Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apron love!

My apron swap package arrived today! I am in total awe of Jen S.'s talent. Not only did she make me a themed apron but one in my favorite color as well. My pictures do not do them justice. There is such cute and personal detail to each one. I loved all of the tuckins and can't wait to use my handmade tote. Thank you again Jen S. and Shawnee too for hosting another fabulous swap!

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

I caved I had too much on my plate so instead of making my apron I am giving my partner a lovely apron by a wonderful apron artist, hand made of course just not by me.
Well my partner is actually lucky she is getting 2 aprons.
One as a tuck in, I found this vintage 60's chiken scratch apron at a thrift store.
It is in perfect shape and just so darling. I have one thats not is not in as good of shape that I got at the same trift store and I love it.
All I have left to do is wrap and pack and send..
I hope my partner loves her goodies.


Once again, I forgot to take a picture!!! Hopefully my partner will like everything and take a photo! I wrapped everything up and packed it away and never even thought about the camera.
The apron was fun and challenging! I hope my partner likes it.

Package is on its way!

I put together a super fun package. I hope my partner likes it. I got stuck on the future tuck in....

Thanks Shawnee for another great swap!!

your package is on the way

Everything is boxed up and waiting at the post office. Besides the fringy apron, there are vintage buttons from the 50's, ribbon barrettes for the 80's and reusable snack bags for the future. This was another great swap. Thanks Shawnee.

Package Sent

Partner your package has been sent. But here is a little peak at what was in that little package. What is more 80's than the Care Bears with pink tule and ruffles? Now let's all do the "Care Bear Stare"!

My Ruffler Foot

I just wanted to share this fantastic tool I acquired at a thrift store right before the swap. It was in one of those mishmash bags of stuff. Originally, I purchased the bag because it had some patterns for crochet in it. After further inspection, which means digging around through the loose pieces of rope, torn pages, and other stuff I care not to think of, there were these little boxes filled with sewing machine feet. At first I was confused. I swear, without knowing what they are, they look like some sort of steampunk, sci-fi torture devices. I've been sewing a while now and had seen similar parts, but had never purchased any due to the high cost ($20-75 a piece). Plus, I'm not a professional seamstress, so I had no need for all the gadgets. However, I won the sewing machine lottery with this bag since it contained 2 of these ruffler feet, 2 zipper feet, 2 blind hem feet, an even feed foot, a button machine-looking thing (that I have yet to try out) and another I haven't figure out what it's for yet.

I finally tried out my new Ruffler on the apron I sent out. It was really fun to use, yet scary at the same time. I'm so used to the fabric being fed evenly and the way the Ruffler jumps was too funny. You can see a video by allacksairright on The Ruffle Foot that shows how it works. It feeds the fabric in a bit, then suddenly folds a section, shoving it to the needle to be sewn down.

So, if you need to do ruffles for anything, I'd suggest trying this little diddy out. It a great to to have in your sewing kit. I have a lot of fun with it!

Mine is late

Sorry partner. I have been so busy with work and readying my son for college. Our salon has been busy with back to school, homecoming and now the fair is coming. Will be off soon! Sorry! And please forgive me! But your package is going to rock!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tail end

Here I am under the gun! I told myself I wasn't going to wait until the last minute to mail my package. But I am. It will be mailed Wednesday. The first apron pattern I picked was a major PITA!!! I trashed (yes, literally) the unfinished apron AND the pattern. So I started new today.  I will post photos when it's done. Thank goodness I have all the tuck-ins ready!

Thanks Tulsi!

I got my package on Saturday with all the wonderfulness from Tulsi. Thank you so much!!! I love it all. I will post photos when I get home on Wednesday.

Finished & Sent!

Does this Look like something Jane Jetson might wear while Waiting for the Fabulous Kitchen electronics to prepare dinner??
My Partner wanted Futuristic So, this is My twist on Futuristic with a little 50's Ruffle flair:)
I Sure do Hope She Likes it!
Tuck-ins will Remain a Surprise...

Great Swap as Always, Shawnee!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tuck ins

Since my partner has received the package, I can show you what else I sent. For the 50s I found some vintage potholders, the 80s had to be represented by Big Hair Hits, and for modern times I made a MP3/phone/camera sling and a pincushion ring from a recycled pop top. I can't wait for the next swap to begin!

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's here!!

I remembered to get a pic of the packages before opening them. I always forget!

Look at the fun tuck ins. You may have to click on the pic to make it larger. They are so great! Missing is the fridge magnet that says "God bless America". There's a recipe box with cards for the '50's, a scrunchy for the '80's. That made me laugh. And a "going green" bag for now and the future.

I LOVE earrings!! I tend to drift toward red, white and blue all of the time.

I knew this apron was mine from the beginning!! Not really KNEW, but It just had to be. It is so cute and fits so cute. This was the sweetest, most perfect package and I have to say the notes put a tear in these eyes. She read my blog and got that we are a Military family with the National Guard. My husband was deployed once and my son has been in the NG since he was 17. He is 20 now and scheduled for deployment next spring. Thank you so much, Karen!!!! I love it all!

Time to get our kicks.....

I finally put your package in the mail! It should get to you shortly. The tuck-ins will just have to be a surprise......
They say every other generation repeats itself.  I think that could be the same as going back to the future.  My spin on this theme was my mother's mother who was a cooking fool and always had a dress and an apron on.  She died in 1955 when my mom was only 18.  Her name was Katherine, Kate for short and I was named after her, in fact I am the eleventh Katherine.
So I dedicate this swap to her.
Loved working with the 1950's side panel apron pattern.  The irony is, I found egg fabric, chicken wire fabric, appliqued a chicken on and finally, the chicken goes in the soup - LOL.
My partner is a very fun loving lady and my hint is: 
"The rooster rules the roost but the chicken rules the rooster"


A sneek peek

My apron is finished, packaged and ready to be mailed. A very fun swap! The picture is of my fabric choices and a couple of hints to my tuckins! I hope my partner enjoys them as much as I did making them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey Mr Postman....

My 2nd apron swap is officially out the door! I have mixed emotions. Kinda sad that my part is done, but excited about receiving my 1st package in the mail soon :) Can't wait to see everyone's aprons when they all get to their new homes!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

getting my packet ready

I just finished. I was inspired by Marty's western shirt in BTTF3. I decided to give it a slightly 50's twist with the ruffle and a bit of the 80's with the green and pink. Now all there is to do is get some tuck ins. That should be fun. Maybe a trip to the vintage button store down the street is in order.

Peek - a- Poodle Re-do

This is a peek of the re-do of my poodle apron. I made it longer & fuller with big pockets. It's twirly and girly now, hence the blurry photo. I couldn't resist swishing it. I love the pink, black and white combo and hope my partner will too.
Here are the tuck-ins. A necklace with some vintage beads, an 80's CD and a modern invention a purse holder and key clip. I'm still looking for another item to add but it's almost ready. What do you think?
By the way I still have the original one but don't really need it. So I decided to give it away. Stop by my blog if you'd like it.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Help me out here swappers. I'm stuck on the tuckins. The 50's and 80's ones. Do they have to be vintage or can they be reproduction?

Suggestions are appreciated. 

And it's OFF

I had to send my package off today. I've had it ready for a long time. I was just waiting until later. But now that I have my granddaughter while her parents are full time college students and her dad works, I thought I'd do it today after she left. I forgot to get pics of what I sent. I already posted the apron but thought I'd repost. I sent a Pirates of the Caribbean puzzle for the 21st Century, a CD of Back to the Future music for the 80's and a tea cup and saucer made somewhere between 1950-54 and a necklace with an Alice in Wonderland theme as the Disney movie came out in 1951. Plus the apron, of course. I hope it gets to my partner without trouble!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little peek

Here's a sneak peek before my stuff goes in the mail in the morning (first time swapper). I had such a good time making my apron but it was a serious challenge with a 15 month old underfoot most of the time. She decided that the foot pedal on my machine was great fun and nearly got my fingers once or twice. What a hard theme! I had such a difficult time figuring out tuck-ins. Hopefully my partner enjoys my items. I cannot wait to see what others have made.

I can't decide if my apron is more 50's or 80's. It definitely has some traits of both. Black and white polka-dots with bright lime green trim. I think I'll be making one of these for myself soon. I loved the color combo!

What is more 50's than pearls?? I love pearls, they can dress up anything. I dazzled up these little gems with modern twist of lovely ribbon.

Eco-friendly is the future, or so we keep hearing. A fun and neutral reusable shopping bag. I loved making this project because I got to break out the rotary cutter and no pattern!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Tuck-in completed :)

This is the first one of these I've made and it was fun to sew and now I need one for my craft room too! This is a fun pattern (Simplicity 2450) that turns any mug into a tool caddy.There's even pockets on the inside! It's kind of like an "apron" for your mug :)

Checkin' In!

How is everyone doing on your Back to the Future aprons? I love the few peeks we've seen ... be sure to post your fabric/pattern choices so we can all ooohh and aahhh over them! New swappers who are sending me to need to get them into the mail this weekend.

This is a funny scene from the movie .... in my memory, the mom was wearing an apron but when I watched it again, I realized it's actually a retro nursing-blouse! However, it reminds me of a smock apron (which can be flirty with fun fabric choices and trims - I've used the Lilly Apron pattern or just use Lucy's free tutorial).
FAS9 Sent4Lilly Apron - Birthday

The collar on Lorraine's dress is the same collar on this apron pattern I own (upper right) - Butterick B5474, bought at Joann's for $1.99.
The 50's always make me think of poodle skirts .. wouldn't you love one of these poodle skirt aprons from Cupcake Provocateur??
The 80's are very punk to me, or neon or ... Rainbow Brite!
Then for the future, I still love this fabric .. here in grey tones:

Whatever you choose, I know we'll love it!

My next swap will be a Fall/Halloween themed after this baby wraps up. If you missed this one and can't wait to get started on a new swap, my friend Sue at Country Pleasures is hosting her FIRST apron swap. Pop over and tell her Shawnee sent ya!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you didn't grow up in the 80's

If you didn't go to high school in the 80's there is a show called The Last Dragon that is a karate kind of funny movie. My husband is watching it and man, are they wearing real 80's clothing. I graduated in '84 so went to school with the feathered hair. My hair is naturally curly so I had few bad hair days. This show is more this. I have family members and friends who graduated later in the '80's and had the "wave" bangs with permed hair that I happily missed. But anyway, there is that movie if you don't know the 80's style. It's a corny movie.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sparkly Peek :)

Every girl likes a little sparkle and sterling...right? I hope my partner does :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Fabrics

Howdy! I have been enjoying all the posts regarding fabrics, patterns, tuck ins, etc. Here are my fabrics for the apron. I decided to go with the 50s. Now the apron is done, but am working on the tuck ins. The 50s and futuristic ones are easy. Kind of stuck on the 80s. But I will prevail!! Happy sewing!!!

Completed BTTF Apron

Tried for 50's but it may be more movie themed. With 50's stuff in the fabric.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I just finished my apron today. I have the tuck in's. Now I can just sit back and relax until mail off day.

Movie Theme Help

I had a pattern in mind when signing up, but now I'm really unsure. The pattern that I wanted to use was the Emmeline Pattern.

My husband suggested doing embroidery of the entire car...well...that's a great idea but I don't know if I could do that.

If maybe I picked a solid color, and did some fun embroidery across the bottom of the different eras from the movie? Maybe?

Does anyone have any suggestions at all? I'm really open at this point!

What exactly does "Movie Theme" mean anyways?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Modern and Vintage?

After finding my green vintage apron, I decided to compliment it with some pink/brown fabric. The apron I've designed is a more modern 50's apron. Full bib, but somewhat adjustable to flatter a figure. I've sewn it up already, and what's even more, I didn't do any part of it from a pattern. I have found when I sew, if I work it the way that feels right, it comes out much better. I'm not regulated to whatever someone else has written. I guess it's just one of those things. : )

So, a glimpse at the fabric before it was sewn. . .

Kind of a Sneak Peek

A couple weeks back before we got our partner information I was thinking about the swap theme trying to come up with some ideas. I saw a piece of pink material which made me think of poodle skirts so I whipped up this poodle skirt apron before I had my partner's information. This won't quite work for my partner but I think I'll make something similar, maybe a little longer and in the right size. What do you think?

80's Hip Hop Fashion

I love the 80's! Thank goodness I was paired with a partner who also shares my 80's love.... The picture above is my inspiration. Notice the bright colors, the pink tulle and leg warmers! Now if this were me I would have been wearing my turquoise blue converse high tops instead of the silver pumps. (Yikes, I know bad visual!) All I have to say is layers, ruffles and more layers a la Madonna (the original Material Girl)!

My partner was born in the 80's but I grew up in the 80's. As my husband says he "lived the 80's" and doesn't wish to repeat it (party pooper). Oh the memories.... As for the tuck ins, I'm thinking a custom 80's music CD, vintage fat quarters, and a jewelry roll to hold all those spangle bracelets!

Can't decide

I'm more excited about this Apron Swap since it has a 50's flare to it. I think I found the perfect fabric for my apron, oops, I mean my partners apron. It's the Metro Cafe line by Monaluna for Robert Kauffman and I'm in LOVE.

*sorry picture is fuzzy*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sneeky from me

I ordered this fabric and it was delivered last week before I left for vacation. I had 50's theme. This is kind of '50's or could be movie since there is that space guy in there.

My fabric choices

I am making a 50s style apron inspired by the prom dress in the movie. You know the peach one she wears in the 50s prom. I am actually using the same pattern as Karen so it will be fun when I put up my pics to see how similar/different the two aprons end up being. I have one little alteration I might try to do. We'll see!!!! Now for tuck-ins! Yikes!!!

My fabric choice

I decided to go with the "Movies" theme.

This is the fabric I am using to make my swap apron:
I sure could use some suggestions for tuck-ins :-)

Have a great weekend!

Fabric Find

Here is a peek at the fabric I chose for my take on a 1950s apron. I hope you like it!