Friday, April 30, 2010

The package is in the mail for my partner. When you get the package a little something is missing and I will send it on Monday. You will know what it is when you read the letter.

Hot Chile Polka Dot!

It's ready to mail today along with a fun cookbook and a few other goodies!

Sent and Received

As i have mention in previous post I'm in an Apron swap, On the 27/4/10 I packaged up the apron I made (see early post for pics of the apron) and cook book and have send it off to my partner.

and in mail today I received my apron from Jo. ( Thank you so much I love it)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In all it's glorious dottiness...

Here it is - my apron (modeled by my reluctant daughter - it's a little too girly for her liking:-)
We're having a very windy day today, so the photo's not great but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.
I LOVE the way it turned out - especially the flounces that make up the skirt. They just say "feminine" to me:-)
Tonight, I'll be putting the final touches to the rest of the goodies I'm sending my partner and it'll all be in the mail tomorrow.

Thanks Shawnee for another fun and creative swap!!!

Dotted Turtles!

I had this very fuzzy teaser at the beginning of the swap. Now that my partner got it I can share with you.

Becca LOVES sea turtles and I just happened to have some cute fabric in my stash. The shells had polka dots on them so I knew I had to use it. I added additional dots and cute trim to complete it.

a crocheted turtle pincushion...

and rest of her goodies...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Apron was on it's it's heading out AGAIN:-/

What can I say, I messed up! This is my first apron swap and I misunderstood the instructions..Old age, I tell ya! I sent it addressed to Shawnee at my recipient’s address, thinking Shawnee needed to send it on. Then we went on a 19 day vacay away from home..I notified Shawnee that I had messed up and thank goodness when we got home a couple days ago the original mailing box was waiting for me at the post office, it came back..So..just need to stick a new label on it, to the RIGHT gal and RIGHT address and off it will go..I did not take any pictures of it, drats, but maybe when my recipient receives it she will post pictures!

Anyway, its on its way, AGAIN! Sheesh!

My Newest Creation

I originally created this work of art NOT to be an apron. But when I heard about the newest apron swap Shawnee was hosting in the theme of polk-a-dots, I just HAD to work this in! So I bought some coordinating polk-a-dot fabric and voilá! A sassy little apron was born. The pattern in the body of the apron is actually a quilt pattern known as 9-patch toss. I "tossed" it into an apron for some lucky swapper. I hope she loves it. It was fun to make!

In the mail

My package is in the mail. Can't tell you where it's going, don't want to spoil the surprise. I was so happy to be mailing four days early that I somehow left the five-page letter out of the box. It is going in the mail today. That little peek of blue floral fabric is some leftover that I included. Hope my partner likes it all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Beautiful Apron

From Val arrived yesterday! I posted a picture on my blog but she has a better one on her blog. Yall HAVE to check it out! I am in TOTAL love with it! Thank you Thank you thank you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

All Done

I have had the apron done for a few weeks. Just working on the cookbook here is a sneek peek at that. Will ship on the 30th

Here is my apron

I made this reversible apron for my swap partner. The polka dots are not tradition dots, they are Amy Butler prints, but they are dots and just lovely. This will be mailed in the next day or two, I am shopping for the cookbook.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mailing Polka Dots

Here is the apron I'm sending my partner. She has a young daughter so I made matching aprons for them. I just love mother daughter aprons! I hope they will too.

Polka Dot Apron is ready to mail!

My Polka Dot Pretty apron is ready to mail. I sure hope my partner will enjoy this. I truly had fun creating it for my secret partner.

I saw in a magazine some pretty bows added to pockets and decided this apron could use a big bow on it too.

You know you always need a potholder to match your apron and this simple "pinch" potholder is quick and fun to make.

Thanks Shawnee for hosting these fun swaps!!



An Apron For You.

Dilly will be modeling a prototype of the apron I made for my secret swap partner.
She loves to dress up and at 3.5lbs it doesn't take much material to do it.
I won the Apron.ology magazine from Shawnee's contest and was inspired by the apron on page 126 called 'Tea with Jane Austen'
I recently found out that my partner has a dog as well.  I was going to send the apron that Dilly is modeling but I think it would only fit on her dogs tail (that might look cute).

Two Fun Links - Contest and a NZ Swap

I found a couple of apron goodies on the 'net that I thought you all might enjoy. Pop over to Shawnee's Tangled Tales for more aprony goodness.

Sarah of Red Gingham is hosting her first apron swap, The Great Apron Swap 2010. If you want to swap with a Kiwi gal, you gotta act quick -- signups end today!!

Barbara of Mommy is hosting her second Apron Power! Contest. You need to send her a photo of you in an apron by May 5. She will publish photos as she receives them - along with any story or comments you wish to share. Please feel free to be yourself - from side-splittingly funny to ultra-sincere. Your apron image and philosophy should be as individual as you are. What has become apparent is that aprons are not only practical, but a symbol of our calling and something which the family responds to with respect - and even awe. She thinks that's why it's been easy for her to develop the habit of wearing her own.


Here it is in all it's dottiness. Next time, I swear I will use a pattern. Designing as you go is great but it does ramp up the challenge that is for sure.
I am thrilled with how this turned out! It is hard to part with it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My First Swap!

Never did an apron swap and never posted to a blog before! The apron was easy as pie--but posting--well here goes :) WhooooHooooo did it! Hope my partner likes her new apron!

Mailing Day and GIVEAWAY

Hey there Polka Dot Pretties Swappers!!! TODAY is the day that everyone can start mailing. Newbies have their packages in my hot little hands or they need to email me TODAY. Everyone else has one week to finish up and last day to mail is next Saturday.

EVERYONE who mails this week and sends me tracking number is a lucky lady. That's because you have a chance to win one of these adorable headbands from Bev E!!
(Look how beautiful she is!!!)

Throw this easy, stylish and sassy head band/ hair tie on in a flash.....perfect for those days when your up-do is arguing and you still want to look stunning!

*Perfect for you rockabilly and pin~up kittens!*

Simply throw your locks up, wrap your tie around your head, and then tie with a simple 3~2~1 groovy granny knot! No slippage, to irritate us. No elastic to pull on us, and no pins to keep it positioned the way we want!

♥And these bad boys are REVERSIBLE! ♥

These cuties are made of either 100% cotton (or a mix therof), in a smoke free home! They measure approximately 33"L x 3.5"W, and are sewn by me! I am an experienced seamstress with 20yrs under my needle, and will only send you quality work!

Check out my store for other saucy designs!

If you've mailed your box and sent me a tracking number, leave a comment below for an entry.

Check out Bev's Shop, add her a Favorite Seller, and leave a comment below for an extra entry.

Leave a comment below about which is your favorite headband in Bev' s Shop for an extra entry.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I did it! I just finished this, my first swap apron, and it was so much fun. My kitchen chair was an obliging model. I drafted the pattern after seeing a fun, flirty 1940's style apron in a picture. I added pocket and pleats to make it unique, and ta-dah! This is the front.

And here is the back. I hope my partner likes it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In the Mail!

I sent my apron off today!  I'm delighted with the way it turned out!  I hope my partner likes it.  

Side 1

Side 2
I See Polka Dots In My Future And They're Pink!



I am getting ready to wrap up mine and get it sent off.
I hope you like it!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Apron Finshed!

On Friday Afternoon i sat down with my sewing machine and decided i wasn't moving untll my apron was made :D, luck for me I finshed it friday night at around 11pm, so it wasn't too late (lol). I hope my partner likes what i have made for her, she said liked all colours and also collected teapots.

On Friday i will be packaging it up and sending it to my partner along with a cookbook :)

A big thankyou goes out to my mum for modeling the Apron while i took the picture :)


My Sneak Peek

I took my 3 kids with shopping for this apron swap. Here is what we came up with!

Sneak peek before i wrap it up!

A cryptic sneak peek lol

And im ready to go!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Swapping Update

Hey Flirty Apron Swappers,

I LOVE all your sneak peeks and fabric choices.  Keep posting!!  Seeing everyone's work in progress and reading all the supportive comments is part of what makes this swap so darn much fun, don't ya agree???  EVERYONE has been sent a blog author invitation so PLEASE, post away!

Don't forget -- new swappers who are sending to me need to have the packages mailed early enough so I receive them BEFORE the 24th (I have two so far).  If I don't get your package on time, I have the person making YOUR box wait and will possibly reassign if we don't connect.  I don't want to do that!  So, mail early.  =)

And, if you love apron swaps, have I got some great news for you.  Miss Val/Yarnigras is hosting a new swap right now; sign-ups are only open until the April 24.  The theme?  PIN-UPS!!  I'm so excited, I can't stand it.  I adore vintage pin-ups and am always scouring the stores for new fabrics.  Head on over the the Hot Mama Apron Swap blog and get registered now.  Leave a comment and let her know Shawnee sent ya!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a little sample

Here is a taste of what I have whipped up. Okay, I won't lie. I've had this apron in my arsenal of stuff for over a year. It's one of the first I made after I started sewing. For some reason I haven't been able to part with it and have always pulled it out to look at it. As I was going through my stash looking for love fabric I came across it again. Wouldn't you know it totally fit the theme, was the right size for my partner, and it finally just seemed like maybe was the time to let this seek a new life in someone's kitchen instead of folded away. So onto the finding of the cookbook! This pattern didn't call for a pocket but I may still add one on. I may also still add some "flirty" accents. Hmmmm...
I love the whimsical nature of this fruit fabric. It's so colorful and fun and silly. Yet once I added the simple black polka dot it actually fancies it up a bit. Very crisp yet cute. I'm thinking of adding a pot holder or something for fun. Now it's off to Vegas to meet some old friends for a few days.

My mom tried this on for me to make sure of the fit. She asked me what I was doing this for. When I told her I joined another swap she laughed. She asked me why I do this. The answer was simple. I like getting stuff. I like getting stuff as a surprise and it's really fun to get something from a stranger. Something about creative projects being shared amongst like minded people. I really love to see people's interpretation of a theme. Plus, who doesn't like getting a one of a kind present made just for you? I also enjoy seeing what I can whip up as I usually try a new pattern each time. I never got a chance to post what I received from the last Martini Madness swap so I'm going to go a bit off tangent here. Forgive me.
First what I gave...

And what I got in return... Who wouldn't want to join after some fun like this?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Inspiration

So this is what I came up with today. I am loving it so much its going to be hard to send it! Now to find a pattern that fits it.

Enjoying vicariously...

I wasn't able to participate in the swap this time due to my work schedule right now, but I'm enjoying seeing the fabrics that you are all selecting for your aprons. Polka dots are so fun! Wish I could have played, but at least I get to have fun seeing your pretty aprons. Keep posting pictures of your projects. :)


I know it says single guide but its fitting for my apron choice...its a really cute cookbook I hope my partner likes it!!