Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WINNERS POSTED! Swap Wrap Up AND Giveaways!!


Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work delivering packages to the post office.  I know that there are two or three that are still en-route.  Your aprons are BEAUTIFUL!  I love the creativity shown in this silly little theme.

AUDREY was the winner of the bar organizer.  I'll be sending that her way.

I have THREE more prizes to wrap up our little swap.

FIRST, a hand-painted martini glass from MaryBeth.  You have an automatic entry if you mailed on time.  For EXTRA entries, please start following or subscribing to MaryBeth's Blog and leave a comment saying you did.  Heart her Etsy Shop, too!  Here's a bit about MaryBeth:

I looove crafts!!! I am absolutely addicted! I make anything from notebooks, soaps, aprons, banners, painted glasses...I could go on all day! Please check out my new blog - and please feel free to follow me!

SECOND PRIZE, is a pair of Retro Pin-up Hair Clips from Tart Deco similar to this one.  EXTRA entries if you heart her Etsy store and tell me on this post.  Here's a bit about TartDeco/Stephanie:
Stephanie Lewin-Lane is a rockabilly singer, 1920s hot jazz singer, seamstress, multi-era reenactor, and soon-to-be music librarian who loves to create beautiful things. Her etsy store Tart Deco ( carries Steph's hand designed hair accessories made with recycled vintage pieces in retro styles. She also sells vintage and reproduction items from the 1920-50s. Steph's desire is to help people rediscover vintage glamour and retro living in fun, new ways!

ONE  FINAL PRIZE is a surprise bag from Betty.  She owns a shop in Oregon (yeah, OR!) and puts together the sweetest goodies.  Leave a comment on her blog for extra entries - but you have to let me know you did it by commenting here.


ALL COMMENTS FOR EXTRA ENTRIES CLOSE on Sunday night, February 28.  Good luck!

My NEXT Flirty Apron Swap will be announced soon and I have another WONDERFUL prize for people who blog/tweet/facebook about it.  Keep watching here!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pink Ladies and Stilettos!

This fun package from Becca arrived on Saturday ~ A beautiful Apron made of outstanding black and white prints ~ reversible ~ and check out the Pink Dress Form Glitter Fabric on the ties, waistband and side panels! The "Stiletto" martini glass is from the "Lolita" collection and it came inside a beautiful box that shows others in the collection! There's even a recipe on the bottom of the glass so it's double the fun! Other goodies included some pretty blue cocktail napkins, a non-martini Cosmo recipe and a very pretty black/white towel to go with the apron. I think I'll shake up a Cosmo, slip into my sweet apron and some stilettos and strut over to my husband's home office 8-)

This has been a fun swap! Now on to the next!

Please Check Out My Give Away!

Smiles Becca

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My apron arrived!

I finally got my awesome reversible apron and goodies. Sorry there is no picture but we ran out of batteries. Here is the original post that shows which apron it is. I was secretly hoping for this one so I am very pleased! Thanks Christine and I'm sending a personal email as soon as I get it from Shawnee.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An apron!!

You know when you have done to many swaps when you post about them on different blogs!! I saw this apron on the blog earlier when Cyndi was talking about it and posted. I instantly knew it was mine! It's red, one of the best colors in the world, and useful. I was so happy. It also came with white gloves, earrings, recipes that I can use and will be so fun to try, and such a cute flower on the Martini glass and on the apron. It is just so cute. Thanks again, Cyndi.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I hit the Jackpot

I received the most fabulous swap package from Amy K. This apron is HOT!
See how the martini glass and the napkins match the apron?

Check out the martini glass charm that is attached to the apron. How cool is that?

A lot of thought went into this package Amy. I love everything. Many thanks.
(P.S. I hope you got my email)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Martini madness has arrived!


It's sooooooo cute! How did you know that purple was my fav colour!

The parcel was filled with matching goodies...Handmade coasters, material stash (yum yum) and cocktail goodies! Lovin' the magnet, napkins and coaster.. right up my alley ;)
Finally, the glass... I am mesmerised by the colours!! Of cause, matching green and purple :D

Thank you so very much .. you should be very proud of your work, you have made me very happy

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I dont know if you can see the awesome embroidery work on this but it is a WONDERFUL martini glass with garnish! It is the perfect martini apron! Anyone that reads my blog knows i love martini parties and am actually getting ready to plan another one! Do you notice that the apron is reversable! Hot polka dots on the back side! I dont know which side I like best. The package also included a beaded glass snake that says bottoms up.How cute is that! The adorable glass you see pictured, a TON of martini card recipies(wh and I have been going over them every night Ü),a star ice cube tray,the cutest coaster ( it says if you can read this you need another drink Ü),Paper umbrellas (who doesnt love paper umbrellas!) and I am DIGGIN the card!
Thank you SO MUCH Jo! You nailed it better then I could of dreamed!!!( My oldest was running out the door so picture is blurry)

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Here!

Absolutely adorable!  And even better in person!  Thank you so much Amy B, I'm glad you decided not to keep it.  I think it's one of my top favorites in my collection now.  The polka-dots are darling, and you did a fantastic job putting it all together.  Thanks so much!  The chocolate is really yummy too.

Look What Came In the Mail Today!!

I opened my front door today and guess what I saw there. Yes, it was a package!
I ran inside with it as hubby and kids eagerly waited to see what was inside. I opened all of the beautifully wrapped gifts and look at what Gin so generously sent.
Would you look at how perfectly this glass goes with my beautiful new apron? I love it!!

She also sent me a boquet of red heart lollipops (which were delicious by the way!) I will admit we already ate them!

And...look at this wonderful frame she sent. You know what's so perfect about it? The frame has four openings which will allow me to put in a picture of each of our kids plus the baby when she arrives! How great is that!

Here is a photo of everything together

Thank you Gin, so much. You made me a gorgeous apron in my favorite blue. I love the colors and the fabulous, flirty tulle and sequins along the bottom are sooo me. Great, roomy pockets too! You spoiled me and I love it!!
Thank you, my friend. You blessed me today!
Happy Valentine's Day.
God Bless,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank you Carrie for my cute cute apron! I love the fabric. And the ruffle has embroidered flowers and embroidered martini glasses.

And she even hand painted the glasses to match the apron!! You are so creative.

My Martini Apron!

I received my cute apron and awesome Martini glass
covered with painted cherries!
Can't wait to fill it up with a yummy martini!
Thanks Julie, I am very happy with your gift!

My partner's apron will be mailed on Monday!


Big shout out to Jena for the beautiful apron and goodies. Some items are missing from the photo(yes, the chocolate is gone) but I love totally spoiled me. Thanks so much. Teresa

Thank You!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to SassyKay for my wonderful, beautiful apron I received. I was sooooo excited that I accidently threw away her email address and am waiting for Shawnee to email it to me. I had a wonderful time in this swap!!! thanks again!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yay! Love it!

I had a PLT (not to be confused with MJ's PYT- this is a pretty LITTLE thing!) waiting on me when I got home from work today!

Way cute huh?! I LOVE it! Thanks Madelyn! I don't want to be a repeater.... I blogged about it here

Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Apron ARRIVED!!!

Ladies, try to control your envy but I have to show off what my secret swap partner, Grace B aka: Katmom sent to me! I ADORE this apron. It arrived late yesterday afternoon and I spent all evening going through the box of goodies. Grace, you've thoroughly spoiled me and I love every single fun item you included. And the apron! OH MY! It really is adorable and I'm wearing it this moment as I type. Grace truly is a talented seamstress and the details are sheer perfection.

Below is a photo of the accompanying goodies included.

THANK YOU GRACE! And thank you Shawnee for hosting. Grace, I'm trying to locate an email address for you. My thank you note will arrive snail mail but I just had to let you know it arrived safely and is very well received.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Polka what?

This little number went in the mail today. Pic was taken early this morning, so my model was a little on the grumpy side.

I hope she likes it! (Because I really wanted to keep this one.)

Apron in the Mail

This reversible apron and the matching martini glasses are on the way to its new owner. I hope she likes it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Party Shoes? Party Apron!!

My partner made this really easy because she likes so many different things. She likes parties, giving and going. To help out, I made her a satin '50s hostess apron, complete with pocket fluff and tulle edging. Nothing says party like tulle, right? Her package includes a hostess glass trimmed in green, a pack of invitations and guest glasses, and the all important condiment tray. She can put traditional drink garnishes in it, or anything else she might desire. Since she's a bargain hunter she'll love the fact that the tray is vintage Good Will, and underwent a complete personality change when I gave it a coat of Old English scratch cover.

I hope to get to the post office tomorrow; but since we had 36 inches of snow as part of the weekend storm that hit Washington, DC; and the prediction for tomorrow's storm has been revised to drop another 10-20 inches, my partner may have to delay her valentine martini party-or maybe she'll have two.

Martini Madness and 1954 Reto

This is the 1954 Retro cocktail apron that I made for my secret partner. I hope she'll enjoy it as much as I did making it for her. Each of the points is actually a small pocket.

And of course the package wouldn't have been complete without a special handmade apron card
as well as martini glasses that are filled with yummy chocolate/cordial cherry Hershey Kisses as well as Chocolate/carmel Hershey Kisses. I know they are yummy because...ummm....I admit I sampled one (ok...two. ALRIGHT! THREE!) when I opened the bags. :)
And this is a closeup of the apron card. I'm a card maker as well as seamstress and my apron stamps are some of my favorites for cardmaking.

Thank you Shawnee for organizing another fabulous swap. I'm eager to receive my Martini Madness Apron from my secret partner. This is such fun!


Saturday, February 6, 2010


I just need to pop it all in a box and take a drive to the post office...............and it'll be on its way to my partner:->
I loved making this apron...............I was so excited when I found this just said "cocktails" to me.
The martini glass gave me the chance to try some thing I'd wanted to for a LONG time - glass etching. It was sooo much fun - if you've never tried it, I can highly reccomend giving it a try.

I really hope my partner like the apron and goodies - I sure enjoyed making it for her:-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Here's My Chocolate-tini Apron!!

It's all finished and ready to go!! It will go out in the mail this afternoon. I hope my partner likes it.
I added a few little goodies to go with the apron, but I'll keep those a secret so she'll be surprised when she gets her package.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost done!

I finished my apron! Yay! I had worked on this apron this fall to sell at my craft bazaar. I followed the pattern EXACTLY and when it was 'finished' I tried it on and the neck strap which was one big piece of bias tape which was also the waist straps was WAY TOO LONG on the neck. It was made for someone who would be 7 feet tall at least! I was so mad and frustrated, I put it away and just couldn't work on it. Then when this swap came up and I got my partner info, I decided it would work out perfectly. So I cut the ridiculously long neck strap and fixed it by adding buttons and the fabric flower.
I'm going to make a matching fabric flower for the martini glass as well. This weekend, I get to sew all weekend with my quilt group at our local school and I will make up my martini flower then!

Mine's All Done Too!

This swap was just too much fun. Hope my partner likes her reversable apron and all the goodies. It is off in the mail tomorrow morning!! Teresa

Look What I got!

Look what I got from my swap partner Purple and Green, truly are my 2 favorite colors! I have my sweet apron hanging in my kitchen right now....Thank You so very much Tulsie.

Oh and my hubby dearest, who was hoovering over my shoulders to see what was in the box...spotted the being the wonderful & loving wife that I am, after all Valentines Day is just around the corner,,,, I shared them with him.

I luv the sweet martini glasses too! I can hardly wait to put them to good use.

Thank you again so very much from hubby & me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's in the Mail!

The package was posted on Tuesday ~ flying to my partner! What fun this has been!

Monday, February 1, 2010

First Swap Apron- Done!

I had to battle through a ripped finger nail, nasty cold and car troubles, but I prevailed and my apron is done! I also was able to make a matching 50s hair flower to go with the black cherry cosmopolitan cocktail apron (I don't know if such a martini exists, but it definitely captures the colors of this apron). My favorite bit is the oval pocket trimmed in pink velvet ribbon and ruffles.

I hope my partner likes it. I'm planning on making one for myself with the leftover material :)

I feel so sad

I never thought to decorate my glasses. I didn't know they made glass paint pen things. Sorry partner. But I mailed it off today. That's a good thing.

Well I found A Martini Glass!

Took me awhile to find one that gave me some inspiration! I am not on the ball like most of you other ladies but I think now I can get hopping!

Aprons Away, "Snow" Glad...

I sent mine out Friday, cause we woke to this Saturday morning...
I wasn't going any where & being a newbie had to have mine out before Sunday.

Here is what I whipped up & sent off:
Hope my secret partner enjoys her cocktail-to-kitchen-reversible apron, vintage with a modern twist. As a first time swapper, I really enjoyed myself. Designing for someone else pushed me to try a new style, and it's always fun to expand on your skills.

Lace, Bow, & Ruffles

Also sent along a few goodies with the martini glass, I attempted to hand-paint. Hope it all arrives in one piece, I used A LOT of bubble wrap:)