Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Table Runner Swap

I'm doing something wild and crazy here on the apron swap blog ... we're not going to swap aprons this time! (I really do have PLENTY of aprons, believe me.)  I've been talking for ages about how I need some new table linens, even whining to Jen S when she came all the way from Illinois this summer and saying I need to make some for myself, blah, blah.  Well, I haven't and my table is naked!  Ugly and naked!!  So, since a new table isn't in the budget this year, I need to dress it up and YOU'RE gonna help.  That is, if anyone joins ... so please sign up.  =)

image shamelessly borrowed from

Deadline to Enter: September 30
Mail Between: October 20 - 30
new swappers will have to ship early, so plan accordingly

Handcraft a lovely table runner for your partner and someone else will craft one for you! Include two small goodies for your partner (around $10 in value or so).

By signing up, you agree to ship 2-day priority and get a tracking number, post lots of pictures, and send me messages when you send and receive. Easy, huh??

I will post lots of images for ideas and links to tutorials.  I think this is gonna be a blast!!

 Click HERE to register (sorry, registrations closed, then come back and comment that you are IN.  If you post the badge and blog about this swap, leave a link to your post in the comments (even if you're not swapping).  I will have a fun prize for some lucky PR person!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Thanks for playing this summer!!  I didn't get a wrap-up post done but aprons were loved by all, prizes were awarded, and the sounds of Hawaii were spread around blogland kitchens!! (Jen, my sweets, is still waiting on HER package but we're working on it. She sent me the BEST package, too.)

I'm planning on ONE more swap this year, so I'd love to hear if you prefer an fall or winter apron.  Have a great week!!!!

Love ya, Shawnee