought to add to the bodice.  There is a nice ruffle that I love on the lower hem!  I love me some ruffles!  The colors and fabric selection is so pretty!  I love it!

She also sent me some lovely tuck-in items that I can't show you because my camera decided to die on me right now!  She sent a pretty white hand crochet doily with a pink rose on it from her own collection because she knew I collected doilies.  She also sent me 2 delicious chocolate candy bars that I have been trying not to open yet cause once I do they'll be gone in no time!  She included a new Paris inspired journal for me, a cool looking pattern for a purse and bag, some note cards and some fragrant sachets.  You totally spoiled me Barbara!  Thanks again for being a great swap partner!

My Apron and Tuck-ins for Barbara

My swap partner was Barbara.  She told me that she loved the retro style and colors of the 30's.  Her favorite colors were aqua and red.  I wasn't able to find any reproduction prints in the correct colors to make her apron but lucked out to find this new fabric called "Vintage Modern" in the colors she liked.  I used four different print/colors for the ruffles and then used three of them again for the waistband and ties.  

 Here is a close up of the colors, prints and florals so you can get a better look.  I think this style of apron is so cute!  Very feminine and  sweet looking.  

These are the things that I added in to her package as my tuck-ins.  A needle case since she is also a sewer/quilter like me, some Mrs. Fields chocolates, Ghirradelli coffee, a canister of cookies, a small white porcelain heart dish for her rings and a little tea pot figurine that I thought was cute.  I hope she liked them all.  I had a lot of fun thinking of things to put in her package and picking out the fabrics that I thought she would like!  It was another wonderful swap and a great swap partner!

At last!

Hello, everyone, I finally finish my tuckins, I had fun making this apron and tuckins, I love the colors my swap partner suggested, I hope she enjoys this packet.


Last Minute Lucy

I know I am a major procrastinator, but this is a little ridiculous.  I have the fabric all picked out and ready to go, but I can't seem to find the time to sit down at my sewing machine and actually make my apron.  I am planning on sitting down tonight and sewing and getting my package out in the mail tomorrow.  I can't believe how fast this deadline came and how far behind I am!


Mindy's Apron to Me : )

I love this. It's perfect. The colors, the size the shape. I especially love the little bird fabric at the waist band and hem ruffle. I'm a sucker for birds and flora fauna prints.
Mindy also tucked in a great ruffled shopper, a cute pair of white rose earrings ( which I wore to dinner) and a generous piece of floral fabric. I have just the complimentary fabrics to go with the fabric she gave me. What a great swap this has been. I do believe my favorite part is that Mindy and I live in the same state. It's so nice to know that someone that shares your interests is not so far away after all.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Amazing, I Am Blessed!

 I haven't been feeling so well today and just doing a bit then sitting then doing a bit and sitting, when my Fibromyalgia and back spasms flare up it isn't fun. What a blessing I got in the mail from my wonderful swap partner (and new friend) Kathleen. 

Here I am in my kitchen with my new orange and green (colors I did not have) apron Kathleen made for me. But that isn't all, she used some beautiful fabric for the back as well and it can be worn inside out if I so choose and I just know I will.
Kathleen loves French country and enclosed a beautiful card that reminds me of the simple French country style she enjoys so much.  Remember all those trips I had been taking to France, showed me what this style was.  Well, in my dreams I went to France!

Each gift was wrapped in tissue paper with these beautiful satin ribbons and since we both believe in repurposing great things, I am seeing a new apron for a grandchild using the pink ribbon as the tie, that was a huge bonus...thanks partner!

 This little bag was so cute, I have never seen bags this small and I love the blue flowers on it, just a bright spot in a rainy day here in the great NW. What was inside this bag?  Oh my, the most delicious smelling Honey suckle hand lotion. How did she know I am almost out of lotion?  The granddaughter snagged it up pretty quickly (now you know why I am out of lotion) but she gave it back only if I promised to share! 

I am a huge journaler so it was really exciting to see the brand new journal and the inside is done in purple, my very favoritist of all colors and a book that I absolutely promise to read called 'One Thousand Gifts,' by Ann Voskamp.  I have never heard of her, but a short blurb on the back is written by Lysa TerKeurst and I just completed a Bible Study of hers, so now on those days when I can't clean, sew, quilt or do anything but lay in bed due to the increased pain in my back....I have something to read!
Blessings Kathleen, thank you so very much!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A little behind

Instead of making my apron I have been spending the last 2 weeks with this little guy.
My first grand child!
sniff sniff he went home yesterday back to Alaska.
I have the fabric cut out and all my tuck in so this weekend I will be creating an apron master piece.
Hopefully Monday I will be posting a pic and sending out the apron to my swap sister.
Wish me luck!!

Mindy's Change of Heart

 I was having a time locating any fabric with birds nests ( which she collected ) so I really wanted to give her options. I found this very colorful bird fabric at my quilt shop and the ice cream parlor fabric had been purchased a few years back from ebay.
For tuck in's I gave Mindy some ceramic bird nest tiles that I had made years ago. Maybe Mindy can get you a picture because I haven't found the pic yet ( I'll keep looking). I also included a cute set of measuring spoons that I located at a gift shop.

I always name my aprons but I didn't want to name it until Mindy saw it. I had a few options and one was Mindy's Change of Heart. She decided after getting her apron that, that was the perfect name.

Great swap! Great partner!