Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, I certainly wasn't a very good swap partner ........ not only did I get my package out quite late, but I have not yet posted a picture of the lovely apron that was sent to me~ I am so sorry..........

This beautiful apron was sent to me by Heather...........

It is made from the prettiest fabrics, I just love it........ and especially the pretty pocket with the crocheted flower on looks Vintage to me......

Anyway, I am sending a huge apology and thank you to both of my swap partners, Debbie & Heather.......

Friday, April 25, 2008

I got my Apron..Tada!!!

Thank you so much Joyce for a wonderful apron and beautiful package. Not only did she make me an apron with my favorite colors, but one with large pockets and very pretty. I also got a cookbook, beautiful hand painted plate, sign, recipe organizer, cute cards, Chocolate dreams book, and hand written recipes. It was a shabby chic package and I loved it!!! Thanks, Crochetoholic Debb

Monday, April 21, 2008

WINNERS of the last contest!

Congratulations Dalia/Dressmaker in Training!! After a close count, your apron received the most votes for "Flirtiest Apron" in blog comments and emails to me.And, here's what you've won! Mother/daughter PINK PURSE aprons!! Twinklebelle will be sending you a package soon with both adorable aprons inside. We LOVE ours!

So, who won the child-size Pink Purse Apron?? Well, since no one guessed these as my top choice from all my favorites (they WERE a little hidden on the site but I really did put a clue on my personal blog), it came down to a random selection. The winner is ..... PAM/Tx Crafter!! Congratulations, ladies!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Please vote!!

Hi Ladies,

So far, less than 20 people have voted in our final contest. Please support by visiting their site and then casting your vote for their cutest mother/daughter apron set and voting for the flirtiest apron in this swap. Deadline to comment and enter is tonight (Sunday, April 20) at midnight!!

Thanks so much for participating in my first apron swap! I had a wonderful time, have made lots of new friends, seen amazing creativity and can't wait for the next time!

Next Swap:

The last of this round's aprons are still arriving but I wanted to give you a heads up on the next Flirty Apron Swap! Dates will be May 15 to June 15, and "Celebrating Independence" is the theme (and you don't have to just go with red/white/blue). Keep an eye on the blog for more details on how to sign up and the requirements!!

Blessings, Shawnee

My Apron Prize - Thanks Vicky!

I received my apron from the prize drawing last Friday. I just love this swap stuff! Little surprises seem to come just when you need a little pick-me-up. :) Vicky, thank you so much for making and donating the apron. I love it. I also liked the recipe you sent with it. :) Shawnee, thank you for hosting such a wonderful apron swap. I hope you do another one!

FINAL CONTEST - Flirtiest Apron!!

If you have not sent/posted a picture of your apron, please do so immediately!!! If you HAVE sent/posted a picture and it is NOT in the Gallery yet, email me immediately! THANKS!!

To wrap up our first Flirty Apron Swap, you have to opportunity to vote on the Flirtiest Apron sent during this swap and possibly win something for yourself, too!

The prize for whomever created the winning apron: a PAIR of mother/daughter aprons that I selected from Twinklebelle - Flo at Twinklebelle has generously donated this prize and you all get to choose the winner! Here's a little bit about this company:

Twinklebelle Home and Crafts (located in Vancouver, BC) is very pleased to participate in this fun apron swap event by offering a set of mother daughter aprons to the winner.

Twinklebelle was started in 2004 with a few handmade aprons. Now it offers many styles of fabulous aprons and other practical and unique products for families. Our group now consists of a few moms working around busy schedules of products development and kids' activities. We all enjoy our work very much.

We love aprons for the unbounded design flexibilities as we can be bold on colors and a little crazy on patterns. Our everyday aprons tend to be more contemporary while our holiday aprons embrace more traditions.

Twinklebelle helps children in poverty by offering tuition assistance. This program was set up in 2005 and currently sponsors three students.
How to vote: First, visit the Flirty Apron Swap Photo Gallery and choose which apron you think is the "Flirtiest" and note who made it. Then, look around and choose your favorite from their large assortment of adult/child matching aprons. Aprons are on several different pages, so be sure to really look through their site. Finally, come back to the Flirty Apron Swap Blog and leave a comment on this post telling us 1) WHO you believe created the Flirtiest Apron and 2) WHICH apron set from Twinklebelle should be awarded to the winner. Feel free to also include other positive comments about our sponsor's store with your vote -- I ADORE their products and know you will, too!!! If you end up purchasing anything there, please let Flo know you found them through our swap.

Last opportunity to vote/comment (change your vote/comment LOL!) is midnight Saturday, April 20th. I will tally all the results and announce the winner on Sunday the 21st. Please vote only once.

How do you win, too? Everyone who correctly guesses which Twinklebelle apron set I chose as Flirtiest Apron Contest prize is automatically entered into a separate drawing and one lucky name will be randomly selected to receive the adult oops CHILD-size of THAT apron set as a gift from me! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR OWN BLOG OR BE AN AUTHOR ON THIS BLOG TO ENTER .... if you need to post a comment "anonymously," just be sure to sign your name so I can contact you if you win.

Wow, what a wrap-up! THREE aprons to be given away, TWO contests in ONE! Thank you for participating in this swap. It's been so much fun!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vintage pattern flirty apron

Apron sewn from a vintage pattern from LindaRuthie. REMOVABLE BIB!! 2 aprons in one, the bib buttons on. In my favorite color, green. The big pockets make it really practical. Well constructed. Love it, Love it, Love it. Thanks Linda!

Thank you Heather Layne

I recieved my Flirty apron from Heather Layne this week. She is so sweet because she had a family emergency that prevented her from sending my apron by the deadline but still kept in touch with me to let me know her progress. My apron is so cute and she didn't use a pattern! It came with a knitted dishcloth, which I love knitted dishcloths, they are the best to use in the kitchen and a wooden spoon that she decorated with the apron fabric. Thank you Heather, for everything.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ooh, Aah!

I just love this apron. My partner couldn't have picked more perfect fabrics for me. I took some pictures, but these I found on AJ's blog are better. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the cut of this reversible apron is darling and super flirty. Time spent in the kitchen will never be the same. Thank you so much AJ!

Look at the most Fabulous Flirty Apron Ever!

                    This lovely flirty apron was tucked inside this box with all these goodies.

Lovely scented candles and two incredible recipes. She must have been reading my blog, smile! because she sent me  Tango Martini recipe yummers! and a recipe for a Sundried Tomato Torte
Here is another picture of my apron on my "Suzie" she's my model, smile... I wish this flirty apron had a back because I would so wear it as a dress, smile. Thank you Janet 'vintageyaya' 

Friday, April 11, 2008

Janet's apron from Linda

My partner doesn't seem to have posted a picture yet, so here's one I took before sending her package to her.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Swap Apron Arrived!

My swap apron arrived in the mail today and I was really excited. It is a very pretty apron but what makes it even more special is that the lady that made it has only been sewing for six months. Her name is Bethany. She did an excellent job choosing the fabrics and putting it all together. It is trimmed in bias tape, something I seldom attempt to do after 30+ years of sewing. I think I am going to have to make an effort to start using some of the patterns I have that call for bias trim. Bethany I love the apron, recipes and the Bouquet Garni. I also have never used Bouquet Garni , but I will before long. Thanks so much!

Andrea's Apron to Denice

Wow - thank you Jen!!

I received a beautiful package from Jen today! It started with the sweet pink packaging, ribbons with cute little animal stickers everywhere. My DD was thrilled. My "accessory" is a small 5" fine edge Santoku knife that is just the right size for me - thank you so much! My hubby is already eyeing it so I might occasionally share ... when he makes dinner!

Then my wonderful apron was unwrapped. I adore it. Jen learned how to applique, just for me! Aren't those cupcakes to die for? This apron is large enough to totally cover me, it's reversible, the trim on the pockets is so sweet, the buttons at the neckline add such a special touch .... it's even made of the some of the same material that I used in MY partner's apron. We are definitely on a wavelength here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, JEN. I feel special!

Look at what I got!

See what Sally sent to me? Isn't this great? I can't imagine the amount of time she put into the detail on this apron. The pictures just don't do it justice! I believe she used the technique called "chicken scratch", correct me if I'm wrong. All of the darker stripes on the apron are stitched by hand using the method. She used rick rack, then green embroidery thread to stitch over it to get the "rope" effect. I received it in a clean pizza box with stickers all over, chocolate molds, recipe cards, a pen and two yummy sounding recipes that I'm looking forward to trying. All of this for a very grateful stranger on the opposite coast of the US. Sally, my words are not enough. Thank you for this big blessing!

I love my apron, Heather!

First off I'm sorry, but I don't know which Heather made my apron. I'm not posting this from home where I could check the full name on the package. Please leave a comment and let everyone know - you sewed a lovely apron and made it such a caring gift. :)

The apron is of vintage fabric with modern trims for a one-of-a-kind look and I love it! And it's lavendar and purple - just right as I graduated from Kansas State, home of the Wildcats! Purple Power!!

It was such a nice handwritten note trimmed with ribbon and I love the vintage potholder that she sent along with the apron and recipes. :) Oh, and I also got 2 yds of Hello Kitty ribbon and pretty vintage flower trim tying it all up. :)

Thank you, Heather, opening it all up brightened my day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Natasha"s Apron to Heather Be

Another Flirty Apron Swap?

As we wrap up this one, I have had several people ask if there will be another Flirty Apron Swap. I am definitely thinking about a follow-up swap ... just trying to figure out if there's interest and, if so, the timing. If you have any thoughts on the subject, please leave me a comment.

In the meantime, Lucy B's Summer Sassy Apron Swap has sign-ups until 4/15 if you need another apron fix right away!


Thanks Debb!!

Hi Shawnee:
Just a note to let you know I received my apron and goodies from Debb at Crochetoholic. I just love my apron! It is so gorgeous and all the goodies she sent, of course the chocolate was first to go. What beautiful work she did. I will be posting pictures as soon as I get my batteries charged up. Thanks again to you for hosting this swap, I truly enjoyed participating.
Hugs :)

Thanks Nicola!!

I just wanted to show off my adorable package I received from Nicola. It was the sweetest packaging, a "red & green" theme with strawberries and avocados (yes FRESH avocados straight from the source) YUM! And not only did I get one fabulous full size apron, but also a tea towel style half apron. The recipes look very fun (for both me and my little one to try) and I think the cupcake pin cushion will make my sewing so much sweeter :). I was totally spoiled with all the effort put into this ... right down to the thoughtful pictures and "bio" about Nicola. So happy I joined in this swap!
Thanks Nicola!!!
-Andrea T.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Remember the Cherry Material I Won?

Remember that great drawing from Beelicious and I got to select a material I wanted. I chose the cute cherry material. Here is one way I have used some of the material and I still have a whole bunch to use!! My brand new Craft Apron Tool Belt!! You can find out how I made it and where to get the pattern on my craft blog!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thanks Lucy!!

I received this fabulous apron today from Lucy B! I had seen it on her blog earlier this week and thought how lucky someone was going to be to receive it and then today it showed up in MY mailbox!!! WOW!! THANK YOU LUCY. I've never felt flirtier!.....


Apron Arrived!!!

Here is the pretty apron I received from Elizabeth. I love it. For someone not knowing me, they sent the perfect apron for me. I love butterflies. I also collect cookbooks and she sent a great one. Thanks Elizabeth. Vicky

Here is the apron I sent out ....

We decided last minute to go to the beach last Sunday .... I was finished with my apron, so I packed up my sewing machine and mailed off the package from Gulf Shores. My son was gracious enough to model the apron for me. Ain't he cute?

Here is the reverse side ......

And here the close up of the fabric.

I hope she liked it. I enjoyed making it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I got my apron!

We've been on vacation, and my apron was waiting for me when I got home! Thank you, Irma .... I LOVE it! Here's a pic of my apron with the goodies - a dishtowel with embroidery on it and a little kitchen angel. She also sent a BBQ rub, but I didn't take a picture of it - I can't wait to try it.

Here's a close up of the towel .... isn't it cute???

Thank you again, Irma ..... and thank you, Shawnee for hosting an awesome swap!