Friday, July 23, 2010

My package arrived and it rocked!!!!

Thank you so much =o)  Here are some pics of the awesomeness!  I LOVE everything and am so happy =o)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Apron Thanks!!

CCME from Jennifer Wo

CCME Apron Recd

CCME TuckIns Recd

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my swap package! I opened a huge box earlier today from Jennifer W in Canada, and was so shocked at how much time and attention she spent. I LOVE the clear wrapping on the basket and how everything was individually wrapped. I've already used the sweet cupcake pincushion and hot red pins. And those handmade cards are just too sweet. Wow, very impressive. My embellished towels already have a place of honor in my kitchen, and I can't wait to make some delicious cupcakes in my ME baking cups to serve on my ME napkins. WHILE wearing the most adorable cherry on yellow apron ever. I think the white eyelet makes the perfect sweet edging. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JENNIFER!!
This is what I sent off to my partner ... I was late, so I hope she'll forgive me and play again. I had SO MUCH fun with this swap and had a hard time stopping!

Mini Cherry Pie Magnets

CCME TuckIns Sent
Other tuckins

CCME Apron Sent
My CCME ruffled apron - that way I didn't have to CHOOSE from all my fabrics! LOL!!


Check out the cute package that Lauree received from Amy K. The main part of the apron is the cute Friendship ME panel.

This sweet setup was received by Rita in Canada from Becca. Aren't those colors just LOVELY?

I'm about ready to announce my next swap, so hope you all will be joining again. This one is a bit different than my normal theme -- still lots of room for creativity.
fas11 HINT

I'm trying to get the last few aprons taken care of. KEEP AN EYE ON THIS BLOG! =)


A Big Thank You!

A BIG thank you to Madelyn for the wonderful package she sent me. It came in this precious gift bag:

Inside was this darling reversable apron. Here is one side:

.....and here is the other side.....

Here are all the goodies: potholder, hot pad, napkins, emory boards, cookbook, and note pads!

Thanks Madelyn! I can't wait till the next swap!

My lateness!

"I am late, I am late for a very important date!" If we had an "Alice" theme I would of fit right in with the "Hare!" The positive thing with this post is after Tuesday, July 20th, I will have ALL apron related obligations in the mail! I hope my partner will be happy with her "go to the farmers market" apron!

I will not be joining any swaps until after my "spinal probs" are healed! I will most likely have to have surgery in the fall! I have a bone spur pressing on the nerve and a compressed disk pressing on another nerve! No siatica probs! Now those are my excuses and I am sticking to them! I can post a doc's note if need be! LOL

Betty aka Fudgie

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Second Time's the Charm!

Well, I had a hard time with this swap. I was late signing up because I just KNEW I had some M.E. fabric in my (considerable) stash, but I couldn't find it. Just in the nick of time, it jumped out and bit me so I signed up. When I got my partner's preferences, it said she loved all the new CUPCAKE fabrics. Hmmm...well, I tried to ignore that and forge ahead. I got 3/4th of the way done with the M.E. apron and got a case of the "guilts" because it wasn't CUPCAKE fabric! So I started all over, this time with the cupcake fabric she seemed to want! So here it is:
A closeup of the CUPCAKE fabric - I added a tiny sliver of blue at the hem:

I appliqued a 3-D CUPCAKE on the bib. The frosting swirls are made of narrow gathered strips of cotton knit and the sprinkles are bugle beads:
Extras I included:
To wrap it all up, AND to fulfill the M.E. requirement, I made a tote bag of M.E. fabric:

I'm a Lucky Lady!

I got a most wonderful apron package from Dogmom Diva (Barb)! I love the full apron and my husband even commented that it was great! And look at the goodies she included!
She sent some cute pink ribbon, the best-smelling candles I have ever owned, and they look good enough to eat, too! She even included some scented matches - something I'd never seen before! Some very cupcakey-cute tags, a "You're Sweet" rubber stamp.
And best of all, an embellished tin - it's just adorable - I'm going to use it for some as-yet-to-be identified sewing stuff :-) Thanks so much, Barb - you did a great job and I've already worn the apron!

My Oh My What a Wonderful Surprise!

I have been out of town for two weeks now. What a wonderful surprise I found waiting for me. Thank you Kathleen for such a splendid box of gifts just before my birthday. Oh by the way I LOVE THE RED!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jen Sue is AWESOME

I got my package yesterday and was so excited to see that the giver was Jennifer W. (aka Jen Sue Wild).  Hello, she's only one of the coolest people ever. Mother of 8, planning a daughter's wedding, super seamstress, and cool.  As my husband would say "she's got mad flair" (that's a compliment in our language, just so ya know). I've never met her, but I am totally in awe of her awesomeness.

So now I'm the lucky owner of this:
I tried to make a fun pose and face, like Jen does with her apron pictures, but at 6:45am, no makeup, just exercised (for the first time in forever)...yeah.  I wanted to post this though because I love my apron and goodies!
Jen sent me a cute M.E. notepad, cupcake magnets, cupcake cookbook (my 3 1/2 year old asked for cupcakes for breakfast today!), and cute cupcake ribbons.

Thanks Jen Sue!  You made my week!  And thanks Shawnee for organizing another awesome swap!

Monday, July 12, 2010


and M.E.

got my package today.... soooooooo amazing. the wee girl already laid claim to the M.E. stickers and the adorable cupcake candle. sorry ladies... no pics as the camera is gone for the week. thanks so much miss amy keyser... i love it all soooooo much. the towels, the pot holder, the cards, coasters, pad of paper, the APRON, the cute lip balm.

thanks shawnee for hosting this. it has been super fun.

Oh M.E oh my!

I have finallllyyy taken pics of my wonderful swap from Susan :D

What a delicious pressie to receive on a very hectic day.. it was just what the doctor ordered!!!

One question though Susan, how DID you know i was the queen of everything!?!  spot on my love, spot on ;)

BTW, miss 11 has made the beautiful apron hers :'(   lol lucky i love her!

Got My Apron Today

I arrived home from work today and this lovely swap package was there to greet me. The package came from Ms. Janet J. I'm a Pooh person and Janet included some vintage Pooh fabric. I can't wait to use it. Many thanks Janet for the fabulous apron and tuck in goodies :-)

Cupcakes and Cherries and ME Goodies arrived! YIPPEE

Am I ever a lucky Flirty Apron swapper or what?!? My apron and goodies arrived from my partner who was none other than the very talented Jill T. of NH. Jill, the apron is absolutely adorable and I know that my photo doesn't do it justice. For all of you envious swappers let me just tell you that is reversable with stripes on the reverse side and cupcake pockets. It ties in such a unique and very flattering way. I just can't say enough about how much I love this darling apron.

And if that wasn't enough, Jill also included some ME goodies (bookmark and pincushion purse) as well as a tug rope for my dogs to play with. The tug rope is not in the photo because the dogs are playing with it as I was taking the photo. But I'll tell you that Jill was ingenious and braided cherry fabric and red fabric together to create the tug toy. All three of my big dogs (I have three Newfoundland dogs) are having a blast with it.

Shawnee, I just loved this swap. So much fun to not only give but also receive. Thank you for hosting and thank you Jill for spoiling me (and the pups) so!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So Flirty.... So Fun!!!!

My package from Cynthia arrived early last week (the posting of pictures has been delayed because of Blogger issues!!!!)
It is gorgeous and shouts Flirty Summer Fun to me:-) I love it!!!

As you can see it is reversible, and makes me want to get busy right away, making some deliciously decadent dessert!!!
She also sent me these lovely tuck ins...

I can't tell you how often I've walked past those cute M.E. pin cushions at my local Joanns, and wished I could think up a good enough excuse to buy one .......... now I have my very own one:-)The candle smells good enough to eat, and the memo pad and recipe cards will be put to very good use, that is for sure.

Thank you so much Cynthia for spoiling me. You certainly brought a smile to my day!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cute, cute, cute! Thanks Donna!!

Got my package from Donna with the cutest darn apron ever. We're having company tomorrow night for dinner so I'll be debuting it then. Lot's of other goodies that I suspect she made. Thanks so much. This is the reason I love doing these swaps.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank You!! Mindy!!

I received my package and it was wonderful and filled with the greatest goodies. My apron was sooo cute and I wore it for my birthday party! all my friends were jealous!! Ha Ha! Thank you Mindy for my wonderful package ; )

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank You Sooooo Much!

I was so excited to see everything my partner made for me! First a reversible apron that is so adorable--AND--
it has a calorie free cupcake on the bib! Then if that wasn't enough--look at all the wonderful goodies Kerry made to accompany my apron to Kentucky.

Flirty Apron Swap: Sweet Sweet Cupcakes

Hi Paula,

So glad you got my package. It is quite fun seeing the apron I made for you on the Blog. I have not received my apron as of yet, and I quickly check the mail box after the mailman has been here. I will have to ask for help from my daughter to get pictures on to the computer to show off my Flirty Apron Swap. Be happy in your Kitchen...

Apron Swaps are the Best!!!

jen saiaFirty Apron Swap: Sweet Sweet Cupcakes

Hot Mama Apron Swap

My friend and your fellow swapper, Val, has just opened up registrations for HER next fun apron swap, Hot Mamas in Wonderland. If you love cute aprons and Alice in Wonderland made you smile, THIS is for you!! Head on over to the Hot Mama Apron Swap blog and register today. Sign ups end July 23, so you gotta act fast!!


I have received my wonderful apron from Nicole, Seattle! I love all my goodies and once again wish I knew how to crochet! A lovely blue and yellow apron and a crocheted cupcake. I am hanging the cupcake in my kitchen! And the apron around my neck!

Alas I have been down (down in the dumps!) with two compressed nerves in my spine! I have almost finished my partner's apron and she will be getting it LATE...many apologies! I still have two goodie boxes to send out too! I do not need to be "angeled" or put on the list! My girlies will get their goodies. I have been still working and teaching and my extra curricular activities have been suffering! So has my poor husband...he is the housekeeper too! LOL


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweet Sweet Cupcakes

My package arrived and while opening it, I was delighted just by the aqua tissue paper and fun polka dot ribbon that Jen had tied it with, so imagine how much I swooned when this beautiful aqua apron came tumbling out!  It's really beautiful and made so well.  Thank you so much, Jen!
Fun pink cupcake fabric tops the brown quilted pockets and cherry ribbon outlines them.  The apron is lined with the same chocolate brown fabric as the pockets.  So nice!

Jen also made this super cute notebook holder out of the same fabric as the apron.  It'll be great in the kitchen for jotting down notes and recipe's while I'm wearing my new apron.
And look at the matching potholders!  She must have known that mine are a complete mess and I really needed some new one's.  I love 'em!!!!   And a "Harvest Recipes" cookbook from Gooseberry Patch.  I love Gooseberry Patch and fall is my all-time favorite.  She must have read my mind! 
Jen also tucked in a Turbie Twist.  How fun is that?! Oh, and I can't forget the pocket-sized travel sewing kit.  It was all just perfect.  Thanks so much, Jen!

A HUGE Thank you

To Jena G for my amazing apron and goodies!!! This is NOT a proper thank you. We just got back from camping and are headed out the door in the opposite direction for 4 more days.So I havent gotten a picture yet. I just wanted to let you know it arrived and I LOVE it! I will do a better job of this thank you when I get home.

On It’s Way..

Well, my apron is on it’s way to it’s recipient, along with some fun goodies I scared up!

Here’s a little preview…


I hope my partner likes everything but I have a feeling she will!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whoo Hoo ~ Package Arrived!

Yesterday a package of goodies arrived from Kellie H! What fun ~ lots of cute M.E. tuck ins and this beautiful cupcake REVERSIBLE apron! I love it and will wear it for special tea parties! Thank you Kellie. Also a thank you goes to Shawnee for another fun Swap ~ what's next???

Love it!!!

I just got back from vacation late last night. When I finally picked up our mail this afternoon, look what was waiting for me! Red with white polka dots, gingham check and cherries - what's not to love?!!!! It's such a beautiful apron, I LOVE it!!!!! I want to cook dinner in it right now, except coming back from vacation there isn't any food in the house to cook. So I'm just wearing it around the house while I do laundry instead.
My partner also sent all of these wonderful M.E. and cupcake goodies to go along with it! Thank you so much Patricia, this was a wonderful welcome home surprise!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's on its' way!!!!

Here is a sneak peak at the apron that is on its way to my partner.
I made it reversible ...... because I really couldn't decide on a favorite fabric:-) This way I got to "play" with all of them, and my partner gets a 2 in 1!!!
I'll keep my tuck ins a secret - when the package arrives, then more will be revealed.
This has been such a fun theme - thanks Shawnee:-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Package on its way...

I mailed my package on Saturday and here is a sneak peek at the apron:
FAS10 apron sent closeup
I hope my partner likes it.

A Little Peek!!

Here's a little peek! Hope my partner likes her apron. I had fun making it as well as picking out the goodies to go with it! I'll leave the rest of the package a secret though, so my partner will be surprised.

Deadline and WINNERS!

Deadline has passed and the holiday is over, ladies!! I need to hear from 27 swappers today - update me! Please send me your tracking numbers in an email (or the status) .... posting here that you've sent it out doesn't meet the requirement. =) Thanks for your help.

Now, for some winners!!

The publishers of Mary Engelbreit's newest cookbook, Fan Fare Cookbook: 120 Family Favorites Recipes, are sending a copy to one lucky reader!
#13 Jennifer W!!

And our Aussie friends from the eco kitty etsy shop have selected a winner for their AMAZING pattern/organic fabric package:
Congrats Crazy Amy!!