Saturday, April 30, 2011

On its way! Yay!

I sent my package to my wonderful swap partner today!  Hints:  it's cold where she lives, she likes to cook, she doesn't live in California, she likes pink....hmmm....wonder who it is...?  (I blanked out her name so she wouldn't see...)  :o)

My Apron Is On It's Way

I finally got my apron in the mail this morning.  I really had fun with this one.  I absolutely love the material and the colors that I found.  I hope my partner likes the apron and the tuck-ins.  I didn't take any pictures before I packaged everything up, plus I didn't want to give away who my partner was!


The Apron is on Its Way

So my apron is on it's way to its new owner. This was my one handed self snap shot of the apron I made for my partner. I mailed it off today along with the tuck-ins.

I used fabric scraps from the apron to make a few of the tuck-ins. The tuck-ins include a rug mug, a wire bird's nest pendant/keychain, a quilted kite and I sent along the Sunday Dinner apron pattern. It's the pattern I used to make her apron. I had a hard time sending off the kite as I loved it! The package is on it's way and yes I did send the kite along too. I hope she'll like the package I sent.

I got mail too!!!

Madelyn.....don't EVEN tell me you aren't creative...cuz it's a lie!!! You gave me just what I asked for: useful and not too frilly. There isn't anything in the package that isn't gonna get used missy!!!
I don't need a thousand words, cuz I've got pics!! Slightly sunburned, messy hair and all!!
I will be wearing my apron for the rest of the evening. Maybe even pick my kid up in it. Her new bf thinks it's hilarious that I wear my aprons out of the house and was a tad disappointed to see me without it earlier. :-)
A girl has to have a statement piece and mine is an apron!!!!!

side A

Side B

I believe I shall rock side B tonight and side A on the morrow!!
Look at puckers in the boobalicious area!!

Thanks Ms. Madelyn!!!

Thank you!

Getting apron swap mail is always fun! It's even more fun when it comes wrapped in lovely paper tied with rope!
When it's filled with confections and surprises for the little lady of the house it's even more fun! I love her expression here as she opened a box with a sweet treat shaped like a diamond ring. Notice she's already wearing the apron Deidrea made for her.

We're on spring break so we headed outside for some pictures of our new spring flirty aprons.

Spring is finally in the air here. The new aprons and the spring weather lead to dancing and horsing around in our front yard and this upside down moment. The neighbors probably wondered what we were up to!

Not only did Deidrea send two aprons, but she included a beautiful stenciled dish towel, a sweet ice cream cone timer and a ceramic J. Thank you Deidrea! Nature Girl and I loved the package! The aprons are unique and beautiful!! Thank you!!!!

Me got mail!!

Well I have been shop hopping the last three days. I even won one of the daily prizes from one of the quilt shops. And I when I got home last night, an apron package was waiting for me. Boy did I luck out. Check out all the lovely goodies that I got from Renee.

Of course the owlies are my favorites. What cute hooties :-)

Thank you Renee. I absolutely, positively love my swap package.

On It’s Way!

Well, my apron and tuck in’s are on their way to my partner..I will refrain from mentioning who she is in this post so I can show some of the goodies I sent!  I want her to be surprised…

First, the apron~


then the goodies ~



that’s all I can show for on the lookout sweet partner!

I have been SPOILED!

Last night I came home to several packages and a note from a good friend. It was a good mail day- Not even one bill! Anyway, I had a box from Mary Lea! I was so excited to open it. Look at what I saw!

Look at all that goodness! She really set the bar high for swappers. What swap box doesn't like to have chocolate in it?

Can you believe that the little soap and lotion in the bag are my favorite scent? I mean really - how did she do that?

And look at these - I got a hoot outta these!

Here are my initials:

I love all of them!

But wait we're not done - I bet you all want to see the apron too don't you? I saved the best for last!

I asked for an Easter apron (did not think Easter would pass on me i guess) and it didn't stop me from wearing it to make dinner last night either! Last year Regena sent me a cute Christmas apron, so I got the idea I would gather up aprons for each holiday - so now I have Easter!

Thank you Mary Lea for sending me so much love in the swap box! It really is all wonderful and I appreciate all your work and time to put it together for me.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Done before.

I just ruined the apron I made I feel sick inside and have no energy to recreate what I made or time.
I was ironing it to take a pic and send it out and what do you know I burned it.
As soon as I started to freak out I spied some tea towels that I have on hand to make my Desperate house wife apron I made up a few years ago (Tutorial HERE)
So I quickly made it up tweaked it some and felt relief I actually think she will like it better than the original one I made.

I have to confess it is one of my favorite aprons.
I love the way it looks like a sundress rather than an apron.
Plus it's just kinda sassy  and sexy looking.
In a few minuets it will be on it's way.

Look What I Got!

Woohoo!  Just received this adorable apron in the mail from Sarah C!   I love it!   Not only is it well-made and in one of my favorite color combos, it goes perfect with my kitchen, AND it's reversible!  Nope, not done with the exclamation points yet.  Hold on! 
This apron is going to get a lot of wear and tear. Uh...of course, I wear a petticoat with all of my aprons. '-)    

It's sew much fun to receive goodies in the mail.  Can anyone tell me why we still get excited like we were little kids?  Ha!  I know one thing, I was fighting off a bad mood before this pleasant package arrived. It's all good now!

My initials being CKE, my Tuckins are; Cups, Knee socks, and Easter candy...sugar junkie that I am -- that's me!  Along with a sweet card, included was a cute little fridge note pad that I certainly need for my ever-fading memory. 
My first Apron Swap has been a blast!  Sure want to do this again.  Where have you all been all of my life?  It's just awesome to have found apron lovers who actually live on my know the one.  Havin' fun ya'll!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Package is complete and ready to go!

This little package will be on it's way this afternoon. Hope my partner likes it! I'm only showing 2 of the 3 initials. Gotta keep a bit of a secret :)

Finally Done!

Yay! Finally done with my package! You previously saw my apron (which is hiding on the right side of this picture) but here's some of the tuck-ins! 
What is the quilted fabric?  It's a quilted, potluck, casserole, dish, carrier, holder, thing-a-ma-bob.  You decide which initial! 
I hope my partner likes all the goodies!


I finally finished KT'S apron and mailed it yesterday, I do hope she enjoys it!  I had so much fun making it and finding the tucks. When I went shopping for the fabric, I saw the main panel, and had a vision of what I wanted to design, this was a very fun project to make!

Janice aka Beadgirl!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Tuck-in Done :)

Just finished making these as the final tuck-in :)
What initial could they stand for?

A for Amythyst?
G for Gold-plated?
E for earrings?
J for jewelry?

I wonder who they are for?????? In about 3 days she will find out!

My apron is finally finished

I have finished my apron and it goes in tomorrows Overnite mail to Shawnee. Due to unforseen medical complications I am late but hoping I will get to play again sometime. I am really proud of this apron and I made it reversible. I am showing one side that could go to almost any of you, the other side is a secret because I think if my partner sees it she will know it is for her.

I am pretty sure she will like all her goodies.

Barbara in Amarillo

Bee's Apron

I finished the apron and mailed it a few days ago.  The shipping conf says that she received it...Don't know if I am supposed to say who it is for sure or not but you can see my blog post HERE on my blog about it. 

Apron Ready to Mail

Here is my apron waiting to be mailed in the morning. It is reversible. I have the tuck-ins ready and all I need is to package it up.


Package Peek

I'm finally done. The apron was done weeks ago. But I just got to the tuck ins. Here's a lil peek :-) I hope my partner likes the package.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tracking Numbers Are Important

As packages start flying around the country, PLEASE remember to spend the extra $0.70 and get Delivery Confirmation at the post office AND email it to Shawnee.  That's one of the swap requirements and helps so very much!  Thanks!!

On its way

Just to let my partner know, the eagle has left the nest.
Hopefully, it will land in two to three day's time and I can see  my partner's a happy face and an apron that fits!!!
(crossing my fingers on the happy part and the fitting part)
Should I say who my partner is?????

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sneak Peek from Denise

It's not me, she's at my house, K!!
Hello swappers....Denise is d-o-n-e!!!

Time to finish the tuck-ins and off it goes!!!

Finished My Apron

I finally finished my apron.  I was afraid I wouldn't get done in time, since I had 2 sick kids last week.  I attempted to make up a simple pattern myself.  It's the first time that I didn't use a pattern or someone else's instructions.  I am pretty happy with how it came out.  Now I just have to move on to the tuck ins and get it in the mail!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

WINNER of Spring Fling Card Kit

Happy Easter, friends!!  I hope you and your families enjoy the blessings of the day.

I get to announce our latest giveaway winner from 

 CJ Quilts and Things.  She has made a perfect Spring Fling Card Kit 
And the lucky gal is ........ Janice/Beadgirl!!!  Congratulations!!
Easter Blessings to All my Swap Sisters!!

I Hope Ya'll have a Wonderful & Safe Holiday!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Peek!!!


As you can tell, I went a totally different route!! 
(Oops! You can see part of the wedding dress peeking out to)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Springy Pocket Apron

The apron for my partner is all finished...I thought the perfect one for spring would be one with pockets that could hold either kitchen utensils or gardening tools.

It is a shorter apron, so my partner wants to garden she can have this on and not have to worry about crawling all over it (at least that is my hope).

I appliqued a matching flower on the body of the apron and added a cute little ruffle.

My granddaughter is helping me come up with some of the tuck ins, but I will let my partner show those to you as I don't want to give to much away!

Inspiration hit just in the nick of time!

I had my tuck ins, fabric and no apron for several weeks.

Then luckily I had today off from work for Good Friday and the hubs did not!

I told him I'm sewing today - nothing else.

Here is a snack of what I put together.