Friday, November 30, 2012

Peek from Oregon

Look at this gorgeous sweet peek from Heidi in Oregon ...

Wonder who this is for ....??

My Dog Ate My .... Package

Oh darlings, you aren't going to believe this!  My swap partner loves chocolate-covered cherries (as do I), so I bought a box for her package.  And I bought a box for me the family as a little treat.

I've been gathering goodies for a while, and have been mulling on the appropriate word.  I love a good theme, and want my box to be just right. Look at what awaited me upon my return from work today


My dog is a beast.  He ate BOTH boxes!! Now he's sleeping off his sugar high. Apollo all wiped out

My box will be a little late, dear partner!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting ready to mail my package today.  I had fun selecting the items for my partner.  I didn't go with a certain word but instead with went a theme of red/black & bling.  Don't want to give away to much so I hope my partner enjoys it. 

Apron Lover Giveaway

I just posted an Apron Lovers REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY - includes an apron from my fav Sassy Apron, several apron patterns, and a Christmas cookbook! Ends 12/7/12. RUN over to to enter!

And post your Secret Santa pictures! I know you all are working on your packages that are due to be mailed tomorrow. Show us what ya got brewing!!

 Hugs, Shawnee

Friday, November 23, 2012

Connie received her package from me so I can now share what I sent!  
I stalked her blog and found out she is a devout Christian so I wanted to keep that in mind when creating her package.   I wanted everything to have a reason for being in it.

I spelled out CHRIST and made 3 of the items. 

C for crocheted cowl (in one of her favorite colors and can be worn in different ways)
H for hot mug of cocoa and candy (impulse buy but I couldn't resist and she does like hot cocoa)
R for really sweet lamb ornament (Jesus is the lamb of God)
I for individual box of junior mints (she loves mint)
S for snowman coffee cozy ( it fits a Starbucks grande)
T for tissue worthy Christmas story (Christian novel)

I hope everyone had as much fun creating their packages as I did.  If you are interested in the little lamb ornaments, my tutorial is here.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

..... Is My Word !!!!!

Here is a  sneak peek ...... This is the word I've chosen !!!
One more item to make, and then my package will be on its way.
This has been such a fun swap - Thanks Shawnee for hosting :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Secret Santa Swapper friends! Enjoy your day with family and friends!!

                                   HAVE A GREAT TURKEY DAY!! GOBBLE, GOBBLE11

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Has been a very busy week so far and I'm thankful that we had a half day of school today so that I can get some much needed work done here. Just wanted to mention that I got my Secret Santa package from Valerie in LA. What a terrific and sweet person she is to send such a nice package. Some beautiful homemade items and a great looking book. My favorite candy to boot. She stalked my blog well I think. Can't wait to get some pics to post, but just wanted to make sure she knew I received it. Thanks Valerie! Will be writing more soon!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Apron For My Secret Pal

I have tried over and over to take pictures, this is as good as it seems to want to get. What I was hoping you could see are the pockets that go from side to side, but with all the adorable little penguins, they just seem to have blended right into the apron.

I really think this is going to be a happy edition to my package!

Monday, November 19, 2012

OMG! as I live & breath! my morning started out uber great!
So true to my word, first thing today I went to the Post Office to mail off 2 packages, one to my childhood BFF in Germany, and the other to my 'Secrete Santa Swap Partner'... when what to my surprise,,,, I have 2 packages waiting to be picked up by me.... one from my 'mommy' and the other from my other secrete Santa Swap partner...Jennifer!
So I had to wait until I returned from town late this evening, to be able to open my package from Jennifer.... Squeal!!!! I luv all the goodies and will be wearing my flirty apron this coming Thursday.
So here is a photo of my goodies and the second photo is of my sweet apron and pot holder...oh and No, the glass and bottle of Merlot were not in the package,,, It was my treat  to myself for a long day in town!
Thank you so very much Jennifer for all the fun goodies....a proper Thank you will arrive by mail....

 Notice the 'Wine Ornaments'?   heeheehee, Thank you Jennifer  :>)
 Is this cute or what! I love purple & green...... even my bed room is done in purple and green.
HoHoHo & Bingle Jells!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snowing You A Peek...

I decided to use the word SNOW since it is a joke in our home that I am the Snow Witch and if I want it to snow it will...snow, snow, snow.  So, in a word, it fit!

S is for seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter and a mug rug for each...
 So here are 3 of the 4...a purple violety one for spring, a starry red, white and blue for summer and a Halloween one with a candy corn cupcake for fall....winter is right around the corner....


I like to recycle/repurpose so since N is for notions and nifty, I put together from a Crystal Light container a nifty notions button box and yes, there are some buttons inside.  Even my hubby thought it was cute!

O is for ornaments and I picked up 2 silvery glittery snowmen to go with the O:
 For W, of course it is winter, so I chose a wonderful winter fabric that was fun and by the way, ahem....whimsical for the apron which I will be finishing up this week.
 Of course I will have to add some yummies and goodies and it will be complete!

just a little...

Here is just a little peek to go along with the poem I posted the other day.  The word I chose was CHRIST to keep Christ in Christmas.  (did you see it?)

C is for Crocheted Cowl:

I made it using a lovely organic cotton yarn.  It can be worn in more than one way.  I just made it up as I went along.

S is for Sweet Little Lamb Ornament:

I thought a lamb was appropriate given that Christ is the lamb of God.
If you'd like to make your own, click HERE for my tutorial link. I also have lions :-)

 If I post the entire package, you'll be able to enlarge the note and read who I sent it to so these little peeks will have to do!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post a Peek

Hey swappers ---

Now is the time to prep and send,  Please post pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Since this is a secret swap, feel free to post everything!! I sent everyone blog author invites - let me know if you need another one - so you can post here for everyone to see.  I have a fun little prize that I will give away.  To be entered, post pictures here!

Final date to mail is November 30.  Be sure to include the package tracking number in the email you send me when you send off your box!!
I finished my Secret Santa 2012 Package last night!! Yeah! Woo! Hoo! Hear are some pictures...a Hooton Hot Pad, My design, isn't he cute!!
Flirty Nice, Not Naughty!!
And the rest of the package!!...I'm shipping out this morning!@!
Thanks for hosting a Great Swap again Shawnee!!!  Life doesn't get any better than this!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

P.E.A.C.E. is my Word...

I finished up my package today but did not make it to the P.O.,, and it is closed on Saturday so I will be in the lobby first thing Monday morning......   Anyway, here are the goodies that will find their way, to their  new home.
I had fun finding and putting all these lil' tuck-ins.. in the package..... and yes, there is an Apron in there...honest! lol!
HoHoHo & Bingle jells!

on its way!

 Oh woe is me, I forgot to take a sneak peek instead I wrote this little poem to entice my secret partner...

Cozy and warm made just for you
Hot and sweet, I like it too.
Ready for hanging, where does it go?
I like these too...we're alike, you know!
Snow folk are happy to hug things tight
Trust me, he said and you'll be alright!

If you can figure it out, you are a riddler too...and a darn good one since I left out some words!
In between work and the three classes I'm taking in my degree program, I managed to sneak in some 'me' time. I've been able to get at my swap projects a little bit. I weave these to sell in my Etsy shop and decided to weave some burgundy for the holiday.  Hope my partner likes this little cutie that I wove up last Sat. I think this would look great filled with some chocolates, don't you?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A little peek

Here's a little peek at a couple of the challenge items I've made for my partner. 
I've been swimming in red and ribbon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Things Today...

So for my partner, I have decided to make mug rugs as just a teeny weeny part of the swap package and here is the first one. Oh did I say mug rug(s) and first one??  

This will be the only one I show, but it is really cute, just wish my camera would take better pictures!

Yes, I know it isn't all holidayish, but she will understand it better when it arrives!  TeeHee!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Checking in, swappers

Hi sweeties,

I'm so happy with the responses I've received so far to your secret partner assignments.  Don't forget this is a SECRET swap --- don't email her and introduce yourself or anything like that! {Unless, of course, you're stuck as my partner - then, sorry!!}  ;)  Stalk your partner's blog, read her questionnaire, and then feel free to be as creative with your package as possible.  I hope everyone includes an apron (cause we ARE Apronistas, after all), and also takes up the make-a-word challenge.  Then, hold your excitement and wait to mail until November 15.  (That's only next week, so you can do it!)

I will send blog author invites in the next few days, so you can post your sneak peeks and pictures here.  We all love to steal great ideas cheer on your creativity!!

I still need to hear from:

Jennifer W
Kathleen S
Lisa A
Martha F
Ruthie C
Sharon S

Just send a quick reply so I know you received your partner assignment and that you are still playing along.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Partner Emails Coming and THE RULES

I'm working on partner emails.  As a reminder, your Secret Santa Swap package should be a minimum of $15 in value before postage, and include at least the following:

At LEAST One Handmade Item
Something to Read (book, magazine, poem, pattern, etc.)
Something for the Tree (garland, ornament, topper, skirt, and the like)
Holiday Goody (candy, cocoa, tea, coffee, chocolate)

Challenge: Include one gift for each letter needed to spell out a word from the season (SNOW, JOY, FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, GIFT, TREE, JESUS, STAR, SANTA, etc). We've done this for several years and it is SO MUCH FUN! Of course, the perfect gift for an "A" is an APRON.  

Then, make this a special box -- gift wrapping, bows, the whole nine yards! Include a note identifying yourself with your email and blog address so your partner can contact you with her grateful thanks. 

Normal rules apply (aka you and I will be email buddies)
Email me four times:
#1 - within 48 hours of assignment to keep playing
#2 -when you send your package WITH TRACKING NUMBER
#3 -when you receive your package
#4 -cc me on your thank you email (can combine with #3)

Here are some ideas from our Frosted Flurries swap where the tuck-ins had to spell a word.  Just a sample of the MANY great packages sent:

Kerry sent Laura:

N=Needlecushion & Napkins
W=White Chocolate Handsoap & Washcloths(hand-knitted)
My Darling Snowflake Apron!
The Snowflakes are Felt appliques
& I just Love the Pretty Red Bow & Snowman embellishment!

Linda sent Grace:

Linda's word for me is SANTA....
A=Assorted Chocolates
N=Nostalgic graphics Banner
T=Tea Towels

Nadine sent Shawnee:
S=Shoop-shoop bags
N=Noel Mints
O=One holiday rubber scraper w/snowflakes
W=We Whisk you a Merry Kiss-mas (whisk w/hershey kisses inside)
F=Fabulous gift wrap bag
L=Luscious holiday tea in a crock
A=Apron (the most AMAZING apron btw)
K=Kookie kutter
E=Elegant glass ornament

Glenda sent to Jeanie:

Glenda, again Thank You so much for the adorable Snowman SnowGlobe apron! When I saw the swatch of fabric you posted long ago I was hoping that was going to be mine!!! Glenda also so kindly used the word: SNOWMAN S for Stocking picture frame...very cute!, N for NOEL candle, O is for Ornament..adorable, W is for Washcloth Towels..already put to good use, M is for Marshmallows covered in chocolate.....umm they're gone!, A is for Apple oh my is it ever good!!!, and N is for Note cards that are cute as can be!

Teresa sent to Mary F:
Teresa chose the word "SNOW"
Snowflake Ornament, Notepad cube, Other goodies, Wall hanging!
She also Included LOTS of other Wonderful Tuck-ins..
Table Runner! Glittery Clothespins! Lavender Sachet!
Flirty Snowflake Apron
with Lots of Ruffles!
I can't wait to see what YOU create!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Making a list, checking it twice

I'm "making a list, checking it twice" of all our Secret Santa Swappers.  IF you haven't posted (or cannot) your questionnaire on your blog, let me know asap.  I won't send your name out unless your partner has somewhere to go to read your questionnaire -- how else will they know what to surprise you with??  =)
So, email me asap and we will work something out.

Sooo excited!!
Head Secret Santa - Shawnee

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apron Memories Tie One On Day and 21 Days of #Giveaways

Just to clarify, this is event is hosted by EllynAnne Geisel over at - leave your comments on her post (linked below).

 Grab your apron and participate in National Tie One On Day 2012! National TIE ONE ON DAY™ is the opportunity to put the “give” in Thanksgiving by sharing our good fortune with someone in need of a thoughtful gesture. Annually recognized by Chase’s Calendar of Events and celebrated the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Nov 21st this year.

“Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.” EllynAnne Geisel

Participation in National Tie One on Day™ is simple. Wrap a loaf of bread or other homemade treat in an apron and tuck in a sweet note. Then tie one on…an apron, of course! and deliver the wrapped bundle to someone…a neighbor, friend or charity…without your bounty and in need of physical or spiritual sustenance, a bit of recognition or just a kind word.

National Tie One On Day™ is a win-win, for the participant and the receiver. And by embracing NTOOD, you will make someone else’s day brighter. Twenty-one (21) days of giveaways began the 1st of November, but it's not too late to enter!!  Details on THIS POST, but comment on THIS ONE to be entered!