Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Flirty Apron!!

We will just say I went to Paris thats where I wanted to go. My partner Kristy SC made me this lovley apron she calls it the contented house wife. I think it is very fun and flirty. She also sent me the book she wrote Little steam a Parable. Who new we had a published Author in our apron swap.. It is a fun children's book.

Thanks Kristy. I love it all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Received the Perfect Apron for Me!!

I received this beautiful apron from Montserrat (or Cocoa as most people probably know her) the other day. My vacation that I didn't get to go on was back home to Kansas. Cocoa picked my favorite color combination yellow with pink roses and the beautiful blue is suppose to be like the Kansas sky. I think the blue just makes the whol thing pop! I really like this apron and it is so perfect for me!!
Cocoa also sent a calender, cowboy notecards that she mad, a recipe for her homemade honey wheat bread, 2 beautiful closeup photos of sunflowers that she took and a huge bag of beef jerky. It was a wonderful package and I can't thank Cocoa enough!!!

My Cabin by the Lake Getaway

Lucy from My Byrd House sent me the best cabin vacation getaway package ever. I love this plaid old-fashioned style apron. Perfect for making early morning pancakes beside the lake with the mix that she sent. Lucy also included her recipe for homemade syrup along with a bottle of maple flavoring, a loghouse potholder and a bar of her wonderful plumeria soap. Now all I have to do is grab a good book, a quilt and a canoe and I'll be ready for my lakeside cabin retreat.
Thank you, Lucy. Love it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunshine in a box

I got my apron! It reminds me of sunshine and summertime!

My dream vacation was the beach and Beverly totally came through! I love the colors and I think my husband has already eaten half the box of taffy!

I love the towel loop! None of my other aprons have that! Thanks so much Beverly! You did a great job!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I got my apron! Woohoo!

Well, Tammie came thru and that gorgeous PINK Eiffel tower fabric was mine and I was thrilled...The apron is really cute and I love that it has a long tie so I can wrap it around and tie it in the front. She also sent me some other goodies as well including a roast beef recipe and one for cappuccino truffles....Au revoir and merci Tammie......

Tammie's apron from Ellen

This is the apron I received in the swap. It is so cute! One of my dreams was to attend a baking class, so she went with a pie theme. Not only did I get this great apron, but she also sent me a pretty apple pie pan, a matching recipe book, and two pie hot mats. Complete with lattice tops! They are adorable. Oh, and she sent it early, I'm just late posting about it. Thanks so much!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alaska Apron Received

My swap partner went above and beyond the call of duty. One of my dream vacations was a cruise to Alaska. Her great-aunt just happens to visit Alaska every year. My wonderful partner, Heather, sent her great-aunt on a mission - for fabric and a souviner. The apron is beautiful (and was sewn with a broken hand). Heather said the fabric reminded her of water and her son of turtles. As soon as I read the turtle remark I had to agree. The fabric is so pretty - and I do like blue. She also sent me a fabulous pair of earrings made by an Alaskan jewelry maker.

My favorite thing has to be the recipe - Moose Meatballs! I laughed very hard when I read it because - I hit a moose. Actually, a bull moose hit my car (he was fine - he got up and ran back into the woods). Ever since then I have been called Mommy the Moose Master (or - as my daughter says Mommy the Moose Masher!). So - Heather N. thank you so much! Beth

Yay, I got my apron today!

And, even better, I finished my partner's apron last night. Deep, sincere apologies for going past (both!) deadlines.... I'm so sorry. It will be mailed ASAP.

Pictures of both aprons here on my blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Got the White House...

Well, actually, I got the blue house that is a replica of the White House. Did I just say that right?
Thank you to sweet Sarah for being the angel to send me an apron, she did a simply amazing job and even hand embroidered all the windows, doors and columns (26 total) alone with the steps, the top of the house and the border. Simply fabulous!
The apron had navy blue back ground with white stars and a cute ruffled skirt. The tie and facing were red, white and blue stripe and where she found these cute buttons of the United States flag & stars is a mystery to me.


If anyone saw the Stephen King post a few minutes ago, I meant for that to go to my personal blog not this one...sorry non-Stephen King fans for the interruption!

My European Museum Apron!

My dream vacation was to visit the museums in Europe to view 15th-19th century art. Teresa made me an amazing apron inspired by the gowns featured in many of the Louvre's Renaissance portraits! The bodice even has corseting! She also included note cards, a little ceramic box, and a recipe for chocolate mousse that I will be serving at a dinner party in October. I loved the whole package! My picture doesn't capture the bright colors or the fantastic detail on the bodice, so be sure to check out her blog to see a better photo of her modeling it before she mailed it off.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got it!

Teresa received this gorgeous apron from Cindy:
"Hey Shawnee,

I found my apron this morning on the porch…it must have come Friday. My thank you is attached along with a photo. I wasn’t sure how to post it on the site. Thanks for hosting a wonderful swap…can’t wait for the next one.


tammie's apron to...

can you guess where she wanted to go? oh, and i noticed that someone else and i chose almost identical fabrics! i included a set of blank recipe cards, a tin of thyme, a fabulous recipe for roast beef, and a pearly votive holder, and i tucked it all into a black chicken wire basket. sorry it's late!

My Irish Apron

My dream vacation is to go on a trip to Ireland and see all of the beautiful scenery! Amy D. created this gorgeous apron for me! She added the best ball fringe and chunky rick rack, along with a cute shamrock printed fabric on the pocket and ties. She also treated me to a DVD ("P.S. I Love You"), shamrock cookie cutters and green sprinkles! It's so cute and I am going to enjoying wearing it!
Thanks again, Amy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

We have a winner!

Who won a yard of fabric of winner's choice from Alice in Stitches?? .... It's LISA!! Everyone mailed on time or who visited Alice's site or posted the contest on their blog was entered and Lisa B was our lucky winner.

Keep this store on your favorite sites list ... her selection is amazing! Thank you Alice for your generosity!!

A special Mommy and Me/Grammy and Me Apron Swap

Dear swappers,

If you are interesting in swapping adult and child sized matching/coordinating aprons, join my new Mommy and Me Apron Swap. This could be for a Grammy and Grandchild, too. Come over to my blog for details and to sign up.

Sign Up Date: Now through September 30, 2008
Swap Date: October 20, 2008

Package will include two (or more) matching/coordinating handmade aprons, adult and child-sized, and a children's cookbook - recycled/thrifted is fine if in great shape. Any other little goodies would be an extra treat but not required.

Thank You Sherry!!

I just picked up my box from Sherry at the PO tonight. I am shocked and humbled at how gorgeous my apron package is! My dream vacation was an all-expense shopping trip to New York City ... taxis, high heels, coach bags, a luxury hotel suite and a makeover. Here's a picture I swiped from her blog until I can post my own. Check it out:

She went so above and beyond -- I truly adore everything. My hubby was laughing because I kept squealing more and more, higher and higher. The gloves are perfect --- I didn't have ONE PAIR of embellished ones because I always give them away. The apron looks just like a fancy, fancy spa robe and the ruffles with rhinestone buttons are perfect (close up on Sherry's blog). It fits, too! The bag is the perfect crowning glory!! I love the fluff and the bling, the shape is perfect and, and I'm just so happy. Even my card is amazing. Thank you, Sherry. You've made all the hard work of these swaps worth it.

Bless you!

I got my apron and my prize today!

I will post pictures later, as my camera battery is dead, the toilet is flooding over, the kids are crying over a lost grasshopper!
Thank you to Sarah Castillo at sarahscorner.com for making my apron when my swap partner couldn't do so because of the hurricane!

I got my Prize today!

I got a copy of "Altered Couture" by Somerset in the mail today! Just wanted to say a big thank you to Shawnee....I am still anxiously awaiting my apron........Melinda

Love it!

You know how you look at a sneak peek of someone's chosen fabric, and you cross your fingers and hope that you'll be the lucky recipient of that lovely apron? That's what I was doing when Jennifer posted the fabric she picked out. I looked at it and thought, "That would be PERFECT for my apron!"

When I opened my package on Friday, I was smiling from ear to ear. I love my apron, Jennifer - THANK YOU!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Luckiest Gal in Town

I got my fabulous swap bounty! Hop on over to my blog to see photos.

Thank you, Shawnee, for another fun swap. All of my good thoughts are going out to those facing hurricane and flood damage.

Much love,

The misadventures of a Flirty Swapper

I had quite the adventure for this swap! When I received my partners name I knew immediately which of her dream vacations I wanted to do. I worked out everything in my head, went and picked up my fabric and got ready to make a fabulous apron. Then life happened. I lost my job, had to pack up my house in about 2 weeks, put all our stuff in storage, moved in with my parents, started a NEW job. WHEW.

When I FINALLY sat down start my apron my machine BROKE. Yup. The hits keep on coming. I quickly jumped on Etsy and was able to get some really cute stuff for my partner. I don't want to show it all here because I really want it to be a surprise! So hopefully she'll post it up when she gets it!

So I'm sorry I'm running a bit behind but as you can see I have a few good reasons for it! Hope she likes all that she gets!!

Bon Voyage, my reveal and HUGE kudos...

here is the FULL view of the apron! i've yet to reveal myself to my recipient: sara w. in newport beach, CA. sara, i hope you liked the apron and goodies that were sent. sara's dream vacation was to go on a cruise to mexico or hawaii. her favorite colors were blues/greens. i wanted something tropical to cheer her on towards her dream vacation.

because of time constraints and a family emergency, i chose to use a FANTASTIC etsy designer to live up to my promise in this swap. her name is: momomadeit and you can shop her fabulous designs here: momo's retro fashions but be warned, you will LOVE her designs and will be wanting more than one of her aprons. momomadeit was VERY nice to work with. she answered my emails immediately and worked with me on making sure that the project was done in a timely manner and exactly what i wanted. i'm still new to etsy but having an experience like the one i had with her will make me a regular customer of hers. cheers to you momomadeit and HUGE hugs!

someone inquired about the fabric's name, it is called: "sole".

HUGE thanks to shawnee for organizing this swap. i am sympathetic to the details of organizing and i know that organizing these types of things can be a lot of work, way to go shawnee!

i'm off to start some sewing projects of my own, the fabric is drying as i write this. happy sewing and have a great week everyone!

cheers to aprons,
rachel carlson

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spacey Apron

I received an awesome apron package from Kelly Todd yesterday!  One of the fantasy vacations I picked was to go to outer space - just to see what kind of thing my partner would think of!  She came through with a package that was far more creative than what I would have been able to do.  She sent me an adorable handmade card, space themed candy, and a recipe for moon pies.  

Here's a full shot of the apron - sorry about the crappy lighting.  

Thanks Kelly!  You rock!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Seaside Apron

I'm Carol Lewis and this is my apron that is blue for the ocean.  The theme is Martha's Vineyard.  There is a white picket fence on the pocket and butterflies.  It says I love spending summertime in the cool island of Martha's Vineyard where the days are lazy and pleasant.  If I were there I would put on my apron and make some Coconut Bread Pudding with the recipe that I got.  

I also got some very nice smelling Wallflowers Fragrance Bulbs to give me the scent of clean cotton linens drying on the line and black raspberry scented ones as well to bring the smell of wild raspberries to me.

After making my bread while enjoying the WallFlower Fragrances I will sit on the porch swing and write a thank you note to my apron swap friend on my new note cards with my initial on them.

That's my fantasy vacation that I received.  Thank you Laura Brant.

WIne Tour of Europe

I received a fantastic package from Trish. She sent me the perfect apron that takes my breath away. I also got two matching pot holders that are reversible, and two bags, a large one and a smaller one. She couldn't have done a better job. I love it all. Forgive me for not wearing make-up or doing my hair, I was so excited to get a pic taken. Thank you so much again Trish!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mine came!!!

I was so excited when a box showed up at my door. I just KNEW it was my apron! (I think it was calling me from inside the box, haha.) One of my vacation picks was Tuscany. My partner said she got the inspiration for my apron from Florentine tiles. Isn't that cool? Also, she knew that my kitchen is turquoise, so she made it match! I just love this fabric.

She also included a recipe for Panzanella, some yummy looking olives (I've got to hide them from hubby!) and the most gorgeous Italian stationary. I feel spoiled :) A big thank you to my partner, even though I still don't know who you are :D

A Little Down Under Apron

Look at this beautiful piece of work that my apron swap partner sent me. It is so beautiful. The place that I would love to have gone on vacation this summer would have to be Australia. The fabric that she chose is from Australia and is an aboriginal design. I LOVE IT!!!!! She even took the time to make me hand made Aussie Souvenir Buttons. The girls loved this one the most. The said his name should be Bary the platypus. ( Yes they watch to much Disney channel)

Look at how nice they are.

This one made me laugh. You won't see that in Northwest Ohio.

Thanks again Jennifer!!!! It means a lot to me. I know how much time and love goes in to these aprons.

P.S. I can't wait to try out the recipes.

It Came!!!

My wonderful apron came today. I was so excited when I got the box that I stopped what I was doing and tore it open. One of my vacations was to go to someplace tropical, as you can see I got my wish. :-) My partner also gave me a wonderful sounding recipe for a Tropical Milkshake as well as a beautiful tropical mat for my floor. It will go great in my Kitchen!

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It's Mine, All Mine!

I couldn't be happier with my Greek Villa themed apron! I was soooooo hoping this one was coming my way and it did! It is even lovelier in person and it came with such great goodies like a tote, a Mediterranean Cookbook, honey, Godiva chocolates (yummy) and a recipe for Baklava! I would have taken a picture of the beautiful packaging and presentation but I ripped through it greedily once I realized it was the apron I had been drooling over.....sorry

If my swap partner is even a third as happy as I am with my apron then it will be a success! Thank-you Amy R, I LOVE it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My apron package was delivered to my partner today. Here are the photos I took. I already put them on Flickr. My partner wanted to visit Italy, Ireland and Scotland. That was the easy choice, the alternative was to travel back in time....

So, you can see I went with Italy in the full apron and didn't want to leave out the United Kingdom so I made a separate half-apron out of the tartan plaid. The goodies pictured are a jigsaw puzzle of a scene in Italy, some Scottish shortbread cookies, some recipes from my grocery store which just happened to be for Italina dishes, a packet of tea (not in the photo) and some handwritten recipes of my own that our family loves. I also included some travel brochures so she can keep dreaming about her fantasy vacation. I hope she likes it.

Apron Received!

I received my apron today! My dream vacation was Belgium. My father's family is originally from Belgium and I always thought it would be nice to see where they came from. My dad had the opportunity to stop over in Belgium on his way to Italy, but unfortunately did not have time to thoroughly explore the country due to scheduled travel plans.
I really love this apron. My partner, Carrie, did such a nice job. I love the colorful fabric and I will wear it proudly. She also included a couple of recipes and some lovely vintage cocktail napkins.
Carrie, thank you so much! I really and truly love my apron and all the goodies that came along with it. I can't wait to see what th next swap is!
Lisa B

Don't peek Shawnee!!!

I sent off Shawnee's apron yesterday. Yes, I was a day late but I wanted to make it extra special. Can't you tell by the photo? I adjusted the image just in case Shawnee decided to peek before she got the package. I made some special accessories. Maybe she'll post the photos after the mail man arrives. If you want to see them before that you'll have to visit me on my blog "creations from my heart" to see the finished creation. Oh..I hope you like it Shawnee!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deadline Extended -- Help Your Apron Sistas

I have heard from several of this swap's participants who have been impacted by the recent hurricanes. Several of you still don't have power or water, yet have taken the time to let me know your apron will be late! I'm so humbled. Messages like this from sweet Irma, Frieda, Kathleen and Georlene ... there may be more than I haven't heard from yet:
  • I apologize, but I will be late in sending out my apron to my partner. Due to the hurricane we have had several friends and relatives staying over as of last week. .....We were lucky and did not sustain any real damage, however my friends and relatives that live in Houston cannot return home as of yet as they still do not have any electricity and drinking water.
  • ...I will not be able to get an apron out on time. We do not have any elecricity from Hurrican Ike and it does not look like we will for a couple of weeks. I will send one out after we get power or I can send the apron I receive on. I am truly sorry but do not know when we will have a functioning house.
  • ...We are having to evacuate for the hurricane and don't know when we will return... I'm back now for awhile till Ike decides to visit. I would like to try and hurry and make the apron if possible. I will be able to work on it next week and try to mail it before we have to leave again.
  • ...Since I live in Houston, Ike is heading my way. I had trouble finding my fabric. I finally found the fabric I wanted but I did not get enough. When I went back to get some more fabric, the place had already closed due to Ike coming our way. Hopefully I can get the apron out as soon as the stores reopen here and if I lose power once my power has been restored.
I don't want this swap to be another burden on these strong ladies and I don't want disappointed swap partners. I am looking for a few ladies who would angel their partners AND as many of you as possible to send a special pick-me-up apron to them as well. Aprons aren't food or water but they are a symbol of our strength as women and a sign that "normal" will be back soon. Lucy said it best this spring when collecting aprons for tornado victims in her region. "Aprons may be a simple bit of cloth and ruffle but they carry so much power with them. They are the uniform we choose to wear to serve and protect our loved ones. They are a message from our past and a hope for our future. They have the power to lift our spirits to remind us of happy times." If you would like to be an Apron Angel for a Flirty Apron Swapper and send a message of love and hope to these women, please contact me at shawneeh at yahoo (dot) com. Let me know if you can take on another partner and/or if you want to send an apron to a victim survivor. I would like to collect several to send to each person so they can share hope in their neighborhood and to extended family.

Also, several of you have emailed me with various serious problems meeting Monday's deadline or I haven't heard from you at all. In an effort to reduce stress, everyone's deadline is extended to the 22nd. Thank you to everyone who has already mailed. Everyone else; get a move on!

Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron Swap

Hello fellow apron swappers! Shawnee graciously allowed me to announce on her sight that I'm hosting my first apron swap.

If anyone is interested, check it out here........sign ups are thru the 25th.

Thanks Shawnee for showing me some love!


If you don't like it, you can send it back...

because I had a really hard time boxing this up and sending it off! This fabric is so luxurious, I just loved sewing with it. (Good thing I ordered extra!) It's from Heather Ross's Mendocino collection. Simply gorgeous! So, dear partner, if for any reason you don't care for it, just send it right back and I won't shed one tear. ;]
This theme was so fun!
I also sent along some of my favorite tropical drink recipes, so I hope you enjoy a little extended summer vacation.