Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank you so much Shawnee!!!

A big thank you to Shawnee for a splendid Favorite Things package!  After being away for the past few weeks, I was very excited to pick up my "held" mail from the post office and tear into this package.  Needless to say, I have been anticipating this for a while now.  And was the wait ever worth it!  I got a very nice wallet from 31- I have heard a lot about this company but have never seen any of their items up close.  Very nice indeed.  If you want some of their products- contact Shawnee-she sells them!  Also, a cute address book, a packet of postcards from Oregon, a really cool mousepad/notepad combo, a package of assorted bakers twine (thank you- I had this on my list to get at the store the next time I was did you know???)  A very frilly see-thru fire engine red hostess apron that my husband is bugging me to try on.....and what has to be the most traveled bag of rolos around- since I live minutes from Hershey, PA where they are made, and Shawnee is in Oregon- these suckers went coast to coast and back again!  Now- no judging on the half eaten bag of rolos in the picture.  I was hungry!  And of course, and beautiful card with explanations and hymns.  Thank you so much Shawnee!  I can't wait for the next swap.   

Monday, September 16, 2013

Colorful goodies!

I received an awesome package from Jennifer O!

Love the bright colorful half apron! Included 101 Slow Cooker Recipe Book, colorful sharpies, note sheets, and colorful tape!

Thanks Jennifer for such a colorful package! Love it!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let's Wrap Up Strong

Okay ladies,

I show everyone as having SENT off their package.  Partners, please let me know, and preferably post your thanks, as soon as you receive your box.  If your status on the sidebar -------------> isn't correct, email me directly and I'll fix it lickety-split.

Thanks for playing!  I'm thinking about a Christmas swap next!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beautiful package from Nadine!

Where do I start to thank you Nadine?  Ladies, look at all the nice things I got from Nadine!  She made me the cutest take-along bag with "hexes" on the front and inside!  Enclosed I found 5, count 'em, 5 fat quarters of matching fabric, a pair of Singer scissors and a pack of pins with buttons on the end!  How great is that!!  I love buttons in any form and collect them! Then I was also the lucky recipient of one of her "Shoop-Shoop" bags with hexie and sewing decor on the outside and a velcro closure! This will hold a lot of my hand sewing notions!  Continuing, Nadine sent me a point turner and very coincidentally, my dog had decided to turn mine into a chew toy very recently so this was a very big and welcomed surprise.....(how does she know my dog?)  Then she included in this package a bag of the most delicious chocolate salted caramels I have ever eaten, from Trader Joes.  I only got to have a few and then the bag went missing.  I believe my hubby absconded with it but he won't say!!!  Notice there isn't a bag of caramels in the picture!  Nadine also made a travel sewing kit out of an Altoids tin and in a second tin she gave me a big head start on making my own Hexies complete with already cut out templates and directions on how to make them!  Isn't that sweet of her!!  She also sent me....yes there is still more....a box of clips to use when binding a quilt!  I can't wait to use them!!  And she even included the mints from the 2 tins she emptied!  I was so spoiled ladies and to think I was ready to give up on swaps altogether.  Thank you Nadine for a very thoughtful package and I will use everything in it and think of you while sewing!  Your swap sister, Jeanie

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Got my Package from Connie

It's GREAT!!

Thanks Connie...

Look at all my goodies

Handmade basket, tool apron,notepads and sharpie pen

Fall leaves for the holiday table and some mysterious letters Hmmm

Thank you Connie for going to so much effort for me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What I Sent and Received

This is what I sent my partner.
My package included...
My favorite candy - twizzlers
My favorite tea - Tazo Refresh
My favorite soap - local "homemade" lavender
The best seam ripper I've ever used and a favorite apron pattern.
I also included a couple of other items.
I hope my partner enjoys my favorites as much as I do.

This is what I received.

Mindy is an AWESOME partner and sent me all sorts of goodies including a BEAUTIFUL apron and a lovely stamp set.  I can't wait to make some cards with it. 
Thank you so much Mindy!!!

And thank you Shawnee for another great swap!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Far in Miles but Close in Heart

This is my amazing far away friend Jen Sue and her husband Dale.  They are a power couple with seven children!  I myself am one of seven, second in line.  Jen is nothing like my mother, as my mum lost her identity, but not Jen!  Take notes ladies, always find time to be true to who you are.
Now, Jen and I couldn't be more different, lol.  Oh where do I begin.  The above photo shows Jen and Dale in  hiking attire because, well they were hiking but I am sure if she could she would have worn high heels with a matching purse.

I wear jeans and flats everyday and all of my cloths have rips and bleach stains from potting plants and cleaning flower buckets.  My business partner and I lovingly call each other ' Bucket Bitches'.  I could stand on the street corner and pass for homeless.  Thank goodness for aprons!
When I saw that my package was from Jen a very warm feeling that I was about to be spoiled came over me (not to mention it was also my birthday) and I was right!

My package looked like it had been hit by a bus but I didn't care.  It was here!  Yeah!
Oh my goodness!
The note says "open . . .  wet ink stain 
so I opened it first and found a wonderful paper pouch full of Jen's favorite things.
each of the wrapped packages was a true expression of Jen's style.
I just so happen to love baubles and beads.  If you have ever seen the movie "Labyrinth" (A Jim Henson film) you would know the character Hoggle.  I like his style!  When I saw this set of jewelry I just had to take a picture of my shoes.  I know Jen will appreciate that I do have heels even though they are all black or neutral but heels non the less.  Amazing!
What Jen and I do have most in common is the love of our families and friends and I am honored to have this inspirational woman as my friend.  Sending hugs your way girl!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

better late than never!

My family experienced a tragedy on the 19th which delayed my participation in this swap. Now, thank goodness, we're getting back into the swing of things and I FINALLY have my package in the mail to California.  Here's a little sneak peek into the stack of what I'm sending...
all wrapped up in my favorite brights with baker's twine.  
I hope she likes what's comin'!

My Wonderful Package!

It has been a rough couple of weeks and I was glad to get Jenny's package (Jen S.)  in the mail. I only wish I could have had the pics posted sooner. It cheered me up after a few days of bad starts, one of which I knocked something into my eye while cleaning and had an emergency visit to the eye doc. (I put safety glasses on my favorite things list now)

 Fabric and apron pattern, cards, a recipe journal, a fun book, a cute sweatshirt to sew and more. I think she loves color, cooking, humor and has a sweet and generous heart. We share some of the same interests. Thanks so much! I feel extra special.

Wrapped so cute too. Here I'm only about half done unwrapping.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Last Minute Peak

Just a glimpse of some of my favorite things for my swap partner. There are a few things that didn't fit in the picture, some that are more fall looking since this looks a little more spring. Will be going out today and later I'll put in some pics of the neat package that I got from Jenny.

Monday, September 2, 2013

My Parcel from TEXAS!!

Look what was in the post on Friday from Sharon in Texas!

Of course she sent an apron!! With large pockets...for my gardening tools!  And pecan coffee...yummmeee!  A cute journal, cupcake wrappers in both of our favorite PINK!... a great book..(which did not get photographed as it was already on the night progress)...a little sewing kit...purse size..  really cute cups for dessert....a cute basket that she made....and a little antique doll!!  Of course she included a nice newsy letter, telling me about her life in Texas, and why threse are her favorites! 

Here is a closer look at the doll...she is made of clay...and is holding her knitting!  Isn't she so sweet!!
She is sitting on top on my sewing cabinet now...watching me while I'm busy making...stuff!

I told Sharon that she should be my new many of HER favorites are also MY favorites!!
It was just a super parcel Sharon...again...thank you so much!!  And three cheers for Shawnee...our favorite SWAP MUM!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Amazing Swap Package from Wyoming!

I got the most amazing swap package yesterday from Mary Lea! Soooo many fun things! And everything was wrapped so pretty, with owl ribbon (yeah!). She had them all numbered with these cute little numbers and a little note on the back of each one. She sent me some projects to work on: pretty dishtowels to embroider, and a pattern for a sewing machine cover. A pretty gold owl, some awesome ribbon AND bakery twine (yes!), some yummy Bath and Body Works hand soap and a bar of handmade soap (smells sooo good!). Cookie cutters (so cute!) and a package of salsa fixin's! A fabulously handy individual salad dressing bottle and owl stickers. And did I mention how cute the number tags were? Wow, I'm a lucky girl! Thank you sooo much, Mary Lea!