Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank you Jean!!

Yesterday I received the awesome quilt organizer that Jean offered as a giveaway prize at the beginning of this swap. I'm super excited about it because I just started making quilts... okay let me rephrase, I just finished my first quilt top and I am almost done with the back but kind of avoiding finishing it because I'm so intimidated by the quilting part. I don't want to screw up all my hard work. I made a little larger than twin size (it was suppose to be twin but I didn't use an actual pattern) for my daughters big-girl bed. This quilt was actually suppose to be a practice quilt to make sure I could do it while I waited for the fabric I wanted to become more readily available but I do like how the top turned out so I may go with it.
Thank you Jean for offering such a handy giveaway and thank you Shawnee for hosting such a fun swap!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I received the most adorable Aloha Swap package today from Jeanie. I feel terrible that it's been at the post office for nearly a week but with vacation and a sick little one I was wasn't able to get it until today. Regan (my daughter) and I tore into that package like wild animals and we found all kinds of cuteness. The apron is B-E-A-U-TIFUL. I love the fabric. It couldn't be more perfect for me. Regan is model because I'm not lucky enough to have a dress form and she won't take it off now.
The tuck-ins were just as great. She included some pretty magnets for my fridge, tiny scissors (perfect for my applique work), a real garment measuring tape (my first ever!), some fun flip-flop fabric, and some citronella tiki candles. Regan's absolute favorite part of the package was the Honolulu Aloha caramel corn with macadamia nuts. She says it's ummy de-wish-us and I agree. She also included extra rick-rack that I can add to the apron if I want, and I do want!
Thank you Jeanie for such a wonderful swap!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A big THANK-YOU to Danielle!!

So I just got back from being away from the country most of the summer....and found this wonderful pkg. in my waiting mail!  Aloha to ME!!!  There were cute paper plates and serviettes (napkins for the non-Canadians!!), flip-flop stickers, sparkly green stickers, a message board and magnets, and the cutest paper lantern in my!!  AND...
 Ta-da!!  My lovely new apron!  Pink and green with three big pockets!  Love it!  Here I am admiring it...hmm...not the greatest pic...but I thought it was funny!
Wonderful!!  Thanks Danielle for a great treat...and so sorry you had to wait so long to get your "thank-you"!

Love My Apron

Got my apron from Cynthia awhile ago already, and I apologize for not posting sooner. I'll tell ya, I was on my way out the driveway, but I saw the package in the mail, stopped to retrieve it and ripped it open in the car. Everything was wrapped in purple and had a wonderful smell, which came from a sandal air freshener (with a pina colada smell -I think) There was also some lavender as a tuck in treat.  The apron was perfect, and came complete with Chef's hat, aloha dish towel and a new pair of flip flops.  My camera is giving me fits, but maybe I can corner one of my kids (who have working cameras) to get a picture. Otherwise here is her preview. Thanks so much for a great swap Cynthia!

P.S. She's a terrific seamstress and has some neat stuff at her shop. Lots of lovely aprons there! If I could, I'd order every one.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally A Picture For My Partner

Thank you again Tammy for all the wonderful add ins and the adorable apron.  I have been obsessed with the sporks you sent. I LOVE them.  People at my work thought they were the coolest things they had seen.  Thanks again for all of your work. I appreciate it!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I received an amazing swap package from Sharon a while back & I cannot thank her enough!  I am the lucky recipient of the converted Hawaiian shirt apron that we were all raving about a few posts back.  Even better, Sharon made me a second apron as a tuck-in that I adore!  It is just my style.  I also received some kitchen goodies and a cute little bag that will come in very handy.  Check out the gorgeous attention to detail on the tiny fabric covered buttons.  So lovely, Sharon!  Thank-you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mahalo nui loa!!

Wahoo, my package came and i love it!! Its so green and orange and bright!! I received the coolest apron from Janice. I love the crazy cross-ways slice of fabric with orange accents, it is so bright and alohaee. Awesome. She tucked in some appliqued potholders and a hat!!!! The HAT! It is seriously my favorite! I'm thinking matching hats should be mandatory with aprons, it just makes me want to dance and sing around the kitchen. You know, like when you were a kid, had a blast and didn't accomplish hardly anything? Oh ya. I'm gonna wear this hat out!!! Love. It. Thank you Janice, you're the best!! Oh ya! She also tucked in some other great stuff like a Hurricane drink mix... somebody come on over for a party...there's a storm brewing at my house!!

Aloha Le'ale'a!

Thank you Lori B, for the fabulous apron and tuckin goodies!  I adore them all!  

I want to take my shopping bag with me to gather up all the ingredients I'll need to prepare a delish Hawaiian dish, put on my apron, get to grillin', while sipping a Mai Tai, 
and then serve it to myself all in my fun tuckin goodies.  
Mahalo!  Mahalo!  Mahalo!
How adorable is this?

Happy Day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waaay Off My Game...and a Thank You!

What do I usually do when I sign up for an apron swap...stalk the blog multiple times a day checking out all of the sneak peaks and giveaway posts...start sewing before I get my partner info...find tuck-in ideas everywhere I go...have my package ready to mail before the deadline. NOT THIS TIME! I didn't check the blog nearly as often...I had great fabric and had a hard time getting my creative juices flowing...tuck-in ideas didn't come easily...and my package went out late. BOO. I think the teacher in me has hit the end of summer slump, and inspiration wasn't flowing like usual. Ok! Enough excuse making!

I received a wonderful swap package from Grace several days ago (again...usually I post pictures the day I receive the package). I am way behind on uploading pictures from my camera, so I don't have a picture to share, but Grace posted the picture a few weeks back. Grace...THANK YOU so much for the wonderful package! I have used the magnet, potholder and apron already. Thanks for putting your heart into my package. I really enjoyed it.

I suppose it's time for this funk to end, and to get back into the routine of the school year! Happy swapping everyone!

Thank you, thank you, Thank you Amy!!!

I'm so lucky!!! Here is a pic of the apron my partner made for me! It's so pretty in person! Thank you Amy for making such a nice and pretty apron. I LOVE IT! Amy also sent me 4 small leis for wrists and ankles, 2 leis for my neck, a pink hula skirt, a blue wine goblet with the cutest coaster I have ever seen! Its shaped like a flip flop with real shells as the straps!!! I also got a very nice pink, square 8 x 8 napkin holder or as Amy said I could use it for Hawaiian sweet rolls! Yes, ladies, I was spoiled.

As always, it has been fun but I won't be joining you all the next time. My 2 best girlfriends are BOTH very ill and it's tearing me apart inside. Gayle, I've known since birth, is suffering from brain cancer since Jan. and only has a couple more months to live. Our moms were best friends too and pregnant with us at the same time. We are 2 months apart...both 53. Debbie, whom I have known for 21 years, has had 4 strokes since March 10 and subsequent carotid artery surgery and leg by-pass surgery and is learning to walk again. I am working on filling up a dinner calendar for the balance of the year for her family and just want to devote all my time to my friends. Please remember them in your prayers. Bless you, thank you. Jeanie Pettifer

I love my apron and package!

Barbara in Texas .. HOWDI from a fellow Texan! AND .... I simply adore my package. I got it yesterday, have been down with my back so I haven't been able to post any pics. The PINK apron is too cute for words. I love the way you gathered the bodice. I have tons of aprons but none like this. I loved all the tuckins .. notepad and pen, hawaiian goodies. pineapple handlotion .. just so much and so wonderful!
I wanted to say thank you and I'll get pics on here soon! I promise!
Thanks again Barbara! You are too special!

It's here!!!

Got my apron last night...need camera batteries...will post pics and more thanks later to my swapeee from the great white north!!!  FYI.....daughter keeps threatening to take it and never let me wear it! And it does fit perfectly!

I now have batteries!!!!

Thanks Rita!!!!! next time, send stuff my daughter doesn't like!!! She's making me crazy with oooo mommy I want this!! LOL 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's so Pretty!

Thanks you Kathy E. for the beautiful Aloha apron, I love the colors, you did a wonderful job, I look forward to using this bright beauty. My tucks in were note keeper pattern, journal, bright colored buttons note cards, very cool cocktail napkins and some sunblock!   What a wonderful swap!


Viva Las Vegas

I just wanted to let my partner know that I am leaving town until next Monday to go to Las Vegas for my sister's bachelorette weekend so if my swap package arrives in the mean time I am not being ungrateful by not sending an immediate thank you. I would feel awful if she thought I was ignoring her.

I Love my Apron

Love this cutie Apron! from Ruthie in Illinois Thank You for all the goodies I love the salt and pepper shakers the yummy candle, the book that I am almost finished with FUN,FUN!!  Thank You and Best Wishes to you.