Monday, May 31, 2010

Ready for my swap info weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have the cutest extras!!! my partner is gonna be soooooooo happy!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2 - Cupcake Apron

Well, well, looks like Charlotte York could be in our swap, too! Check out that sweet Jessie Steele Cherry Cupcake apron she's sporting.

So, sign ups for our Cupcake & Cherries & M.E. apron swap end tomorrow night. If you really want to participate and you really can't sew, I could let you substitute one of these cuties ... don't ya think? Or, you can find lots of adorable handmade aprons over at that would meet the package requirements.

If you love creating special surprises and love getting surprise packages in the mail, sign up today! =)

PS - Shout out to everyone popping in from JSOnline. Hope you'll join this swap or come back soon to visit! Thanks, EllynAnne!!

PPS - I know that this apron is for sale at Anthoropologie. But, I'm a budget-minded gal and it's $10 less expensive at Amazon. And you can probably get free shipping. I'm just sayin'.


Another Project Idea - Cupcake Pillow

Madelyn sent me the link to this cute Cupcake Pillow template. The directions are in the Spring issue of Stitch magazine.

I hope you're finding a project or two to work on while you're waiting for your partner match email. These little crafts take a package from nice to WOW!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Only THREE Days Left!

image by Compound Eye

Have you registered yet?? Only THREE more days to be part of the most exciting, cutest apron swap in ALL of blogland! Who doesn't love cupcakes?

Who hates cherries?

Who can resist Mary Engelbreit?

NOT ME!! Hopefully, not YOU either!
Do it!

Maybe you'll receive an apron like this ...

or this ...

Or maybe your partner will make or buy you one of these cool cupcake bracelets

Deadline to Register: May 30

Mail After: June 19

Mail Before: July 4

Create a handmade apron package that includes all three elements ... something cupcake-y, something with cherries, and something from (or that looks like it's from) Mary Engelbreit (aka M.E.). See the list on the swap side-bar for "tuck-in" suggestions and include at least three. Items must be new or be in "good as new" condition if they are thrifted or re-gifted. As always, make your package pretty … wrap it in tissue, tie it up with a cute bow, and include a personal little note card please.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

GIVEAWAY - picture posted!


Because I love giveaways so much, here's a little one to see who is visiting the blog and who is promoting our next swap, "Cupcakes & Cherries & M.E.". We have 40 participants so far!!

Debbie M from our last swap is a scrapbooker/Stampin' Up rep and she made me some gorgeous cards in the shape of aprons. If YOU want to win these, leave a comment below. If you have posted a swap badge on your blog or blogged/tweeted/facebooked about the swap, leave a second comment for a second chance! I'll draw a name on Sunday night!

Be sure to subscribe to our posts so you don't miss out on the fun!

Goody Box WINNER

Thank you, Betty, for your generosity! I have drawn a name from the hat and the winner is .....

Thanks, everyone, for participating in the Polka Dot Pretties Flirty Apron Swap!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures for my Partner

Just a quick post. I promised my partner Kerry James that I'd post a picture for her of some of the awesome goodies she sent me. Not only did I get a GORGEOUS Apron for myself but she was ever so kind as to send something for my twins. Perfect timing as well as they were able to use them on Mother's Day to help make the mama's in the house breakfast! Here they are posing with my Dad. I might be a little biased but I think they look pretty cute. They felt really special getting something for themselves. Thank you so much Kerry! Now it's time to dive in to the handmade recipe book she made me with personal recipes from her family. I just love things like this because I know I now have the honor of having a little piece of her family with mine.

Goody box giveaway!

I own a quilt shop sooooo, I fill a box with goodies, Shawnee draws a name and
voila someone wins! That's the "goodie box giveaway."

Cherry Needlebook Tutorial

Shawnee asked me if I'd post a link to my cherry needlebook tutorial. I made this one for myself a few years back, I still love it! It has a pocket where I stuff thread & scissors and lots of room for pins and needles. You can find a pdf of the tutorial here or you can find it on my blog sidebar. I have a few other tutorials you can check out too. I love tutorials as they combine two of my loves, teaching and crafting!

Apron from last swap!

Oh for goodness polka dot apron arrived! Of course I thought it was a "mother's day" gift from daughter! Hellloooooo finally clicked in when she mentioned Shawnee! Those two stinkers were in "cahoots"...Shawnee gave my daughter me as a swap partner for the polka dot swap! They had me "under the covers" I even told my daughter not to spend too much $$$ on swapping!...Sent my hubby to the postoffice for two boxes! Yee haw I am a happy woman/mother!

Now if everyone has a new polka dot apron let's have a "goodie box give away!"

Shawnee...draw a name! I will sent a box to the winner!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tuck In Idea -- Cupcake Penny Rug!

Ack! Look at this gorgeous Cupcake Celebration Candle Mat made penny rug-style with party hats and cupcakes that have cherries on top! This design belongs to ArenaJosephina at Etsy. Her shop is temporarily closed so we can't buy it but perhaps this someone could use this as a design inspiration. I am dying for my own penny rug these days, especially one this adorable!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I LOVE the apron Solidia sent me! It has honeybees and polka dots!

and here is the cooking magazine that goes with it.......

Thank you Solidia!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love my apron!

My swap partner Becca, made my apron out of my favorite color combo, pink & brown. I love it. It has cute little pink chenille balls hanging from the bottom. I have all ready gained weight reading Mrs. Fields " I love Chocolate Cookbook" Yummy stuff.  Other goodies included are a flower coin purse, hand lotion and a cute little bear.
I had to include this pic, even though you can not see me very well, just to show the lovely weather we are having today, SNOWING. I am sick of it. This is not normal for the middle of May. I am ready for warm weather so I can plant my garden.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tutorial Link -- Cupcake Finger Pincushion

I found a delicious-looking project over at Shannon Makes Stuff - a sweet Cupcake Finger Pincushion!!

New Swap - Cupcakes and Cherries and M.E.

I'm dreaming of a new swap .... don't these images make you dream too??
FAS10 Collage
Upper Left: shea_patricia_6,

Okay ladies, it is time. I am excited to present the 10th Flirty Apron Swap!! I am shamelessly basing this swap on all my favorite things --- Cupcakes and Cherries and M.E. (aka Mary Engelbreit), OH MY!! Just keep repeating that phrase, like in the Wizard of Oz. =) In another piece of self-indulgence, I am closing registrations on my 45th birthday, so I will be matching partners in the aftermath of our quiet celebration.

As I was scouring the web for images, I ran across this amazing blog of artist Patricia Shea. I requested and was granted permission to use her amazing pink cupcake artwork for our little swap. Please, stop by her website and tell her how much you LOVE this piece of work!!

The other image in our banner is from the cover of Mary Engelbreit’s book, “Sew, So Cute”. I NEED this book!!!

Well, let's do this!!

fas10 patricia shea pink cupcake email

"Cupcakes & Cherries & M.E." Details

Deadline to Register: May 30

1st Time Swappers:
Shawnee must have packages in hand before June 18

Others Mail After: June 19

But Mail Before: July 4

Create a handmade apron package that includes all three elements ... something cupcake-y, something with cherries, and something from (or that looks like it's from) Mary Engelbreit (aka M.E.). See the list on our blog sidebar for "tuck-in" suggestions and include at least three. Items must be new or be in "good as new" condition if they are thrifted or re-gifted. As always, make your package pretty … wrap it in tissue, tie it up with a cute bow, and include a personal little note card please.

A word about packages. Our little swap has become such a treat. Please spend time to make your package special. The "Tuck In" suggestions include lots of links to crafty ideas and tutorials. THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE. I always shop for goodies that are on sale, clearance, in consignment stores, etc. Crafting takes more time than money, and time means love. Show your partner some love, will ya? And, feel free to send me more links or ideas for this part of our swap. I'd love that!

After you register, please load up a swap badge to your blog and brag about the fun you're going to have in June!! Everyone who posts a badge is entered into a special giveaway to be announced soon. I have several badge images posted on the blog for you to choose from, so pick your favorite and link away!

Once you register, come back here and leave a comment, 'k??

My Polka Dot Pretty apron arrived

With a knock, knock, knock on the front door yesterday, I was greeted by the UPS man and a delightful package! My pretty polka dot apron from Marlene arrived. Just look at the tuttie-fruity and polka-dotty goodness! Marlene also enclose really cute patchwork matching potholders, "In the kitchen with Rosie" cookbook and if that was not enough, she also made dog treats for my dogs. We are all (dogs included) very happy with the package.

My husband isn't home to snap a photo of me in my lovely Polka Dot pretty apron, so I'm snatching Marlene's photo (above) to show you.

Thank you very much Marlene. And thank you Shawnee for hosting!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My daughter's apron

Many thanks again to Diane! DD absolutely loved her apron. She is modeling the "cooking" side. The reverse, she says is for cleaning. The pockets are large enough for her to store her cleaning tools.

Diane also sent place mats, hot pads and a great collection from Cook's Illustrated. Since it was mother's day, I was allowed to use the special day place mat. The best part is my daughter (all of 11, btw) whipped up a Hot Fudge Cake right out of the cookbook for my mother's day dessert! The only part she needed help with was separating an egg and pulling the cake out of the oven.

So, again, Diane was wonderful and made my mother's day extra special.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Polka dot apron, north of 60.

Here's a picture of me wearing the fabulous apron I got from Rita. The cupcake on the front is monogrammed. This photo was taken last night at around 9 pm at Kathleen Lake in Kluane National Park. The sun sets at 11 pm this time of year. Yes, that lake is still frozen. I live north of the 60th parallel. Spring comes late and winter comes early, but it is VERY beautiful here.

Rita also sent me a cool cookbook, some embroidered tea towel and a pretty pot scrubbie. She crocheted lace around it. I know!! Wow!

Thank You Susan!!

Thank you Susan for the wonderful gift. I took a picture of it as soon as I got it on my cutting table, so ignore the mess in the background!! I unfortunately tore through the entire package before taking a picture of the way you had it wrapped so nicely. I guess I was too excited. It was lovely. I really love the cookbook and the husband and I have already selected some meals to try. Vegetarian/Vegan cookbooks are hard to come by and some include horrible recipes. This book has so many great recipes, I will get a ton of use from the apron and the cookbook!!

Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it!!

It's Mine, All Mine

I got my apron in the mail this week and it's the best apron I have
ever received in a swap! 
It was Debbie's first swap...

My camera is not cooperating today so this is a picture a took from a earlier post!!
It was wrapped with love and thought and I just loved everything about it.
Thanks Debbie, you made this swapper very happy!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Looky what I received. This precious "Twirl Girl" Apron. It is so cute and the fabrics are wonderful. I also received the Farm Chicks cookbook. I've been wanting this cookbook, but just hadn't bought it yet.

THANK YOU HEATHER!!! This was a fun swap and I can't wait to see what Shawnee has in store for us next.

My amazing apron!

I feel bad it's taken me so long to post, since I received my apron from Sarah last week.  You all remember Sarah, the wonderful swapper who posted HERE about finishing her apron right before her baby Jude was born?  I loved the sneak peek she posted back then and am so glad it's mine! 

My camera is on the fritz so I'm borrowing a pic from Sarah's blog to show you how lovely the apron is.  LOVE the vintage fabrics. 

photo from

Thank you so much, Sarah!  My cooking experience is changed forever!  And thanks, Shawnee, for letting me participate in my first-ever swap! 

I Received the prettiest apron ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My apron came today and what a great surprise. I love it sooooooo much! Im gonna sleep in it! It is sooooo beautiful the picture (or any picture) would not do it justice. I cant thank Jany enough!!! It has the most beautiful color purple sash and it is reversable! THANK YOU JANY!!!! I LOVE IT! I cant wait to make some of the yummy meals in my cook book Oh!!! And!... Jany made me matching dish gloves woooooo hoooooo! The awesomeEST!!!!!!!

The Crazy Flower Ladies

Hi my name is Kathy and this is my friend Mindy.  We are the Crazy Flower Ladies at Country Club Flower Shop.  Mindy is modeling her apron given to her by Dogmom Diva and I am modeling my apron given to me by MINDY!!!!.  How she and Shawnee kept that a secret was truly amazing.  Everyday I would ask Mindy 'did you start your apron yet'?  Then about two weeks ago she comes to work with a lovely gift bag and puts it on the counter.  I asked if it were her apron for her swap partner and she said yes.  I carefully unwrapped each item cause I like being nosy and then wrapped each item back.  Mindy started laughing and finally said 'Kat! you are my swap partner'.   She got me . . . I got punked.  Thank you Mindy my BFF!
This is my partner Shelly.  Mindy made us both the same apron.  Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
Happy Mother's Day Ladies!


I am going to post a picture tomorrow because it's been a super long day around here and no pictures were actually taken. :) I asked my swap partner to make an apron for my daughter. DD likes things that are a bit edgy and OMGOSH did Diana deliver!

Super cute that I am totally jealous over. DD was over the moon excited, too.

so huge mega huge thank you! it was a much needed happy ending to a very awful week.

Thank you Micki!

My polka dot pretties apron arrived today. Micki made it reversible. I just love aprons that are reversible. Reversible aprons are like a two for one, so what's not to love?!!

She also sent these great goodies. Thank you Micki for your thoughtfulness and the great package! I posted about my new goodies here.

So Much Love the Color Choice and Style

Tammy did a great job! You picked the perfect match on colors and style will enjoy for a longgggggg timeeeeee. I also would like to thank Shawnee for hosting these swaps and can not wait for what is in store next.

So Thrilled With My Apron!!!

I received my fabulous apron and couldn't wait to show it off! And you know what else? My wonderful partner, Kathy, also made a matching apron for Abigail! Can you believe it? I love it so much. Thank you Kathy!!
Here she is in her lovely matching apron.

Look at's reversible too. Kathy, you're awesome! I love it so!

and...look at all the goodies she sent with it.
A wonderful cookbook that my kids can enjoy with me, a beautiful organizer set with sticky notes and a notepad inside, kid size cooking utensils and some fabric that matches our aprons!
I'm so happy and I've really enjoyed this swap.
Thanks again Kathy, you are amazing!!

I am a Lucky girl!

This thank you is a little late I got this wonderful package on the same day that my daughter was engaged!
So I was a little preoccupied.
Thank you Kathleen for the amazing apron you made me..
I love the fabric it is my most favorite line from Heidi Grace..
The cute bow was the perfect touch.
She also sent this fabulous cook book and kitchen towel an pot holder set.
She also sent a bar of my beloved Godiva Chocolate.
Thank you So Much my friend !!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A New Hair Tie too!

I'm a lucky girl, cuz Bevie included one of her hair ties too. This apron swap was more fun than I ever expected. Thanks Bevie, and thanks to you too Shawnee.

I Love My Apron!

Here is the cute new apron made for me by my wonderful swap partner Bevie! I just love the brown and white polka dots along with the aqua. When the package came, my 17 yr. old daughter almost beat me to opening it. After opening the top, we saw the cutest box filler....ribbons of brown and white polka dot fabric and aqua fabric. Bevie really knows how to increase anticipation. Along with this cute apron came a cook book filled with nutritious recipes an some yummy hand made soap. I could hardly wait to clean up after gardening so I could try out the soaps. Then, after opening the apron and trying it on, I noticed one more thing in the box....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am such a Lucky Girl!

I LOVE my new 9-patch toss apron! I am not quite the model my swapper is, but you gotta see your quilts spread out to really enjoy the pattern :) The colors are perfect for my country kitchen! All the extra goodies as awesome. You have made my first apron swap special--I will for sure do another one. You said you are a quilter--I live 40 minutes from Paducah-- where the National Quilt Show is--it is a most wonderful event--fabric everywhere--if you ever get to come for it, let me know and I will cook you supper in my most wonderful apron!