Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heidi Devlin Design Giveaway Winner

A big THANK YOU to Heidi of

My sweet friend Heidi has the MOST delightful Etsy shop, and has provided, especially for one of YOU, these gorgeous Ragball Snowballs in keeping with our Frosted Flurries theme.
Our lucky winner, via Random.org, was commenter #1 .... JenW!

Jump over to Heidi's Blog and Jen's Blog and show them some love!

Santa's Little Elves have been Busy!

Santa's Elves have been Hard at work at My House...Thank Goodness!
We took a quick little get away to Savannah & when we Returned, the Monday before Thanksgiving...Everyone was sick except Hubby.
Jeez what a Crazy mess that week turned out to be!
Kiddies were Home from school, My school was Not out & Everyone
was coming to Our house this year!
Well..We had a Wonderful Holiday, Lots of Yummy food & Everyone is on the Mend!
So....finally this week, things returned to Normal and Me & the Elves got to do a little Sewing:)
They were a Huge help & I couldn't have done it without them!! HeHeHe!
This is the Fabric I chose...I Loved the Bright colors & the Candy looks Good enough to eat!

And TaaDaa!
A Yummy, Fun apron (Lily Style) for My Partner:)
I Chose the word "CANDY" but, I am going to keep the Tuck-ins a Surprise:)

Apron On It's Way!!

This swap was so much fun. I choose "snow" as my goody word. S:snowflake ornament, N:christmas note block, O: other goodies, W: wall hanging. Part of the other goodies were, a table runner, gift tags, cup cake cups, coffee cozie,glittered clothes pins, lavender,and some JOY! Hope you like it! Merry Christmas Gals!

Off To Her New Home

My apron is done (I finally followed the directions) and tuckins are wrapped. It's difficult to think about snowflakes when it's been 70 degress outside here in Texas. This pattern is a McCalls pattern from 1955. I fell in love with it when I saw it. The cost of the pattern was 35 cents! I laughed when I saw the note on the pattern envelope saying it was "suitable for ages 12 and up". Boy how times have changed! I'm not posting pics of the tuckins .. leaving the little wrapped packages a surprise for my swap partner. I hope she enjoys the apron as much as I enjoyed sewing it. Off she goes to her new home today! Swap partner, hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 29, 2010

S.E.A.S.O.N.S. Greetings!

Just finished packaging up my swap items. I had such a good time making the apron and picking out my tuck-ins. I hope that my partner likes everything. I chose the word SEASONS. I was having such a hard time coming up with a word to use that had 7 letters in it. I finally decided on my word since this is the holiday season.
The apron was a bit hard to photograph without modeling and had I modeled it then I wouldn't have had anyone to take the photo tonight since my husband is on shift till Wednesday. It's a reversable apron with a full back. This was my first time making an apron like this and it was a little tricky but after I figured it out it was so much fun. It also has three pockets on each side. I really hope my partner will model the apron and post photos so everyone can see the back side. I also added some very traditional looking embroidery to the front pocket on one side.

Package Arrived!!

My swap partner got her package today. I hope she likes it!!!!

A Frosty Package

It is finished, wrapped and sent! Wahoo! On Wednesday, my wonderful swap partner will receive her Frosty Apron package! I would love to drop hints as to whom it may be, but let's just say...she might live in a warm, sunny place.  Unlike the rain and cold we have here on the north coast of Oregon!

I chose the word FROSTY. F for Frame. R for Red Snowflake Socks. O for Ornament. S for Snowflake candle. T for Twist Peppermint Soap. Y for Your Light Snowman!

Hope you enjoy partner! I had a blast putting it together for you!

my progress...

I wish I were further along, but a sinus infection this weekend (started Friday afternoon), has set me back. I do not recommend sewing when you have a sinus headache, lol, or you'll likely end up like I did, with the seam ripper the next day going "what in the world was I thinking?". My apron is done, but my tuck ins are not - those will have to wait until I'm feeling a bit better. I'm trying not to share all my germs with everyone else. :)

So, sorry to my swap sister, I had meant to have this mailed already, instead, I still have some shopping to do for you!

Normally, I'd take a picture of the apron on me, but being 32 weeks pregnant distorted the apron a bit. ;) So, I improvised and used my coat rack (with the coats on it for shape) instead.

It's beginning to look a'lot like . . . . .

A .... Frosty, flirty.... Christmas Apron!  This is just a bit of show and tell!  I'm sending out today.... The holidays filled all but one important piece of my brain-power.   I took an early Sunday nap: which left the wee-quiet hours of the night/am to stitch to my hearts content!

I'm semi-posting my blog-tutorial... more like journaling the process of picking fabric and the start to finish steps I took in making this apron!

So... I'm off the see the postman-wizard with this on today!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finished my apron

Here is my finished apron.
Isn't my model lovely? lol. my son always agrees to be my model, he doesn't mind helping his mom out. Below is a close up of the fabric. I couldn't get a good close up of the whole apron, sorry.

I hope my partner likes her apron. I still have a couple of tuck-ins to finish up then I'll be already to send it off. I really like this apron so it's going to be hard to let it go.

P.S. I posted a free crochet pattern on my blog. It would make a cute tuck-in.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Happy Apron

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

My Holiday Happy Christmas apron is finished, ready to head to her new home as soon as I finish up one more of the tuck-in's, which I can't show without spoiling the surprise for my swap partner.  I choose a simple pattern to show off the fun bright fabric that I picked.  This fabric line is called Holiday Happy and is designed by my friend Monica of Happy Zombie.  (Pop over to her blog for some really fun Christmas ideas. )

I'm going to have a hard time sending this one away.  It's giving my craft room such a bright spot of cheerful Christmas. 

Friday, November 26, 2010


Sweet Amy, aka Lil Miss Muffin Pan, was my swap sister.  Thank goodness my hubs went out to do yard work today or the FED EX box might have sat out there another day or so…EGADS.  and thank goodness Amy posted a Hey Did You Get It? post which caught my attention!  Attention noted!

For someone who calls herself a ‘novice’ seamstress, I have to say I think she is lyin through her teeth, lol!!  My apron is gorgeolus!


It’s even reversible and I have no favorite, yet..and the tuck ins are amazing!  Amy spelled out S.N.O.W. and here are my treats!



SOCKS to warm my feet!


and is this sweet, for my new grandbaby to be…is that wonderful, honest it made me cry I was so touchedSmile


A reversible oven mitt, and cute ornament


I have to tell you what was in this ROOSTER bag, a neck warmer.  Amy noted that she thought it might help to warm in the microwave and warm my

hurting areas when my fibromyalgia is kicking up it’s heels..Wow.  another tearjerker..Happy tears.


Here I am with the reverse side of the apron, Amy was concerned about the fit, but it’s fine!

Ok here is a face shot, I don’t normally photograph myself, but I made an exception for this lovely apron!


Thank you so much Amy, I will treasure the apron and the goodies always.  Ok gonna cry again…so touchedSmile

Apron complete

 The floor length Toile apron turned out beautifully and will soon be on it's way across the ocean.
I just have to finish the tuck-ins!

Dear Swap Sister,

The FedEx tracking number says you received my package... DID YOU? I want to read about your reaction!! I can't stand it any longer!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On the way!

My package is on its way to my partner. I hope she enjoys her goodies.

This is the container holding the goodies:
And I chose this word:

Frosted Flurries Tutorials

I don't know if you've noticed the links posted on the sidebar, but I've found a few tutorials around the web and want to be sure you've got lots of great ideas for tuck-ins and gifts.

This cutie is from Diary of a Quilter.

This sweet Snowflake Felt Garland is posted at Craftster and uses templates from My Cute Stamps.

Which one?

This is Apron #1. It has metallic gold snowflakes on the green ties and ruffle. It is trimmed in black rick rack and does not have a pocket. This apron has more of a elegant flare to it compared to apron #2. This is apron #2 and my original idea for this swap. I still have to finish the hand sewing around the snowflake applique. The blue material has iridescent glitter snowflakes and is trimmed in iridescent rick rack.
Here is a sneak peek of Apron #3. It also has iridescent glitter on the pine boughs and the pocket will have the green applique snowflake. This apron is a different patten than the others and will be trimmed in the green polka dot fabric, same as the snowflake.
I am hoping that you all can help me decide which one to send..... What would be really helpful is if my partner leaves a comment telling me which one she likes best!
Thanks for your help!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ok gals, my apron is done, but I am having trouble with my word.  Any ideas appreciated..I am stuck on a couple of letters.

First, a sneak peekie at my apron


Ok, now here is my word…CHARITY.  Could I have picked a tougher word??  It just FITS my partner.

I have a few things in mind..

Candy, candle

Hand Lotion


Recipe Cards, rubber gloves


Ok that’s all I can come up with…any ideas???

Mailed, But a LIttle Late

I mailed my package today and since this is my first swap, I mailed it to Shawnee who will then forward it to my partner.  The only problem is, that while I was re-reading the directions at the post office today, I noticed that I was supposed to mail it so that it got to Shawnee by the 24th, not mail by the 24th.  I apologize for not getting it out on time, and hopefully this won't be a major issue as I had a great time making this apron, and am looking forward to more swaps.  I hope my partner enjoys everything in the package.  I had a lot of fun comig up with my word (angel) and figuring out what tuck-ins to include!

I can't wait to hear when my partner gets her package and I can't wait to get mine!


Gratefulness Week Giveaway

Hey sweet swappers --

Well, we're coming toward the end of our swap and into a VERY busy, exciting time of year. I hope you're enjoying our weekly giveaways 'cause I've got a sweet one for ya!

Hello Ladies,... & Welcome to Shawnee's, Flirty Apron Christmas Swap,..... "Frosted Flurries"! ......My name is Heidi, from my etsy shop "Heidi Devlin Design". Like many of you I love to design, sew & create!....So I was thrilled when Shawnee asked me to be part of her "Frosted Flurries" giveaway!

Now we all know that swaps are so much fun to be part of any time of year!...but at Christmastime even more so!....So ladies get those sewing machines out & let's make this swap one to remember!

I wish you all a delightful holiday season!......& come visit me at Heidi Devlin Design!.....Your friend, Heidi XO

My sweet friend Heidi has the MOST delightful Etsy shop, amazing blog, and even a special "Living Little" online newsletter.

Sweet Heidi is providing, especially for one of YOU, these gorgeous Ragball Snowballs in keeping with our Frosted Flurries theme.

Aren't they to DIE for?!?

HOW TO ENTER (leave separate comments for each):
Visit Heidi's Etsy Shop, browse around, and come back here listing your favorite item from her store

One extra entry for commenting on what you are grateful for this year

One extra entry for sharing Heidi's Etsy shop on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter (max 1 tweet per day)

Two extra entries for sharing your favorite Thanksgiving recipe in the comments or linking to one you've posted on your blog

DEADLINE TO ENTER: midnight November 29, 2010

PS - My apron giveaway ends Monday night, November 29 - the same night of my Thirty-One Kick Off party. If you're looking for cute products with a purpose for gifts or to organize yourself, browse through my online catalog and give me a call - I'm happy to help!

CONGRATULATIONS - Cupcake Provocateur Winners


First, a big thank you to Cynthia for donating such wonderful prizes. Flirty Apron Swappers LOVE your products!!

Prize #1 - $25 Gift Certificate for anything on the Cupcake Provocateur site!
Lucky Winner: Tart Deco!! (send me your mailing info)

Prize #2 (for current swappers only): Cynthia's newest item, a special Tea Towel/Potholder Gift Set
Lucky Winner: Jen O!!!
(pictured above is the apron set and the special gift card/envelope)

Congratulations ladies!!

Sneak Peek

Look at this beautiful toile I picked up for my new Aussie friend.  I am going to have to call on Santa's helpers to get this package out on time.
Kat F.

Monday, November 22, 2010

An Idea for "O"

You could always use the word One for "O"...as in One dish towel or One candy cane!!! Just a suggestion for "O"! Well I'm leaving tomorrow for Alaska, from California, to celebrate Thanksgiving with my brother and his family! I have 15 family members up there! I will also be hand delivering my apron since, and quite by chance, my swap sister lives in the same town as my brother does, and also down the street from a house he built and used to live in a few years ago! I know, I know, I have broken the rules!!! But what would YOU do with the same circumstances??? Snowfall and moose....Here I come!!!


Well, with the apron. It's super cute!! I'm even thinking of keeping it for myself. ;)
Partner! You're going to love it!
I need to do my tuck ins. I have one of them.
My word is
O- any ideas for this one? It's the only one I'm really struggling with!

It's going in the mail today right after I hit the store for those last little tuck ins! YAY!!

Thanksgiving Treat!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I shipped my package out today cause I'm a newbie and have to do so promptly in order to stay in good standings! hehe Swap Sister, you'll be getting your package on the Wednesday! Just in time to wear it for Thanksgiving! Or just in time to wear it and soak in what I consider "the first official day of the Christmas season" i.e. the day AFTER Thanksgiving. The stores and radio stations do not seem to agree with me on that though. I've had Chrismahanukwanzakah greens reds blues and whites covering my stores since BEFORE Halloween. Silly!!

Okay, well Happy Thanksgiving all. Fill those bellies! And if you are looking for good Thanksgiving sides or appetizers perfect for sharing visit my blog!

Gobble Gobble!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

One More Participant??

Is there anyone who has been lurking that would like to join in the fun and receive an apron from an international partner? A swapper in AUSTRALIA somehow registered late and would really like to play.

If YOU are interested and willing to ship asap, email me today at shawneeh at yahoo dot com. Otherwise, I might have a second partner!


Cute Half Apron Tutorial

Head over to Pecan Sandies blog. She posted a tutorial last Christmas for this sweet Christmas apron. Don't know how I missed it!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Done & Sent...

Well the good news is, I finished my partners apron, and stuffed some fun goodies in it, so my partner has her choice of the words 'STAR' or 'SANTA'....
I can hardly wait to post a picture, but if I do my partner will most likely will figure out that the package is for her...so I will have to wait till Tuesday when it arrives in her mailbox. Then that evening I can post a pic.
The really funny part is I am in 2 apron swaps and both of my swap partners live in Missouri...
Happy Thanksgiving & a Very Merry Christmas


I think I am almost done with everything.  I should be able to send my package out Monday or Tuesday at the latest, maybe even sooner.  I had so much fun with this swap and loved making my first apron.  I really enjoyed creating the tuck-ins also.  I've already posted my apron, but unfortunately didn't get pictures of the rest of the tuck-ins.  I chose the word angel and my tuck-ins are the following:

A-handmade quilled angel notecards
N-handmade needle case
G-ginger tea in 2 handmade tea bag carriers
E-angel earrings packaged in a hans stamped box
L-lavender,lemon,geranium,rosemary bath salts packaged in a hand stamped box

I hope my partner enjoys everything.  I look forward to getting my package and seeing what everyone else gets!


Edible gifts?

I have 2 different edible gift ideas, like apple butter etc. What are everyone's feelings on receiving edible stuff in swaps? Will you eat it or just toss it since it's from a "stranger"?


Unpack Your Adjectives

One of the reasons I decided I couldn't pass up this round of FAS was that it included the extra fun of making a word with your items. I love making themed packages. But I have been struggling a bit to decide on a word for my swap package. Do I choose my word and find tuck-ins to fill in the letters? Or do I decide on my tuck-ins and then make a word out of it? Either way, I was running into road blocks. How was I ever going to make this work? Well, of course the best way to solve a problem is to get creative. And if you need to get creative with words then you should "Unpack your adjectives". Any of you old enough to remember School House Rock is now stuck with the lyrics "He was a hairy bear, He was a scary bear" in your head.
How does this help? Let's say you've chosen 'GIFT' for your word but your tuck-ins are candy, a pot holder, an ornament and a cook book. Just add some well chosen adjectives to make it work. Your items become Gooey candy, an Indespensible pot holder, a Festive ornament and Tasty recipes. If your item is not fitting the letters of your word, take a good look and add an adjective. What color is it? What does it feel like? Does it sparkle or smell?
Here's one site with an alphabetical list of adjectives to get you started. I hope this helps any of you who may be stuck like I was to make this a fun part of the swap.

My fabric choice

I finally got around to figuring out what fabric I am going to use for my partners apron. I raided my friend Donnelys huge stash, she had lots to choose from and when I saw the birdies I knew that was what I wanted to use. I just hope my partner will like it. I've started on the apron and you can read more about it on my blog. I think I've got my tuck in figured out and will start on those as soon as I finish the apron.