Thursday, May 26, 2011

My beautiful Spring Apron

Here is the beautiful Spring apron I received from my awesome partner. The pattern is her very own and I love the way it fits, especially the wide waist band.

You may remember from my post that the tuck-ins for this swap were to correlate with our initials. My initials just happen to be the one word I would use to describe myself .... A.S.S. If I were sending a package for someone with those initials, I think I would have had to send monogrammed toilet paper. But my partner was so sweet - she sent some appliques, stamps, stationary, and an artichoke & spinach dip mix. The best, though, and the one that my kids enjoyed the most, was an Ukrainian apple cake recipe dedicated to Valera (an orphan we hosted last Christmas and are in the process of adopting). I've already made it and it was DELICIOUS!

Thanks, partner, I LOVE my apron and I've already used it so much!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My apron was on TV!

I was on the local news and I was wearing the great apron from this swap!

So if you want to see my have to watch me on the news ha ha

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Case of the Missing Apron!

I'm so jealous of all the great aprons that you have been receiving and posting here. All of your pictures of your unique aprons have me drooling and green with "apron" envy! I also love looking at all of the creative things that you are showing that you have received as your tuck ins. We have some very creative and thoughtful swappers on this blog. It never ceases to amaze me at how creative and clever my fellow apron swappers are.

It seems that the apron swap package that I was to receive has disappeared. Shawnee let me know that the delivery confirmation said it had been delivered to me but it is no where to be found! I live in a very quiet court and know all of my neighbors so I don't think any of them would walk off with my package. I've scoured the plants and bushes and looked all around my front porch hoping that somehow the package would be found. I even went door to door asking my neighbors if they had happened to see a package delivered on my doorstep or someone removing one. Unfortunately it has gone "missing" and I will never know what the package contained. The funny thing is that I was home all day long the day the delivery confirmation says it was delivered. My little Chewbacca usually notifies me if anyone dare steps on the porch and I don't remember him barking at all that day.

Do we have any CSI investigators out here in our little Apron Swap World? If I had Nancy Drew's phone number I would hire her to look into the Case of the Missing Apron!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apron from Bree

I went to Quilt Market and was gone for about 10 days. When I got home late Thursday night, I found my Apron package from Bree. I love the fabric and the tuck-ins are wonderful.

Since I don't have Bree's email address, I hope she will see this. Thank you so much!


My Angel's Delivered

My apron and tuck ins, arrived this week, I am so blessed to received this beautiful and apron and fabulous tuck ins, I love the colors of my apron, and the pockets so cute.  My tuck ins, were, crystal lavender bracelet, jelly beans, cookbook, miss kitty note sticky notes, cute buggie buttons, cupcakes wraps, flower stamp, cookies stencil, tropical hand soap, blue, green ribbon, key lime cheese ball kit, and a journal! I want to give a big Thank You to Mary Lea and Regina, for being special angels to me, I really do appreciate what you did for me, and I want get my condolences to Cynthia M for her loss, and my prayers are with her and her family!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Distracted Domestic: Ruffle/Gather Tutorial

For those of you that like ruffles, and you know who you are......this will help ya!!

The Distracted Domestic: Ruffle/Gather Tutorial: "I know what you're saying.......'Another one? Aren't there a million out there already?' Well, I can't say that I have seen this one out the..."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look what the mailman brought today!!

I totally forgot all about it!!! How fun is this???

Thanks Shawnee!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Clone Yourself A Fitting Assistant - Threads

Clone Yourself A Fitting Assistant - Threads

The Beauty I received!!!

Just look at this pretty apron I received! It has a very cute saying embroidered on the front!! "Think of me as a Fabulous Challenge!! That about nails me right on!!! Mary Ann must know me pretty good!! She also sent me a necklace and earring set that she made! Very nice indeed. I got a pink spatula in the shape of a flower, some stickers and a recipe journal from Paula Deen!!!

Thank You so much Mary Ann!!! Oh yes, and I sent that letter on to England for you!!

Kerry James is the Best!!!

One week ago I opened my package from my swap partner Kerry, and once again, I was blown away with her creativity and well, just plain awesomeness!!!
I love my new apron! It's SO me! Pink, cream, and green and totally girly! She sent me TWO new apron pattern packages, Craft magazine, AND really neat measuring spoons! (each spoon looks like a different veggie)!
Kerry, I am SO lucky you were my partner!
I think I'd like to keep you everytime!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm So Spoiled!

Hi Marybelle (Mary F)
You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!   I just received the cutest apron from Marybelle.  As you can see, even my dog Abby loves it.  Plus all of these tuck ins:   Mug Rug; Gardening Gloves; Flower Seeds; Colorful Buttons; Vanilla Cupcake (my favorite flavor) Candle; an Apron Pattern; Scrub Brush for the kitchen.
See why I think I am spoiled?   I want Marybelle to be my swap partner all the time.
Thank you again for my package.   You did gooooooooooooooood.
Mary Ann 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Apron Giveaway!

Hi Ladies! What a great swap this was! Thanks Shawnee for all you do. I know it's alot to take on and we all appreciate you! Just wanted to let you ladies know that I am doing an apron giveaway on my blog. You have until Sunday night to enter and  a winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Stop on by if you are interested!      

Friday, May 13, 2011


I received a lovely apron from Chrissy earlier this week. I was sooo excited to see the vintage housewife fabric she chose. I'd take a picture but I wore it right away and got it dirty :P

She also sent a cute mug and saucer, candles and a great recipe book from California.

I just loved everythign she sent!

thank you so much!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angels needed

Hi sweet swappers!  I'm still trying to get my spreadsheet caught up with everyone's activities but I know of at least one angel needed for sure.  Our Cynthia M's father just passed from a sudden illness and, even though she's been trying to work on this while supporting her family, it's just too much so I need someone who would be willing to angel for her - I can send details.

I'm working through emails but if you HAVEN'T received your apron yet, if you'd comment here it would make my job a little easier.  Spring is a busy time for me, which is why I'm just coordinating and not swapping this round (for the first time ever).

Such amazing aprons.  I have one more fun prize to give away and will announce that soon.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Beautiful Apron!

First off, this was such a welcome surprise! I have had a bunch of bad days lately so this just BRIGHTENED up my day! This apron is sunny and cute and just what I needed! My initials are: J. V. P. and so I received a jar of candy for "J", a Veggie peeler for "V" and Pot holders for "P" plus an extra...a cute pack of recipe cards! Thank you so much Tammy for the lovely package and the time it took to make this cute apron for me! I truly appreciate it. With me are my grandkids, Kiana and Tommy holding the tuck-ins to help me show off everything! Again, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I finally was able to get to the post office yesterday before it closed to get my package. I've been working about 70 hours a week for awhile now .. and I missed my package. Yesterday I had to leave early to go get it .. I couldn't stand it any more!

I open it to find PINK everywhere !!!! What a treat! Some scrumptious hard candies and a bottle of precious PINK butterfly gel soap. It's looks great in my kitchen. I was tearing open paper like a child on Christmas morning!

My apron was to die for! I didn't ask for spring cleaning .. or gardening .. just something "springy". Of all the aprons I have, I didn't have a yellow one so I thought that might be a change. Well, Jean surprised me and found some pink and yellow precious material. My apron is just fabulous! I love the ruffle .. (I adore girlie things!) and she put pockets across the front which is great! I put it on immediately. I had so many fun tuck-ins .. PINK gloves, PINK Kitchenaide icecream scoop, lots of packages of seeds .. including daisy's which are my favorite flower.

Jean, what an awesome package! Thanks so much for your card too. I can't wait to check out your blog.

Girl, I'm loving that apron .. I'll be wearing it again tonite! A big TEXAS thank you!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Apron arrived today!!!!!

At least I think it belongs to me!!

This very cute apron that has embroidery on it says...Think of me as a Fabulous Challenge!! Cute right? I received a super flower spatula, some beautiful earrings and necklace set, a Mom's plan it Kitchen Reminder Notes set!!, a book of Paula Deen's Kitchen Wisdom and Recipe Journal!!!!!!

Also included in the book was a card to someone named Jackie Shubert?!?! Not me, so I hope my partner named M A Gillispie, are you Mary Ann?, will contact me!! I do not have an email address for you, so please contact me at, Comment on one of my postings at , to reach me, and I will send the letter and book, if it was not meant for me, to Jackie for you!! Sure hope it wasn't a Mother's Day card.

If I wasn't suppose to get the book by Paula Deen, just let me know. I had a hard time dis-syfering the tuck ins for my initials!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Opened my parcel!

My hubby picked up my package from RUTH, and surprised me with it!  Here I am modeling the cutest spring apron!  Thank you Ruth...I love it.  She included pot MITTS (M), LIME kiwi iced tea mix (L) and WERTHER'S candies (W)...along with a Hello Kitty notebook and a cute pink spring candle!  Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of the tuck-ins!  Thanks Shawnee again, for a great swap....can't wait for the next one...OHHHHHH I have an IDEA!!!  Is it time for the ideas yet???!!!

Package from.............

I received mine from Connie. She included all kinds of goodies. Fabric squares, canning lids, candle, grocery sack, watering can which will help when I water my orchids, dish clothes and shopping list and notebook. Thank you for a ewonderful swap and the apron is really nice.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank you so much!

A big shout out and thank you to Becca from Turtles in North Dakota.  I love my apron and the goodies are divine..She was so kind to include a few ‘grandma’ items.  My first grandchild, a girl, is due in about 3 weeks and we are over the moon excited to finally meet baby Grace.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the goodies that sweet Becca sent to me!

Everything was so nicely wrapped!


A brag book, my very first!


Some beautiful flannel burp cloths and a huge reversible receiving blanket, so soft!


Check out this sweet bunny!


And a kitchen towel for me, so pretty and springy!


and of course, this way cuuuuute apron, love the style, I can tell I will be wearing this one a lot!


Thank you so much Becca!  I love belonging to this swap group, what a wonderful bunch you all are, and talented too!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Note to my Swap Partner...

My Parcel from you is at the post-office...and if I can make it to town early tomorrow (Sat.) I will get it! Yay!!  Or else I will have to wait till Monday...I am so sorry...and sooo excited!!

LOVE The Colors!!!

I received my apron last week and I LOVE it!  Amy did an awesome job getting the colors of my kitchen and I put it (and my lovely new jewelry) right on as soon as I got it.  A friend who stopped by even commented on how dressed up I looked with the lovely earrings.

Thank you AMY (I don't have your email address, but you are getting a card in the mail soon).  You are awesome and the swap package totally made my day!

I seriously squeal when I see these colors together.  Aqua and lime make me so happy.  And the matching coasters too!!!  Can't forget those.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 I love, love, LOVE seeing all of you in your new kitchen frocks!!!
Keep those pics a coming!!!!!!!!

Apron Received!!

And its a beauty! I love my apron and goodies that I received from Amy W!!! I will get a picture as soon as I can and get it posted. It is so seriously cute!

I Love my Apron

Thank You Cynthia for the gorgeous Apron I love it.
When it got here my hubby brought it in to me and he was as excited as I was to get the package open. As we were OOOOOing and AHHHHHHing  over the darling tuck-ins, I was wishing I had waited for my daughter and daughter-in-law to come home. My husband enjoyed it so much I was glad that I shared it with him. I laid it all out on my bed so the girls could see it when they got home. Then my Big Dog ( A poodle of course) jumped right on to the bed in the middle of everything. As I was putting it back together the girls came in and it was so much fun all over again. We ate the candy and looked at every thing again. So the picture I wanted to take didn't it get done So here is a picture in my Apron. Thank you again Cynthia E.  It was a great day.        P.S. I love the gloves and the tissue holder.

Finally A Sneak Peek!

Hmmm Not sure why this uploaded side ways. Dont get a crick in your necks looking! Its just a sneak peek! There are some clues to my partner in this picture but she will have to really look! heheheheheeh.Hmmmm Is it a hare, rabbit, or bunny? Not going to give away what I am calling the other items. She will just have to read the tags!

I will tell you it will be at her house (whomever she is!) tomorrow! I sent it off in time just forgot to post. I sure hope she likes it!

My Apron is here

I was so happy yesterday when my husband brought me a package from the mailman.  I was even more excited once I realized it was my apron.  I didn't take pictures of me wearing the apron, but I will try to post some when I get someone to take one.  Sharon made me a great apron with flowers and butterflies which I love.  She also made me a bonnet to wear while I garden which coordinated with the apron.

Sharon also sent some great tuck-ins.  A- asparagus plate B- bonnet (which I was just thinking that I needed for when I garden), and F-humming bird Feeder.  She also sent a few extras.  There were 2 beaded butterflies (I love butterflies and am trying to have a butterfly garden), a great piece of material, brown with bright flowers and butterflies, some gardening gloves, and a cute little butterfly applique that I will be attaching to a barrette for my daughter!  

Sharon also send me a lovely card explaining the package.  The card made me realize that I totally forgot to send a card or a note with my package explaining it.  I feel horrible especially since I love to make cards and was actually thinking of trying to make a set of cards for one of my tuck-ins.  So, if you get a package with out a card in it, it is from me.  I'm so sorry!

Thanks Sharon for being a great partner, and sending me such thoughtful and lovely tuck-ins!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My apron came in the mail yesterday from Kirsty in Oregon. I got a gardening apron and a sun visor. I added pictures that I took. My husband said that the one where I wore the sun visor I am looking very elvish, what do you guys think?

My tuck-ins were B- a cute little lady-bug to hang on one of my pots, A- aroma therapy goodies and the Y- were some "yummy cookies".

Thanks Kirsty, I loved it all. I grew up in Seattle but migrated to TX when I was 20, so we are close with Oregon and Washington being next to each other. You said you were from England but living here now and my brother is from here but living in England now.

Received my Apron

Have been very, very busy. Had to sub teach this week, assignments due for a class, activities and just trying to make sure everyone has clean laundry. Just wanted to say that I got my apron and tuck ins from Sarah K. She knew that I liked chickens, and did a wonderful job on the apron and tuck ins. Perfect! I can't get pictures done right now, but hopefully later in the week or the weekend.

I also got my partner's apron sent today. No sneak peak pictures right now, but there is some crocheting, a bright grocery sack, something to record notes on, and some other goodies. Hope she likes it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Gift From Karen

My apron arrived today and while I can't show it just yet because my camera battery died, I was the wonderful recipient of the apron I loved, the beautiful purple apron.

How did she know I had pierced ears? I love earrings, so the handmade little dangled ones are perfect! She wrapped everything in this soft and beautiful tissue paper and the earrings were wrapped in a glittery white bag and tied with a satin ribbon.

Where she found the things to match, I have no idea, but she sent me a spring butterfly list pad (oh she must know I love organization) and I am tossing the desert list into the back of the drawer and putting this beautiful one on my fridge!

She found these adorable little hostess or finger towels and I took them right away and put them in my bathroom, they match the walls purrrrrrfectly and it is nice to have something feminine in my little corner!

She also sent me a beautiful mug rug that my husband is so thankful for because when we eat ice cream, my hands get so cold, now he says I have something to keep my hands warm and his as well.

Thank you so much Karen, I am amazed at how kind you are!

Here is the apron, both sides & I love it!

The front has these delicious pockets and is going to be so much fun and I can take it out in the garden or use it in the kitchen!

T is for Teaser

What do we have here?

Is it
R for Rocco
C for Cookbook
E for Eye Candy ;)

And what's that?
T for Tag book
S for scrapbooked recipes
A for Artistic recipe collection

Well, I just hope my swap partner likes to look at Rocco as much as I do hee hee

Thank You Janice!

I am always so blown away by the creativity and generousity of strangers! Look at the lovely apron and tuck-ins I recieved from Janice (aka Beadgirl)! She even appliqued those red flowers on the front of the apron to co-ordinate with my kitchen colors and she must have read some of my blog to know that I love roosters :) Thanks so much Janice and Thanks to Shawnee for hosting another wonderful swap!

Received from Barbara Y.

Thank You, Sweet partner!

My goodies were wrapped in the Pink & Black
Cheeta print paper! Cute!

I received Lots of FUN goodies:)
L= Lotion
L= Little Wallet pattern
G= Garden Square pattern

Extras= Notebook, Buttons, Cupcake Keychain, Bunny Glitz applique, Mug Rug!!!

                                                                     My Darling Apron!
                                                                       It is Soooo me:)
                                                 Pink & Brown with Cupcakes!  Woo Wooo
                                                                    & Reversible too.

Thanks again!!


For my Partner:)
My model isn't doing the apron justice
I Know its going to Look
Fabulous on my partner
because she seems So
Flirty, Sassy & Pretty!

I hope she Loves it & the tuck-ins:)
Could be Apron Patterns or just Patterns.
Could be Mug Rug or Cup Coaster.
Could be Dress or Custom Dress.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Uh-oh, I hope Shawnee won't kick me out of the swaps! I am late sending my apron off. This was new for me because for once I didn't wait until the last minute to sew my apron. I actually have had this finished for over a week now and had it boxed up and ready to ship off last Monday ..... only to come down with some sort of virus and never made it out of the house. Wednesday and Thursday were spent catching up from laying on my behind from the virus. While the weekend was spent catching up from laying around ALL day Friday watching the Royal Wedding footage. Yes, I admit it, I watched footage all. day. long.

So here it is, May, and I still have my poor partner's box sitting in my car. I promise partner - I will mail it on the morrow.  Don't hate me.

All Wrapped Up

My swap partner just loves the color pink and her initials are well, I can't exactly explain them without her finding out, but I can tell you something in this picture matches at least one letter in her name.

One of the smaller tuck-ins is wrapped in a WalMart bag inside the wrapper because I would worry it would spill and ruin everything.

I can tell you the pink and glitter on the apron will match on of her tuck-ins perfectly.

I can tell you if she doesn't live in tornado alley, she lives pretty close to it. It shouldn't snow this time of the year where she lives and it is pretty famous for its BBQ.

That is enough hints for now, I hope she shares her package when it arrives and it will be going in the mail tomorrow as I let time slip away from me on this one!

I just love apron swaps & seeing how creative everyone is and wishing everyone realized how creative and wonderful they all are. I have never ever once not loved an apron I received.

Have a blessed Sunday!