Sunday, April 15, 2012

Question ....

So, I've recovered finally and am kicking around a new swap.  What would you be interested in swapping??

I'm loving this crocheted edging tutorial over at You Go Girl and would love to incorporate this somehow

How do you feel about an embellished tea towel swap?

or swapping a Summer Tote (tutorial HERE).  It's not really a household item but fun and functional.

Or, what about a delightful Ruffled Apron swap using this web-classic tutorial - especially if the bottom layer has a crocheted edging!!

Comment below on your vote.  And leave suggestions on any parameters I can put into play that might help me with my last problem of swappers who don't follow through or are VERY late .... Maybe this first one needs to be a Sew Along with deadlines rather than a Swap?