Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Here!

My package came today and I was so excited to get it!  Thank you so much Christi.  I love the apron and the tuck-ins.  I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, but will be certain to post pictures later.  Christi made me a beautiful apron and sent along a huge candy cane that I'm sure my kids will love to share, some gum, some earrings that I immediately put on, some hot chocolate and an angel.  If I missed anything I apologize and will be certain to include it when I post pictures!

Thanks again Christi!  I really enjoyed being a part of this swap and look forward to moer in the future!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I almost forgot to post my details! Unfortunately I'm with family so I don't have pictures.
My gifts came from Shawnee! Yep, that's right, THE SHAWNEE, I'm that lucky.
My word was Santa and believe me, I got spoiled!
The apron was adorable. Such a cute style and the fabric! Oh boy!
Thanks again Shawnee!

I also learned a few things for my next swap. I don't have to buy all my tuck ins. I didn't even consider making stuff (even though a bunch of you posted that you were making them). I have so many great ideas for next time.

Thank you all for your cute ideas and supportive comments.
Merry Christmas to you all.

My package arrived!

I am the lucky recipient of a package from our wonderful swap hostess, Shawnee! She put together a wonderful apron gift for me that I am already enjoying! The fuzzy Christmas socks are just fabulous, and what better gift than books for a librarian! :) Here's a slide show to show you my wonderful goodies. (Sorry about the sloppy picture of me in the apron, but I had just gotten back from a run when I got the package.) Thank you so much, Shawnee! Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank You Nadine!!

My sweet partner was Nadine and she made me the most amazing package!! I had to call her and express my gratitude. SNOWFLAKE was my word:

I adore how she labeled everything and put in so much thought and creativity (so much better than I). Sbe used my favorite colors, red and white.

I need to get a good shot of the apron ... it matches the gift bag perfectly with its creamy white zig-zag. Nadine has a great tutorial link on her blog on how to get those perfect zig-zags.

THANKS for a wonderful swap, dear Nadine!


Mail just barely came by bringing me my own snowflake apron!!
More details in the morning, I need to get the little one to bed.

Finally My apron has arrived.

Posting for Donnely
After a series of adventures I was finally able to retrieve my swap box from Mindi.
My sister recently moved out (long story) she did her change of address, and very effectively stopped all my mail in the process, did not notice right away, just thought I was not getting much mail. But did know I was waiting on a couple of packages. Long story short it will be more than a month to get it straightened and some mail I will never get. Sister was able to get this package for me today. So thank you for being patience with me. Mindi, I would have acknowledged sooner but could not get the package.

Thank you Mindi for the adorable apron, it is perfect I love full aprons. Your work is
Thank you also for the
Resin Santa, he is very large!
the little green notebook
the Christmas/Santa hand towels
the sweet little start ornament bell
the most delightful cat ornament (I will keep him out all year)
and the pine cones!

Thank you once again, May your holidays be filled with love. laughter
family and friends.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Apron Giveaway on The Apronista

Candace from One Tree Lane USA sent me these beautiful aprons - check out those lovely tassels. My daughter and I LOVE them and feel so very sassy while baking (a much better picture HERE).

I’m excited to share with you that Candace is giving away one apron of your choice to a lucky Apronista in a Christmas-time giveaway!! Pop over to my post on The Apronista for details and to enter!!!


A late photo of my apron From Glenda in Arizona!

I'm sorry the picture is blurry but is the only one that survived my camera crash! Glenda, again Thank You so much for the adorable Snowman SnowGlobe apron! When I saw the swatch of fabric you posted long ago I was hoping that was going to be mine!!! Glenda also so kindly used the word: SNOWMAN S for Stocking picture frame...very cute!, N for NOEL candle, O is for Ornament..adorable, W is for Washcloth Towels..already put to good use, M is for Marshmallows covered in chocolate.....umm they're gone!, A is for Apple Butter...my oh my is it ever good!!!, and N is for Note cards that are cute as can be! Glenda, I will always think of you when I use each item and especially at Christmas when I remember all the love and work you put into my gift. Thank you. Jeanie P. in California.....the one who posted the goofy pics with Jen Sue Wild laughing with me in Alaska!!! This has been the best swap ever! Blessings to all of you and your families for a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.


I am getting so excited for my package.  It looks likes it was rerouted but should be here tomorrow!  I have been checking every day for a package and anytime UPS or the mail truck comes up my street.  Since this is my 1st swap, I have loved seeing all the different creations that people have come up with.  I have recently learned to love sewing again and because of this swap and inspiration from a friend, I have even made my 3 kids aprons for Christmas.  It is so nice to be part of such a talented group and i am looking forward to more swaps.

I will certainly post about my package and post pictures.  Thanks again for letting me participate in this swap!


Holly-day Apron

Oh my goodness!  Isn't this the most beautiful apron ever?? 
I was home sick this week with the flu, crashed out on the couch, when I heard our mail lady at the door.  Though in a Thera-Flu induced fog, I was still very very excited to tear into my package from none other than the fabulous Jenn-Sue Wild!!
Thank you, Jenn.  I adore this apron.  The fabric you chose is fantastic and I really love the light pink rick-rack it's trimmed with.  Today this apron and I are making Christmas cookies and bread to go into my final Christmas packages that need to go out.  Yeah!!
Even though I haven't figured out what the theme word was, Jenn's tuck-in's were a delight as well.
A birch bark candle
A gorgeous glass Santa ornament
A bagged Emergency Spring tin with soil and seeds (how fun is that ??)
A great Christmas tree photo frame
A felt star ornament
Christmas Jars book (Home sick with the flu gave me time to already read this.  It was wonderful!)

Thank you, Jenn-Sue Wild, I love it all!

Wishing all you swappers a very Merry Christmas, from our Christmas house to yours!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Posting for Mary F.

A Big Thank you to Teresa!
I received a Gorgeous package with Wonderful tuck-ins!!

Teresa chose the word "SNOW"

Snowflake Ornament, Notepad cube, Other goodies, Wall hanging!

She also Included LOTS of other Wonderful Tuck-ins..

Table Runner! Glittery Clothespins! Lavender Sachet!

Flirty Snowflake Apron
with Lots of Ruffles!

Thank you!
I am Enjoying all of my Goodies & Apron!

Thank You, Kerry!
I received my package last week but was sick when it arrived:(
I emailed Kerry & Shawnee to let them know I LOVED my package
& would Post ASAP:)
When my Children saw this Lovely package on the door step..
they immediately began Fussing over Who would open it!
My teenage daughter(& myself) Loved the pretty paper..
She won the fussin & got to help me open(lil brother went outside to skateboard)
Kerry chose the word "SNOW" & spoiled me with Lovely tuck-ins!!
N=Needlecushion & Napkins
W=White Chocolate Handsoap & Washcloths(hand-knitted)
My Darling Snowflake Apron!
The Snowflakes are Felt appliques
& I just Love the Pretty Red Bow & Snowman embellishment!

Kerry's package was such a Holiday Delight!
I wore the Apron for my Daughter's Girlfriend Gift Exchange Party & her Fastpitch Travel team Party!
I received many Compliments & Envious glances;)

Thanks again, Kerry!
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank you, Linda Ruthie

Oh my Goodness! Linda, you spoiled me! Even Santa could not have done better!
Linda's word for me is SANTA....
A=Assorted Chocolates
N=Nostalgic graphics Banner
T=Tea Towels
I received the lovely apron made from vintage fabric, embellished with a snowflake decorated yoyo ...
I am soooo delighted! Plus I received 2 sweet glittery reindeer's and 3 felt snow flakes..how cool!
I now have the banner hanging above the fireplace and hubby & I have been 'sampling' the chocolate all evening! lol! But they say chocolate is good for the heart!
I just want to say 'Thank you' to Linda for the lovely package. I posted more pictures of the goodies on my katmom blog.
HoHoHo & Bingle Jells!
Merry Christmas to you all.....


I got a sweet sweet package from Heather! Thank you so much! She sent me the cutest apron with a fluffy ruffle and lacy pockets adorable! Soft gloves, Nutcracker, Ornament and Warm drink container. I'm so happy!

WINNER of the D-Lux 57 Apron

We have been so blessed with sponsors this swap -- our latest, Cynthia from D-Lux 57 is giving THIS Snowmen Baking Apron to one of you who mailed on time!
Don't forget her Added Extra Special Bonus Offer
Cynthia has generously offered a 25% discount AND Free Shipping at D-Lux 57 for all orders placed by December 20, 2010! Just use the coupon code FAS251220 at checkout!!

So, who is the lucky gal ...... ????

One of our brand new swappers, Amy F from Do You Know the Muffin Pan!
Congratulate her, gals!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Show and Tell

And now, be prepared for cuteness as I share a proper post on the wonderful apron package I received last week from Kat. Here's a part of my thank you to Kat...

"Dear Kat,

When my husband came through the door at 5:00 tonight, he was carrying a box that he found on the steps. Was it?.... Could it be?... my apron swap??? A peek at the return address...that name is familiar. It must be my apron package. I had to set it aside for a few minutes before opening, so I could greet my hubby.

OK, that's long enough, where are the scissors? Cut the tape, fling out the tissue and oooh and ahhh over the adorable box full of goodies just for me. Open the card first. Kat! it's you, my fruitcake buddy. What had Kat posted on the blog?... I couldn't remember, so it was all a surprise when I opened it. My son was drooling over the box of gifts, so I let him unwrap two of the tuck-ins. That made him happy. My hubby was sitting at the table rolling his eyes at my excitement as I gushed over every bit of what you sent, from the candy cane ribbon and dotty paper to the incredible apron that I saved to open last."

Here's a photo I snapped of the aftermath of the package opening.
Kat used the word NOEL.
N- Nesting Santas, very cute!
O- Original Balsam Fir Candle, made by Kat
E- Edible ornament, sugar house matches my apron.
L- Lovingly made button tree, made by Kat.
Plus snowflake ornaments tied to each package. All of it just adorable!

I wore my apron today while making jelly that will go in gift baskets for family and friends. And even though I hate pictures of myself, I asked my son to take a fun photo of me modeling my apron. Kat really did an incredible job from the design and fabrics to the finished seams. So many wonderful details!

Kat sure did spoil me with this wonderful swap package.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Check out the super glamorous Apron I received from Jen. F!!  I love the way she has incorporated the snowflake into the design - really clever!  She also included some exceptionally thoughtful gifts for me using her word of choice - TINSEL.  She discovered that I am on a creative journey and sent me all sorts of goodies to get me inspired and motivated - like a bunch of beads and trinkets to make earrings and a really cute snowman making kit!  Jen also sent me some very delicious sounding recipe cards with seasonal treats well loved by her & her family .....yum....I can't wait to try them out!  Also in my parcel was the most snuggly scarf I have ever seen, some cookie cutters and a book to keep photos in as a record of my creative adventures!

THANK YOU so very much Jen.....such an amazingly thoughtful package - I feel totally spoilt!  Love & Hugs, Camilla x

My Beautiful Apron

I received this lovely apron package earlier this week from Paula. Paula's word was snow:

S - snowflake cup cozy
N - notecards
O - owl ornament
W - warm scarf

Paula knitted the beautiful scarf and she also included another owl in the package. The candy was delicious and is already gone :-) Thank you Paula for a marvelous package!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My apron package arrived (well, actually 2 days ago:)

Jennifer W sent a beautiful package! It included a reversable apron, and tuck ins that spelled "snow". S--snowman ornament (crochet by Jennifer), N--neck warmer (I've always wanted one of these!), O--oatmeal cookie recipe, W--washcloth (crochet by Jennifer). I love it all! Thanks Jen W!

My apron's here!!!

This is my daughter modeling the fabulous apron that Jena G. sent me!! I got all kinds of goodies including the Santa mug! Jena, it's beautiful!!!! Thank you so much. Girl, I want the sewing machine you have. You can't really see in the picture, but there's gorgeous snowflake applique on the pocket AND on the hems!!!!

I love the fabric too...

Thanks so much for my wonderful package!!! Oh and the rug mug and beautiful snowflake stitches too!! Mindy I in Central Florida


My Swap Sister Jillayne put together such a lovely tin filled package using the word snowflakes.  She sent stickers, note cards, ornament candle, wreath ornament (with cute little bells), fuzzy fingered gloves (with hand stitching), lotion (Secret Wonderland - yummy), angle (hand crochet and stiffened), kitchen towel, elf cookie cutter, and a snowflake ornament ( filled with snow- so cute) all wrapped up in snowflake paper.
Everyone knows I am a tree hugging, dirt worshiper - lol.  Actually I am a Master Gardener through the University of Central Florida and this season's campaign was 'Grow It, Eat It". I am also a floral designer at Country Club Flower Shop.   I love the pattern Jillayne used with two layers of fabric; great absorption power for my perpetually wet and dirty hands.  At the flower shop when Shelly and I wash our hands for lunch we make a game out of who has the dirtiest soapy hands and this month working with tree sap is a bonus.
So the story goes:  I went home for 10 minutes during my lunch hour to let the dogs go potty (I live two blocks from the shop).  There was my package waiting by the door.  Shelly would be so excited!  We have been waiting for it and wondering who my apron partner was.  You see, every afternoon after we have washed our perpetually wet and dirty hands, we sit in the office for lunch.  We go directly to Shawnee's FAS blog and read blogs, comments, post comments and try to guess who is making my apron.  We feel like we know everyone.

This year I though I would be sneaky and ask for something really odd so I told my secret unknown partner that I love Jackalopes and Celtic stars.  I am sure she was scratchin her head over that one.  I also told her I was a very woodsy person and loved earth tones.  Jillayne did not disappoint!  Her color choices were right on the money and I know that if she had been feeling better she would have been more involved in this years swap. Feel better Jillayne! We've missed you.

Kat F.

Thank you

Thanks so much to Jennifer Taylor. I received my lovely apron yesterday. You can see a picture of it on her blog until I get time to post pics of everything I received. She chose the word S-N-O-W for her tuck ins. I hope to get pics posted soon.
Thanks again. It was a fun swap.

Pictures, Pictures.....Finally

I received my awesome package from Jennifer Orme the other day and am just now getting pictures posted. She is so awesome and sent me the most wonderful package which was SPREAD JOY! Here are the beautifully wrapped gifts:
And, here they are: an awesome Christmas planner, apron, sign, chocolate, snowflakes, ornament, recipes, jingle bells, and CHOCOLATE!
And here is the darlin' Christmas apron. This apron will get LOTS of wear during the Holidays!

THANK YOU JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Figured it out!

Ok, so I finally figured out which apron I sent to my swap partner here at Shawnee's FAS...
I am in 2 swaps & both recipiants live in MO.....and I forgot which apron I sent to whom,,,but since the other one was posted on "her" blog I now know this one went to my swap partner here.
It's not a great picture but I luv this simple "1-Yard" apron, from a tutorial which I got from our very own Shawnee that she posted on her blog last year....
I posted the tuck-ins back on Dec.1. I hope my swap partner likes it & all the goodies.
HoHoHo & Merry Christmas.

Thank You Thank You, Laura!!!!!

Thanks so much Laura for the totally cute apron and all the goodies. You can see how wonderful it matches my dining room decor. Love Love it! My tuck-ins spelled out CANDY! C- cookie cutters, A-apron, N-noel stamp, D-dishtowel, Y-yarn garland. Also got some candy ;). Merry Christmas All!

I'm so lucky!

I received the most wonderful swap package from Kat. Thank you so much Kat! I'll write a proper post with pics very soon.

Bad partner....

I have been a bad swap partner. I received my awesome package on Monday! Thank you to Rita for a great apron and goodies. I will post pictures soon. I have been in bed intermittently with a migraine since Monday so I am sorry for the delay in a big ol' THANK YOU!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Those words describe my package to a tee!  What a joy to get all these tuck ins.  And the snow men tags she used for my gifts I am going to reuse them for my gift giving.
First the tuck-ins -- then I show my beautiful apron.

J       jelly beans
O     ornmant
Y     a yo-yo maker kit (this is so great, can't wait to use it)

S      scissor/sewing caddy
N    note cards
O   ornament
W  wrist pin cushion

All the tuck-ins are absolutely terrific. I love them.

Now, the apron. I love the fabric with the Christmas trees, poinsettas, polka dots, and of course snowflakes..
And the pattern is adorable with the gathered top and ruffled bottom.

Thank you Donna.  You made me a great package.

and the word of the day is.......

I've finally finished my "tuck-in's" for my swap sister. This is what I was waiting to finish. My camera is not the best, but it's a primitive cat in a child's sock. That's a tag on the heel that says "cat". duh.... Hope my swap partner likes it.

The image to the right is part of my finished apron. I went with the tree fabric! added a couple of yo-yo's for more color!

That's it...it's in the mail and now I can finish up my Christmas presents. My dining room looks like a hot mess because of all the projects I'm working on!! Merry Christmas and many blessings!

Mindy Irwin

My Apron's Here!

I got the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday, although I didn't even see it until this morning. The mail is coming later and later every day this time of year, so it wasn't there when I came home from my usual jaunt into town yesterday. Poor apron package - had to stay in that cold, metal box all night - what kind of apron mommie am I anyway? Tammy was my partner.  When I saw her post about the apron she'd made (just a couple below this one), I thought "Oh, what a pretty apron!" Well, I'm the lucky lady who received it! And let me tell you, it is VERY VERY well made! Here's the beautiful apron, although it looked a LOT better on Tammy's lovely daughter!
And the tuck-ins were terrific! Look at the beautiful napkins (N=Napkins), and the Santa Cookie Plate (O=Ornament-Shaped Plate). And  how did she know I did NOT have the Elf movie (E=Elf) and I'm so grateful because we don't have any TV access, so we are very DVD/VHS dependent for our entertainment! My feeties are always cold here in the Pacific NW, so I'm lovin' the socks (L=Lavendar Socks). And I didn't get them in the pic (ripped the bag open quickly) but she also sent some Werther's Caramels, which are my favorite! Thank you, Tammy, for the wonderful, beautifully-sewn apron and goodies!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Here!!!

I have received the most awesome package from Jen. I don't have pics yet, but will be posting them soon. She sent me a wonderful apron, ornament, recipes, alterned Christmas notebook, a handcrafted sign, chocolate, and more.......Stay tuned for pics.......... THANK YOU JEN!

Another Giveaway!

Pop over to Shawnee's personal blog and enter for a $100 eBay Gift Card Giveaway!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Natural Attraction...

It was love at first sight when I opened my package! Madelyn, I just LOVE the fabric you picked out! Thank you soo much. You did a fabulous job on the apron, and the pot holders!  Madelyn's word was "Hope" - H for Hot pad, O for Oven mitt, P for Patterns and E for embroidered towels.

Truly, your package was a blessing. Thanks for spending the time to make and thoughtfully putting it together for me.

Finished Apron!

I am Posting for Mary F:)
This is the Darling Apron she created
for Her Partner!
It is Reversible!!
How Awesome is that?!
This "Wreath" side features
Vintage fabric!!
How Awesome is that?!

this side Features Darling Birdhouses & Birdies
All decked out for the Holidays!
I took the photos(Granddaughter modeling)
Before she Embellished with Snowflakes..
So, along with her Tuck-ins..that will
remain a Surprise:)
I will tell you, Mary chose the word
Thank you Shawnee, for another
Wonderful Swap!!