Monday, March 31, 2008

Heather Be's Apron to Skye

Be sure to pop over to Heather's blog and read about how she created this one!

for Sandi

Mail On Time - Giveaway #3

This could be yours!!!Okay, gals - keep sewing and posting pictures. I just adore being a part of your fun!! The mailing deadline for packages is next Monday the 31st. Here's an extra incentive to mail on time: One lucky participant will win this gorgeous Mom's Retro Apron from Vicky at My Mom Would Be Proud! You can have up to THREE entries in this contest!

1 - Mail your apron on time! Send me an email or post on SwapBot as soon as you've sent your package.
2 - Visit Vicky's My Mom Would Be Proud Etsy shop, look through all her fun aprons and then post a comment here on which is your favorite item for sale.
3 - Post a link to this giveaway on your own blog.

Last chance to enter through comments will be Wednesday, April 2nd and I'll announce a random winner on Thursday.

Here's a little bit about Vicky:
I am totally excited to be a sponsor of my first apron swap - Flirty Apron Giveaway. I have been quilting since 1985 and also started collecting aprons about the same time. I'm so glad that aprons have made a come back. I discovered Etsy just a few months ago and realized that I could satisfy my passion for sewing plus share my love for it with others by making aprons and doll clothes.

Vicky and I have gotten to know each other, and she's such a dear. You MUST read her profile while you're visiting her shop. I have a Retro Apron of my very own and just adore it (ignore the dorky grin and weird camera angle). Thanks Vicky, and Good Luck!!

Dorothy and the Golf Apron

I apologize in advance for a rather lengthy post. I'm a little behind in the blogging department, so I have to post both aprons. The one I received and the one that went in the mail this morning.

First of all, my apron -- the one I received from my partner. I don't know where to begin. It's awesome. It's almost as if she was in my brain, which was pretty amazing, when you think about it. I got this great golf themed apron. Now when my hubby goes golfing, I can put on my apron and go sewing!! I just love the red rick rack and the off-set pocket. Kudos indeed!

And here's a picture of the goodies that came with: a Pampered Chef cookbook, a pincushion and two awesome recipes. The fact that the recipes are right up my alley is just proof that my partner has ESP. That and the fact that I had been wanting a pincushion like this. I love it! My tomato has been pushed to the side forever!
And this is the apron that I sent out to my partner. There's no place like home and this baby is headed to its new home.

I hope she likes it and that the glass goodies in this package make it safely! Fingers crossed.....

Ta-da! My finished apron! It reverses to the hot pink print. This has been a blast! Thanks for hosting the swap, Shawnee! Now I'm off to the post office...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Apron and Package Completed!!

I can't show you a preview picture because everything about my partner's items would give it away. You'll see later why!! I was anticipating everything being completed mid-week and then my dog came up with another idea. Take a look at my blog if you haven't heard the funny story!! To my partner - I hope you like it and I would do it again - even if I had to make the apron twice! So much fun. When is the next one?????

Finished and ready for mailing

I finished the apron I'm sending my partner last weekend and spent this weekend getting the other items together so I can mail it all off on Monday. Here is the apron I made.

Swap Package Received!

I was so excited Thursday afternoon when my package arrived in the mail. It was like having Christmas in March! My swap partner sent a very cute retro apron with polka dots. She loves cupcakes, so she sent me two cupcake recipes and two cupcake soaps. Very cute! Thanks, Bree! Here are some pictures of my package:

BubbleShare: Share photos


So which one will I send my swap partner? Why, all of them!

It's a four-in-one design and if you're my partner I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed sewing it for you.

Here's What Lorrie Sent

What a pretty package. I hated to unwrap it and yet, I couldn't wait to see what I got. I love these vintage style fabrics, the cute pocket embellishment, and the very flirty ruffle at the hem. Oh, and all that rick rack! What you can't see in the pictures are a potholder made to match the apron and a bowl scraper.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I finished!

Here is the apron I completed. I hope my swap-pal likes it. It will be in the mail tomorrow (Saturday).
Shawnee, this has been a really fun project to work on, thanks for the inspiration!

a little taste

from Sherry

I'm posting these pictures for Sherry. ADORABLE!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

All done!

Here's a little preview for my swap partner; I hope you like it!

Flirty Chicken Apron

I have finished my swap partners apron. I hope she likes it and that most importantly that it fits her. I found this chicken fabric at the quilt shop and fell in love with it. I wish I could keep it. I may have to make me one also. I just wanted to share this picture of it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chickens Have Flown the Coop

I've completed my apron and it's on its way to my partner. Lets hope she likes chickens. Have really enjoyed my first apron swap. Thanks Shawnee for hosting it. Vicky

Flirty Apron Swap - Apron Received!

Jenn R, you have out done yourself! I really loved everything about the package you sent. From the decorated brown paper that wrapped the box to every single thing inside, take a look:

Thanks so much for including me in this awesome swap! It felt like christmas when I opend the door to a waiting package!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I finished my apron!

I'm done, done, done! I finished my swap partner's apron this afternoon, and I cannot wait to put her package together and get it out in the mail tomorrow! I bought the Emmeline Apron pattern from montessoribyhand on My partner loves pretty feminine things, so I thought the ruffles on the bodice would be perfect for her, and since it's reversible, I got to pick, not one, but two gorgeous prints! I don't want to spoil my partner's surprise, so these are just teaser pics...

Apron - side #1
Side #1

Apron - side #2
Side #2

I hope my partner loves it - it was my very first time making bias tape!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cute wise ol' owl

My partner is iknit.ipurl and she loves Owls so I of course had to applique a owl on the bib of the apron, smile! I used a great fabric that to me is a bit retro inspired it looks like bubbles. I used a blue and white swirl fabric for the applique and pocket and I accented with some orange grosgrain ribbon and some yellow buttons for eyes. I used a blue and white stripe for the neck and waist ties. I noticed when I went lurking on her blog she likes owls and a bit of vintage so Ta Da!. I found some darling measuring spoons they are so tiny and they say; smidge, nip, dash and pinch I thought they were so funny. Sometimes you will get a recipe with those terms and I have always wondered what they mean't, smile. I ordered a cute flirty apron online from etsy because my sewing machine went on the fritz after I signed up for the swap so I was in a tizzy. But I was able to sew after all and so my my partner is getting two, because I bought it with her in mind, smile! Enjoy partner. I was hestitant to post this because I am not sure how many people really loves owls and I was worried she'd read this post and not be surprised. I hope you enjoy your aprons my partner.   

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The "BEST" apron a "FRIEND" could ask for!

My apron is here!! You will notice in the title above I put in quotes Best and Friend. That's because my best friend was my partner. Can you believe it? The computer gave my best friend my name. Funny!! Sarah made my apron and it is everything I wanted and more. We even went fabric shopping together and I never had a clue that she was looking for some cues. She is that good - Sneaky! Because I took so many photos, I made a slideshow! I will be blogging about the apron on my blog too. So without further hesitation - here is the Cowgirl Apron. Yeehaw!!:

Thank you so much Sarah. I love everything about it. I especially love that I will have something made by you to have for the rest of my life. I couldn't ask for a better best friend!! You have outdone yourself once again!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Please Help Me Choose!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. If you were my partner, which of these fabrics would you like - Calico Kitties, Pretty Bluebonnets or Fancy Chickens - Vicky

Sewn, Sealed, Delivered,... 3-5 days! I had such a wonderful time creating my partner's apron. Thank you, Shawnee for hosting this (my first) swap!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My swap partner is on the ball!

Imagine my surprise when I got this lovely package in the mail on Friday!
Goodies galore!
Thank you so much to my lovely and wonderful swap partner, Valerie! The kitties in the kitchen fabric is so fabulous and so very me! And the little tab for dishtowels is perfect - I'm always tucking a kitchen towel into the waist of my aprons.
Kitties in the kitchen apron!
I can't wait to try the recipes and my kitties are already devouring the cat treats (who knows where they put the mouse toy she made)?! But I'm still rhapsodizing over the apron - she was worried that it might be too big, but it's perfect in every way! And there's rickrack on the pockets! So cute!
I love rickrack!
And the ruffled edge!
Gorgeous ruffles.
It's almost too pretty for heavyduty messy cooking - I might have to save it for when I'm playing fancy hostess and having cocktail hour! Thank you Val!

Apron Peek...or is it???

Here is the Apron I have been working on from one of the Flirty patterns given here, it is without the waist band so it looks wider than it will be...I think it is coming along really will I use it for my partner....hmmmmm ... maybe.....I love the brillant colors..... :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Contest #2 Winner!!

You gals sure love Beelicious' store!!
I'm happy to say that the winner is comment #4 - it's Tracey! Congratulations, Tracey. I'm sending Laura your contact information and you get to select one yard/four fat quarters from her shop. WOW!!

I also LOVE reading everyone's posts. Please be sure to email me once you send your package and also when you receive a package so I can keep my list up-to-date. AND POST PICTURES, please. We have at least two more contests coming - one for mailing your package on time and the final one is where everyone votes on the flirtiest apron! Details to follow.

Giveaway #2 - EDITED


Anyone interested in another contest??

My dear friend, Laura, is giving away a GREAT prize .... any four (4!) fat quarters from her Etsy shop, Beelicious. - maybe you can use them in your apron?!?
All you have to do is visit Laura's Beelicious shop and browse around, then come back here and tell me three things in a comment to this post: 1) what you love about her shop, 2) what you would like to see in her shop, and 3) anything you would change. Leave your comment below before March 15. If you would like to enter a second time, blog about this giveaway at your own site, then leave the link to your post in a second comment. I will pick a random winner on March 15. Good Luck!

I asked Laura to tell us a little about herself:
" I am a 37 year old Homeschooling Mom of Two. I Absolutely Love to Sew!! I just don't have enough Time to Sew as much as I would Like to, So that is how I started Selling Fabric on Etsy. I really do have Quite a Stash built up & it helps that My Sister-in-Law works for a Textile company!!It is actually Hard for me to let go of My Fabrics(I am a Fabric Hound!) but Sharing my Stash is Fun too. I have met some Wonderful Ladies thru my Etsy shop! My Dream is to make Beelicious a Huge success & Maybe someday Open my Own Brick & Mortar Fabric Shop!

I've spent some time wandering through Laura's shop and I love everything! Laura, you have such an eye for beauty and are a wonderful apron-maker to boot! (Check out my blog for the Halloween apron Laura sent me.)


I chose some fabrics for my partner's apron. Although I am thinking about leaving out the green polka dot so that it's more pink & girly. The floral is for the body, with a striped band and polka dot details. Maybe some rickrack too? I cannot get enough of that large floral. It's just screaming spring to me!

And is it just me, or do aprons seem to be everywhere?! I just saw these adorable aprons over at Anna Maria. I think my favorite is the "whisk me away"!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm so glad I am not the only over achiever in the group! I mailed my apron out earlier this week! I will be checking my partner's blog to see if she posts it when she gets it!
Shawnee..thanks for the great flirty and fun swap!

I wish I could post a picture but not yet.........I'll have it on my blog probably Monday.......I want to give it time to get to my partner!!!!

By the way......don't forget to 'tie one on'....I finished that apron today! Only a few days left to get them in!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I finished my apron!

Woo hoo!!!! I finished my apron tonight. This is my first ever apron, and I am so proud of how it turned out. I can't wait until my partner receives it. I hope she loves it as much as I do. I hope to get it in the mail on Monday. This has been such a fun project. Thanks, Shawnee, for hosting it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fabric Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of the fabric i've choosen for my swap partner...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Apron Teaser

Somewhere over the rainbow......

Ready to Sew!

I've purchased my fabrics and ready to sew! I've chosen reproductions because that is what my partner likes. That is the only clue Iwill give her.

A "recipe" for apron making

A slight hint is found in the title for my partner. Here are a couple more hints to what my apron for my partner is including:

I plan to make the apron in the middle but I may be substituting something else instead of a ribbon.

This is one of the materials I am using. If I show the other one, my partner will know who she is, so I will be leaving you guessing until the finished product is posted by my partner. I can't wait to make this and mail it to you!