Saturday, November 29, 2008

Apron recieved

This is the apron Rachel from Santa Cruz sent me. It came yesterday along with my other apron from the Sassy Apron Swap. It's always fun to get two packages. What a fun apron, Rachel really went to alot of work adding all the trims. Thanks Rachel for my cute apron.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Got my Gorgeous Apron - I'm not worthy!!

I got my apron from Terri in FL and I am swooning! When I saw posts on the blog, I was hoping I would receive this masterpiece. Here is my beautiful apron, being "modeled" by my nephew in my sewing room:

And here I am wearing the lovely creation, strategically standing in front of the tv on Thanksgiving day so that hubby could (would have to) take my picture. I am overwhelmed by how perfect it is for me -- I love each fabric and the style is spot on! I will wear this often and am so happy my partner is so creative and talented. Thank you! And the pin is lovely too, I wore it on my lapel all day (just got too excited to get a picture). yay! Thanks Terri! Kristin J in CA

I got my apron

It is so fabulous - and sparkly! My daughter's ooohed and ahhhed over it - so you know it's a hit! Thank you Christy! I will absolutely be wearing it to every holiday function I attend between here and New Year's! Beth

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Contest #3 WINNER

Thanks again to Cathy from Cathy's Pincushions. She has given away one of her custom pincushions to the lucky winner.

Don't forget that Cathy also has a special right now, so even if you're not the lucky winner you still can get ** 10% OFF ALL ORDERS FOR MJF GIRLS, APRONISTAS, SASSY APRON SWAPPERS, AND FLIRTY APRON SWAPPERS!!!**.

Random Sequence Generator

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I had put everyone's name on a list who mailed on time and/or marked Cathy's Shoppe as a favorite. Congratulations to Nathalie B from Quebec!! I'll pass your contact info to Cathy!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is It Christmas Morning???

Oh My Word! is it Christmas morning???? because it sure feels like it!

My Flirty Holiday Apron arrived today!

Oh Debye, Thank You so very much! I just love it! I also LOVE the bracelete & matching earrings.

I don't have to cook this Thanksgiving but I will be serving so your apron's arrival is perfect timing.

Thank you again so very much....(insert me: doing Happy Dance)


It Came! It Came!!

My beautiful apron arrived this morning along with a gorgeous bracelet and necklace. Emma was my partner and she did a fabulous job on it. She knew I loved black and white together so she created a wonderful, classy, flirty, sassy and fun apron! I love it and I'm wearing it for Thanksgiving!! Thanks so much, Emma. You really outdid yourself!!
Love it!!

Have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving everyone!


My Package came today

My Package came today. It arrived just as I was leaving. I took just enough time to photo my pkg and open it. It's funny but all that glitter didn't photograph.
I received this beautiful bib apron, that I LOVE, a red JOY tea towel, a bracelet, blue candle holder with tea light candle, a jar of much needed lotion and a white Christmas Stocking. Thank you Erin so very much, everything is lovely.

I even photographed myself when I got home wearing my new apron. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I will be cooking tomorrow and it will all be done in my new apron. Thanks again Erin


A HUGE appology to my partner. I am so so sorry I didnt get this in the mail yet. I just finished it today. I hope it will be worth the wait! Here is a peek at the apron and goodies.

Holiday apron

I had a lot of fun putting together a swank apron for my partner. Picking out some bling for her was just as much fun!!

Finally done

I am finally done with my apron and will send it off in the mail today. Instead of showing the finished product, I thought I'd show the beginning. This was my daughter's Christmas dress last year. I hope my partner likes it.

Thank you!! - No Email?


I received my package late yesterday, then had to run off to church, and spent until the wee hours of the night last night trying to find a way to send a thank you e-mail, to no avail! (Forgive my novice ignorance, as all I had was the blog addy, but couldn't find a way to e-mail there either?)

Anyway, THANK YOU!!!! My hubby wanted to know if there was any way HE could e-mail this lady and tell her thank you? LOL, I told him no, but suffice it to say, he loved the apron as well!

Meg included this red half apron, a handmade to match headband, two turtledove handmade ornaments, and a handwritten recipe for her Christmas Morning Cassarole. Here's a picture of me with the apron on:

It has two detachable fabric roses at the top, and three perfect little pleats at the bottom. Just darling. Here's a picture of the apron up-close with the turtledoves and recipe card, so sorry, didn't get the headband in the picture, as it was on my head and I forgot! Thanks again Meg! If I can figure out a way to send you a thank you e-mail separately, I will!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

photo as promised

My swap partner describes herself as a girly girl. And she is tiny like I used to be once upon a time! I made her apron from a green metallic taffeta that has flocked Christmas trees with gold tree accents. The band and ties are of black baroque satin and are extra long so she can tie in front if she likes. I enclosed a bracelet made with green glass hearts and leaves. Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 24, 2008

In The Mail

This is my finished apron which was sent off to my swap partner earlier today. The top layer is a sheer fabric with little sparkles on it. I had a hard time getting a good picture of it, but I am super happy with how it turned out. I have no doubts that this will add a little something to a black dress ;)

My partner left color choice and style up to me so i went with silver because I thought it was classic. I really hope that my partner like it!!

Thank you so much Shawnee for hosting another great apron swap! I love being a part of your Flirty Apron Swap!

holiday swap peek

here's a peek at my almost finished (notice the pins) holiday hostess apron for my partner. I will mail it on wednesday, I hope my partner likes it. I am loving how it is turning out.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered......It's almost yours!!!

My apron is on it's way to a worthy apron wearing partner. Here is the finished apron:

Ignore the brown tank top on my dress form, Greta! I didn't want to change the brown tank top out for the apron, so hopefully you can see the beauty of the apron!!!! I hope you love it partner!

If it Fails....Try..Try..Again

This was not my original selection of fabric and I changed the pattern. I started off with a pattern from the book "A is For Apron". I was making the Marie Antoinette. I know how to sew and the directions did not work out. The fabric is laying in a heap on my worktable. If anyone has made the apron will you let me know how it worked out for you! So off to the fabric store and here is what I came up with. It was in the mail today. I hope my partner likes it!

The fabric was embossed with gold swirls. I added extra long ties, which made a nice BIG bow. I love aprons with BIG bows. Don't you?
Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Sent out

I sent this red apron off to my partner who said she liked red. Hope she likes this apron! Beth

My apron arrived

I shall post pics for everyone tomorrow, but for now I must thank the sender of my beautiful apron ...

Merci infiniment du beaux tablier et bracelet. Je pourrais avoir un certain ennui récupérer le bracelet de ma fille adolescente, le tablier qu'elle aime aussi, mais elle a dit que je peux le porter. Bonnes Noel à vous et à ceux vous aimez.
~ Sherri
Veuillez excuser mon français pauvre.

Holiday Apron with Pink!

I have finished my apron! Horray! We relocated to Sydney from California a few months ago so I'm a little frazzled - but I created this lovely apron for my partner - who likes pink and has adorable daughters. I'm almost ready - just need to whip together a little something for the girls (they are so beautiful) and it will be off in the mail.

It's coming AirMail but it will be there, I promise!

I cannot wait to get my apron, shake a cocktail and party.

I love all the aprons - this is the BEST swap ever - it was worth all the glitches of finding fabric (a little pricey and limited choice here in Oz) - and I send my best wishes to all of you for creating aprons during the hub bub of the holidays.

Cheers and happy days,
kristin rohan

On it's way!

Finished and mailed...hope my partner enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

The Snow Queen Apron

My DD just nicknamed this apron "The Snow Queen". I hope my partner enjoys it.

I re-purposed a sparkly prom dress, added some fur trim and here's an apron fit for royalty.

Little T even giggled and showed how it can also be a "Snow Capelet"!!

On Its Way...

This is the apron I made for my partner. She didn't ask for anything specific, but said to surprise her. I hope this apron is a pleasent surprise. The apron is made of hematite colored fabaric with black flocking. I trimmed the apron with black bias tape and made the apron strings from black ribbon. I also sent her something sparkley to wear on her wrist and some chocolates. YUM!

On it's way!!!

Ok it's done and on it's way .. It may not be fancy Schmancy but I do think it is classy and Homey.. Thats what my partner wanted.. So I hope this is what she had in mind..
Happy Holidays My Flirty friends..

done at last now bring me some egg nog!

I finally finished my Holiday Hostess apron today, just in the nick of time! Talk about feeling like a beginning seamstress again......these fabrics were not the easiest to work with but in the end it all seemed to come together okay (hopefully)!

My partner liked the colors gold and red so I made a red satin apron topped with a layer of gold organza. Working with new fabrics for me meant some serious improvising as I went along, at one point I almost threw in the towel and ordered one online. Being sick had something to do with that I am sure! Hopefully my partner will love it , along with the matching bracelet and earrings, and will be able to wear it while entertaining this Christmas.

Contest #3 - Mail On Time

Hi Girlfriends,

I hope you're having a delightful time during this swap, and are almost done with your creations. What lovely aprons I've seen so far!! You all really brought your "A" game and I'm very impressed.

Here's another little contest to keep things fun and exciting. You have TWO ways to be entered into Contest #3 for one of these:
  • MAIL ON TIME - Aprons need to be sent by Monday night, November 24. Send me your delivery confirmation tracking number please.
  • Add our Sponsor's Shop as a Favorite Shop on Etsy and leave a comment below that you've done it. I'll verify, and add your name to the list!
Who's our generous sponsor? I asked Cathy from Cathy's Pincushions to tell me a little about her and her shop:

I recently opened Cathy's Pincushion Shoppe on Etsy as a easier way to "showcase" my pincushions, but I do a lot of special orders and will give discounts for multi-purchases.

Each one of my pincushions is lovingly handmade one at a time by me, which gives them their own lil' personalities! They are firmly filled with ground walnut shells (a clean commerical product) and poly-fill to keep your pins and needles snugly in the cushion. The weight of the shells helps to keep the pincushion where you put it! A 3-tier pincushion averages 14 oz. in weight and measures 6" wide x 4" high! I also make 2-tiers pincushions and mini pincushions. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. ( okiequilter at att dot net )

Thanks for looking!
Cathy :)

Cathy also has a special right now, so even if you're not the lucky winner you still can get

Please notice the sidebar of swappers and their status. I don't have time to answer every email (but I'm working on it) but am trying hard to keep my spreadsheet and site updated with your info. If you've told me that your package is sent and/or received and it's not on our blog, drop another quick note. Thanks for playing so sweetly!!


Finished Apron

Well, I was hoping that my partner (Dianah) would have posted pics by now, but I guess she's just too busy. She received this apron on November 10th:

I'm very proud of how it turned out! I was trying for something elegant, flirty, feminine, and sparkly for the holidays. This was my first apron swap to take part in, and I haven't been sewing long. She said she only wanted red, black or white - no pastels, as she hates pastels. She didn't want a necklace or bracelet, but wears her hair up on the night of their christmas party, so I sent hair pins with it (didn't get a pic of those). It's red background, with black sequins and black glass beading, with a black satin top/ties. I would still love to see a picture of her in this apron to see how it fits her, but at least you guys can see how it turned out. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone!

I mailed this morning!

My partner wrote that one of the color combinations she liked was black and white, which is also a favorite of mine! I had so many fabrics I decided to make it reversible. (This is also the only photo I have of the pin I sent along with the apron.)

Since she liked polka dots, I used them for the main part of the reverse side. She also mentioned that she liked a bit of sparkle - here's a close up of the pocket.It isn't the best shot, but the little ruffle under the edge of the pocket is dotted with silver sparkles. The ribbon dividing the pocket into thirds is a sparkley silver. Both sides are done this way.

I really like this apron and think I need one for myself!

She's on her way!

I just got back from the Post Office, and sent this lovely lady on her way! I like her so much that I plan on making one for myself, too!

My partner asked for an apron with frills and sparkles. I am absolutely terrible at ruffles, so the plan was to find some cute frilly trim. Once I had the fabrics picked out, I was afraid that a frilly trim would be too much, though. However, I believe this apron sparkles quite a bit without any trim. The red has a pretty shine to it when the light hits it. For the waist band and ties, I used white costume satin. The bottom wedges were created with two fabrics - a silver costume satin underneath a sheer white fabric with snowflakes (and the snowflakes are very sparkly - not that you can tell from this picture, though)!
The pattern is the "Twirl Girl" from A is for Aprons. I have to admit that I was not particularly fond of this pattern until my partner from the last FAS sent me her beautiful creation using this pattern!

A tale of two aprons...

Reporting from Santa Cruz, Ca...Susan N. and Rachel. H got together last weekend to purchase all of the fabrics and trims for their partners' holiday hostess aprons. On this past Saturday night, they gathered at Susan's house for a full evening of aproning. They called it a night as the clock struck twelve, but gathered again as the clock struck noon on Sunday. They worked all through the afternoon: cutting, hemming, basting, name it, they did it! They finally finished up just after six that night and then gorged themselves on some delicious Thai food. They really worked up an appetite in that sewing room! So here they are, two previews of the newly constructed aprons.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Can you hear the choir of angels singing the Halleluia Chorus??? Nothing like finishing up at 10:45 at night the day before it is due. But I LOVE this apron. I used silk that my husband picked up for me in Singapore four years ago that I was always too nervous to use for anything. I was still nervous this time, but courage beat out spending money on silk at the store! I used the Cottage Half Apron pattern from Marie-Madeline Studio, but I sewed the three layers together to give it some sassy flounce. I added a Christmas Tree pin on the waistband to add some extra sparkle and bling. My partner said she preferred full aprons, but I really hope that this will be okay.