Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 more days.......

3 more days.....3 more days.....3 more days..... Don't know about you ladies, but I am counting down the days until I get my partner's info. This is going to be SO FUN!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FQ Bundles Winners

I love swapping – it gives me the opportunity to show kindness and creativity to a fellow blogger who enjoys some of the same things I do, namely cute aprons!! I love the challenge of following a theme, finding the “perfect” little goodies to tuck in and make the package special. And, I love finding a surprise box waiting for me, too. It’s a win/win in this world that isn’t always that way.

I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you'll join in this swap. Tell your friends, too.

We had a little early-entry contest and the winners of those cute Halloween FQ bundles are:

Congratulations ladies -- I'll be mailing those out this weekend!!

For everyone else, don't forget the deadline to register for this swap is this Thursday night, September 30. JOIN US!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

How Cute Are These????

These are so cute and so easy to make! You can find the free pattern here. I'm definately making some of these today!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulous Fall Foods Friday

Hello Flirty Apron Swappers!
I'm hosting a Fabulous Fall Food Fridays from now through the end of October with a giveaway of the Gooseberry Patch cookbook "Homemade Harvest" at the end.
Each week, you have from Friday until Wednesday to post your fall recipe.  Each week that you participate will get you a "ticket" into the pot for the cookbook drawing. 
I hope you decide to stop by On a Rainy Night and join me!
Happy Fall Cooking~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall-Themed Badge

Hey swappers -- Here's an Autumnal badge for this swap.

Isn't this apron LOVELY? My good friend, Lana, of Sassy Apron let me highlight her original apron creation in this badge. I don't know if you can tell, but those are cute little turkeys in the print! And I love the gingham contrast.

If you are EVER in the market for an apron, Lana is your gal!

I own several of her aprons and she's saved my bacon several times when I ran out of time making an apron and had to place a rush order.

Don't forget - purchasing a handmade apron for one of my swaps is always an option, especially if it comes from Lana!!

PS - There is a Sassy Apron giveaway in our near future!!! YEAH!!!

I'm a terrible "waiter" :)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am  really bad at waiting! I'm so excited about this Fall swap and I can't wait to get my partner's info!  I know I have to wait because I want her apron to be perfect for her. So today I actually made myself a fall apron!  How about you ladies? Is anyone out there working on fun fall projects (aprons or other things) that you can share with the rest of us while we all wait? Shawnee.....Thanks so much for doing what you do!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FAS12 Flirty Halloween Apron Swap - OPEN

The time is here ... our next swap is ready for registrations!
First, I just need to put it out there that I struggle with Halloween. I LOVE the dressing up, the colors, the fun and laughter; I HATE the creepy, the evil, the dark side. For this swap, the rule of thumb is CUTESY/FLIRTY or COSTUME-Y not creepy/scary. Aprons made in a fall theme/colors would be great, too.

Also, I've had some feedback that not all swap package are created equal, so to speak. I would ask that everyone tries to spend around the same for our tuck-ins. I think minimum $15 is fair. So, do not send only dollar-store items but some things that YOU would love to receive. Even $15 isn't very much, but can go far as long as you shop the sales for bargains, hand craft some items, use your stash, or even shop vintage/thrift stores for the good stuff. I have added ideas and links to the right sidebar and I will regularly post ideas for tuck-ins, too. We are a creative bunch so I can't wait and see what you pull together!

Deadline to Register: September 30
NEW FAS Swappers Mail to Shawnee by: October 12 (received)
All Others Mail After: October 13
Mail Before: October 20

Create a handmade Flirty Halloween Apron package! Your apron can be cutesy, costume-y, or fall-flavored -- no CREEPY aprons allowed! You will include at least three "tuck-ins" relative to the theme; all items must be handcrafted, new, or be in "good as new" condition if they are thrifted or re-gifted. Plan on spending a minimum of $15 on the tuck-ins, in addition to the apron and postage. Really read your partner's registration/blog for their likes and dislikes. And, as always, make your package pretty … wrap it in tissue, tie it up with a cute bow, and include a personal little note card please.

Also, due to the time-sensitive nature of this swap, NO LATE PACKAGES. Please do not sign up if you cannot make the deadlines for this one.

Since this is a short registration window, I'm hosting a little contest to get word out. I bought some adorable Halloween fabric and have three fat-quarter bundles to give away (one FQ of each style included in every bundle).
You automatically get an entry when you register early for this swap (by 9/25). One more entry for posting the swap badge on your blog/facebook page. One more entry for every time you tweet/FB about this swap. For every entry, leave separate comments with links as appropriate in the comments below. Contest deadline is 9/26.

Let's make this a full one, shall we??

REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE!! Then, come right back here and leave your name so we know you're participating!!!


This thank you goes out to Rita! I received a lovely full apron with its own record and poodle, a green lunch tote, and some dish towels. I love all of the embroidery you used, especially Strawberry Shortcake. I will post pictures of the apron at a later date when I have better lighting. Thank you again for making my first Flirty Apron Swap so much fun.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Woo Hoo I ♥ My Apron

It’s been kind of crazy the last couple weeks and it occurred to me that I never properly thanked KAT for the awesome apron and package of goodies!  Slap me up the side of the head I tell ya!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This gal rocks, I tell ya.  First the apron.  I ♥ this beautiful apron!


The detail is amazing..the binding and pockets are out of chicken wire fabric.  Where on earth Kat did you find that fabric??  And the vintage soups, pots and on the pocket


this cutey pie applique of a chicken/rooster…Sometimes I can’t tell the difference but I ♥ both!

As if this would not be enough, Kat had more goodies in the box!



Rooster & Chicken salt and pepper shakers (on my mantle they are so durn cute!), a DVD of Men in Black TWO…which we did NOT have, bonus!!..and a smellicious candle from Kat’s new candle collection from her shop called RUSTIC HOME and I love it too, its a great, homey scent but not overpowering..I will definitely be ordering it from her when she announces the collection!  And the recyclable bag is wonderful, these are awesome, I have one that I keep in the car and this one will stay in the house.

Kat, thank you again I love it all..♥

Friday, September 17, 2010


(happy picture)

I reached those we hadn't connected with me --- aprons are flying around the WORLD and NO stand-ins needed after all. THANK YOU for those who were willing!

KEEP WATCH for registrations SOON!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chrissy, thanks for a wonderful package.

My package arrived and was filled with some really fun things. The apron is a ruffled black with white polka dot number. There is chartreuse bias tape around the edges. It's super cute. There was a pearl and ribbon necklace that I think is handmade for the 50s, blue and gray striped leg warmers for the 80s and it was all tucked into a tote bag that for the future.

It came from Chrissy. Thank you so much. I love it all. And you are a talented seamstress.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apron Angels Needed

Ladies, several of our fellow swappers are without packages still and several others are not responding to my emails. Makes me sad. Please check the sidebar to see if I have your apron status correct (SENT/REC'D) and let me know right away if I've made a mistake. If you have NOT received an apron yet, I am working at sending you one. Only two gals have not said they've mailed but six or more gals don't have boxes as far as I know ...

I have sent emails to you sweethearts who indicated an interest in angeling when you signed up (unless you don't have a box yet). I am looking for packages that could be sent out this weekend, made with love, from any of the Back to the Future eras with the appropriate little tuck-ins - not expensive necessarily, but a package that you'd like to receive.

I won't open registrations for Halloween until I get this one wrapped up, so please be patient a little longer. THANK YOU !!!


fas11 1

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanks Kelli!

I love this apron Kelli made for me.
The colors are perfect and the print screams the 50's.
I think i will be wearing it often.
Thanks again Miss Kelli.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I love Shawnee's swaps....  Not only does Shawnee come up with some awesome themes, but the participants of these swaps are just brilliant ladies! Creative, Generous and Thoughtful are just three words that come to my mind...
Today i received my parcel from Jena, God bless her cotton socks, she has made me so very happy! Looksee what she spoilt me, and my two trouble bums, with...

Thank you so much Jena, what a marvellous way to start my rainy Monday... now, where's my toaster, i do believe it is Pop Tart time!

Fun Fun Fun

This apron swap business 'rocks' as my grand-daughter says... Everyone is so creative. Just take a look at what I received all the way from Australia. I'm a lucky girl. Thank you Camilla... you did yourself proud.

My package arrived

My package from Mary F arrived on Friday!  Two items are already confiscated by my kids.

Mary included a cute apron with cherries on it and BIG red ric-rac, a Rubics cube, an 80s music CD, some colored office supplies, note cards and a spool of green ric-rac.

Thanks so much Mary. I've been sick, sorry I didn't do very good photos.

I'm ready for the Halloween swap!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank you Kelly!

Thank you so much Kelly! I love the apron package you have sent me! Please send me your email so I can say a proper thank you!!!

I had a hard time getting a picture with my head in it! These are the woes of a single girl!
I am living in New Brunswick working on my Masters degree so I am away from home and I did not even bring an apron with me. What was I thinking? I have a collection of 30+ aprons! So i was very happy to receive this apron, now I have something to wear in the kitchen!

Kelly gave me some great tuck-ins! For the 50s, a poodle pin! For the 80s, crocheted fingerless gloves (a la Madonna)! For the future, a recycled bag which her son helped out with! She also included beautiful handmade cards, some for me to use.

The apron is a beautiful retro apron. The fabric is white with red cherries. Did you notice the ric rac? Ric rac is one of my favourite things. It makes the apron even more retro. Thank you!

Mine, ALL Mine!

You know that One Apron in the Posts that You Don't even Dare to Dream of it coming your way??

Well, I secretly Hoped & Wished & hit the Apron Lottery this time!

It Really is Mine!

I know Elizabeth said it was Made to be Worn, but I don't know if I can bring Myself to Actually Cook in it.

What if I spill Something on it or it actually gets Dirty!
Now that just Cannot happen:)

Elizabeth, Thank You for a Darling package!
The Apron is Fabulous , the gloves are Too dang Cute, & I can't wait to use the dishcloths.
I Absolutely LOVE it!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best Day EVER!!! (Warning...lengthy and you WILL be jealous!)

Dear Susannne - I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE everything about my swap package! From the minute I saw the box with the words "Apron Swap" with a little heart on the corner, I just knew that someone wonderful had packaged it! I had to stop myself and just breathe when I opened the box. I wanted to tear into everything, but I wanted to savor every lovely detail. So I read the gorgeous handmade sunflower card. I don't think you know this, but I lead Women's Ministry at our church and it's called "Son"flowers :) Then next I opened the package with the antique pastry blender with a red wooden handle! Breathe, Karen, breathe..... Ok...then I opened the "future" package....a Vera Bradley bag! Are you kidding me? I adore Vera Bradley! Then I saw the recipe...can't wait to try it this weekend! and the cute red recipe cards and the darling red polka dot Kleenex that will be so darling in my red leather purse....did I mention that I love red....and polka dots???? Then the really fun bracelet from the 80's (which I am wearing in the photo with my super cute apron :) Then I opened the package that you found in the antique mall.....OM goodness! I don't even own pinking shears...or should I say I didn't but I do now!!! Then finally.....I opened the apron package and I LOVE IT! You are an amazing seamstress! Beautiful workmanship! I was so touched by all the love and care you put into this. I found myself just getting really emotional. I feel like you know me. This was better than anything I could have ever imagined! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
fabric close-up

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love the Apron!!!

Thank you so much Laura for the wonderful apron and goodies. The picture is a bit blurry, sorry. I just love everything and can't wait to make the shopping totes. Thanks again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank you Cynthia!

I arrived home from school today to find a package with my name on it. Inside I found this Back to the Future themed apron and goodies. Cynthia included school supplies for me, which are already packed to take to my classroom tomorrow. She also made a matching pouch with the lotion and lip balm inside. Thank you Cynthia!

Kee-Rips I'm Late

I must confess this was a difficult swap for me and I kept putting it off because I could not think up something good but with a little inspiration I gott-er done and I must say... I am pleased. My apologies to my partner for my sluggishness. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did making it.

To my partner: The apron is wash and wear ready. Will not shrink stretch or fade. Don't be afraid to wear it. It is built to last. Machine wash and dry (low). The dish cloths are also made to use in the kitchen or bath. They wash up great and can be bleached if needed. The cool thing is that they will never get that yucky mildew smell like other dish cloths. If you are not familiar with knitted dish cloths they will shrink dry and stretch out when they are wet. The gloves are LATEX FREE so no worries there AND they will not make your hands sweat or get that yucky smell either. Use them anywhere, inside or outside. Just rinse and hang dry.

Hope you enjoy...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

On It’s Way FINALLY!

To my sweet partner, I am sorry this is late..I am still waiting for the tuck in that was supposed to be here a week ago.  Never mind, your package will be in the mail this morning and on it’s way to YOU.  WHEN the tuck in arrives I will mail it right out to you.

I hope you enjoy the package I put together for you and your sweet little ones, just a little treat for them.  Here is a preview for ya!


That’s all the preview you get right now..I hope you enjoy the goodies I put together for you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

On its way to its future home...

Here is a peak at the apron I made my partner - she requested 50's. I decided to do something less traditionally 50's but still staying within those perameters ...... I am very happy with the result.

This apron begun its life as 4 lovely linen (love the weight of the fabric) dishtowels:-) It's amazing what you can do with dishtowels, binding and a little navy fabric. I hope my partner likes it.

I'll keep my tuck ins a suprise....
The 50's one was to do with food ....... I'm pretty glad I wasn't around to enjoy the gastronomic delicacies of the decade!!!
The 80's one paid hommage to the music and bad fashion of that decade - this was however the decade of my teens:-)
The 21st century item, acknowledged our busy, on the go lifestyles, as well as the trend to recycle and reuse.

Thanks Shawnee for another fun swap ......... Halloween to follow - can't wait!!!!!

Apron Arrived!!!

I received a gorgeously wrapped package from my generous partner, Amy today. It is so fun! The tuck-ins include a notebook, a Pacman mug, some crocheted pot holders, a magnet and some beautiful earrings!!! Here are a couple pictures of this awesome package:

I just love this apron. It fits perfect and is super fun. Thanks Amy for this special package!!!

p.s. It was fun to get this package from another homeschooling Mama, like myself :-)