Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Its a first for me! Well atleast a first in a long time! Apron went out yesterday! WHOOPEEEE!

Cup Cakes , Cherries Or ME Oh MY!!

The gal that gets this apron is lucky literary, because I so want to keep this apron.
To date it is my favorite one I have made.
It's sexy and sassy, and has tons of personality

I love how the red ruffle and rick rack complement the pink...
Hopefully my Gal will love it as much as I do..
I am sending it out in the am so she might get lucky and have it for the week end..

Ready to Fly....

My little package of goodies and apron will be on it's way today!

Cupcake Apron Ready to Mail

I finally decided what to do with my fabrics after visiting the Vermont Apron Company. I bought myself a sheath apron then created one for my partner. You can see more about our field trip to the Vermont Apron Company on my blog or check out the online store here. It's worth checking out, you have to see their new wedding apron! What a great idea.

Back to the apron for my partner. It is reversible with the opposite fabric on the back. It has long waist ties and long ties in the back that can criss-cross across the back or tie into a large bow around the neck. I have a few ME and cherry goodies to send along. Hope my partner likes them. It's all ready to be mailed off today.

Ready to Send!

I'm all finished and my goodies are packaged up and ready to fly.  I really enjoyed making and putting these items together! :) Here are a few pictures...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I wonder who, who, who.....

Who will get this package?????? Hey I sounded like an owl! This is a cupcake/cherry/M.E. swap!

I hope my partner likes her package. The apron is just too cute with a matching 'pot pincher' and other goodies.


I finally made it to the post office,,, its not open on Sat's and closes too early.. Gotta love living in the country!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wooden cherries tutorial

Simple summer cherries, aren't they super cute?  Click the title and head over to Just Something I Made for the tutorial

Tweet for me, Apron swappers?

Hi ladies,

I know you're in the middle of wrapping up your GORGEOUS Cupcakes & Cherries & M.E. aprons, but I have a favor to ask. Will you pleaLinkse log into Twitter and tweet this for me:

"Hey @bookieboo! I want @ShawneeH to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support! Pls RT"

I'm trying to be selected as a Mamavation Mama, an exciting on-line weight loss boot camp opportunity. If you want to SEE what your Flirty Apron Swap Mama looks like, my application video is posted HERE. Don't laugh too hard~. =)

Don't forget to EMAIL ME YOUR TRACKING NUMBERS -- I'm exciting to follow all our lovely packages flying around the world!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

All done!!

No pictures this time, but I think my partner will like it. It has cupcakes, cherries and OH MY OH ME. Oh thats right that is the theme. The colors are white, pink green and red. I made a tuck in and found some very cute tuck in stuff at Michaels. Thanks Shawnee for doing these swaps. This theme sure made me work on pattern and color choice a little harder and very much enjoyed every minute.


Yesturday I signed up for my block of the month at the quilt shop But before I did my new and lovely customer who teaches at the shop told me about thousands of bolts a web site for a fabric wherehouse!!! And I ordered enough fabric and backing for a quilt for my husband for under $80.00 and Im talking about alot of fabric!!! Go and check it out!!! It was hard to choose them they have a gazillion of fabrics.


Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Aprons--sort of

Hey Ladies!  Whew!  It's been a rough week.  Any advice from the moms with several children--shoot it my way, ok?  (I only have three and I really admire those of you 4, 5, 6, or more and still find time to keep your life in order and do a little sewing too!).  Sewing is my only sanity.

Totally unrelated to aprons, here's my fat baby (with my father-in-law sporting the rock star hair). (Shawnee said she wanted to see more pictures)
He's massive.  (Yep, this is the +10-pounder I gave birth to shortly after Easter).  He's such a chunk, I love it.  And he is the sweetest baby ever (oh, and now he weighs 18lbs..just thought I'd throw that in there).

Ok, back to aprons...

My first apron...hmm, well, I made an attempt at designing it myself.  I hate patterns, and I was shocked that it (almost) worked.  It was really cute too, except the stitching got a little A LOT messed up on the reverse side (and the whole point of making a reversible apron is so it can be used, right?).  I had some "helpers" switching dials (tension & stitch length) whenever I wasn't looking.  The end result was an almost cute apron.  Good idea, but bad result.  (I won't even post a picture of it because you'll think it's so cute and wonder why I am not sending it, but believe me, lots of flaws...I am too embarrassed to send off something  like that).

and sooooo...

I started over from square one.  New apron, reversible.  Including my swap partner's favorite color (pink).  And some pretty vintage eyelet.  Even though the sides have nothing to do with each other, I love both of these fabrics!  I hope my swap partner does to.  Oh, and the tuck-ins...well, some helps for making gorgeous cupcakes and a small frame with M.E. art.  And I need to find some other fun things to stuff in there, probably treats from my favorite store that have nothing to do with the swap...who knows. I hope she likes it all!

CUPCAKES!  I love this fabric.  I am so glad I bought more than enough (so my mistake isn't as tragic as it could have been)

And Pink & Brown flowers.  (love this too)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

ETA -- 6/30/2010

I mailed my package.
Is it on the way to you??
Look close there is a clue!
I don't want to make any of you jealous...but I got SPOILED!

My secret partner was Amy W. and she sent me the sweetest apron.

How did she know I love paisley?

here is a close up of the has tuille all around the top

and it is reversible! I don't know which side I like better!

here are the other goodies she sent. Let me see...we have 2 sizes of cupcake liners, a spatula, a kitchen towel, a needle book, notepad, and reusable tote! She also included some sweet extra fabric which the apron came wrapped in!

Thank you Amy!

I thought this was really cute, its owls & an apron pattern!!

It won over on Spoonflower and the pattern of the apron, with the feathery bottom is just so cute, I had to share!! (the title is the link)

eta:  the finished apron isn't showing up on the site, so I grabbed it out of my email =o)  aren't the feathers along the bottom so cute!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the way!

I sent my package off this morning!!! I enjoyed this swap very much. I always have fun but this time getting my 6 year old involved, made it extra fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Sneak Peek Ü

Almost ready to mail. Just waiting on a sequined cherry applique for the apron. I also am trying to find my extra key ring for the cupcake tile. Other then that it will hopefully go out on friday. Amazing I actually am done BEFORE the deadline! Dont fall over in shock Shawnee.Hahahaha

Monday, June 21, 2010

Done!!!! Ready to mail!!!!!

Well here it is my very first reversable apron Hope she likes it!!!! It was fun making it and I cant wait to mail it tomorrow!!!! with all the cool goodies to tuck in!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sneaky Peeky!!! Who is the lucky gal??

Well it has been a busy month so far.. work at salon and also my scuba diving vacation for a week Im back and ready to sew and mail. I am glad I gathered everything I would need before I left for Cozumel weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! wow I am excited to create today and tomorrow!!!!! maybe another tuck in tooo!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swap Goodies at Michaels

Check out all these goodies that fit PERFECTLY with our swap theme. Found them at Michaels!!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Friday, June 18, 2010

ME galore at Michaels!

So this afternoon I went to Michaels to pick up some Shrinky Dink stuff and as I'm wandering around I happen over by the baking stuff and OMG!!! They have a HUGE display set up with M.E. on one side and Paula Dean on the other side. They had tins, three different sizes, and plates, cups, bowls, linen napkins, baking add-ons, tablecloths and the kicker (at least for me, I'll explain why in a sec) CHERRY chipboard books!!!! AND cherry rhinestone patterns!!! And socks with cherries! Sigh ... If I'd only known =o)

So remember the cherries that I showed earlier? My plan was to make a chipboard recipe book shaped like cherries! It unfortunately didn't work out and the cherries are still sitting on the table in my shop. Had I known about the cherry chipboard books at Michaels, I would've been able to complete my plan. I just wanted to pass this on in case any of your are still looking for stuff or just love ME and want some summer decor =o)


Well, I think I saved the apron, but it is most definitely shabby chic! The appliqués are attached with Liquid Stitch, and the edges are ravel-y so I'm hoping they'll fray a bit with wash. As it looks now, it just looks shabby, lol!

The pocket is made with more die-cut fabric glued on with Liquid Stitch. I also put it along the top of the pocket so it wouldn't fray away (hehe - I rhymed! - I gotta find good here somewhere, right?).

Karen suggested on the last post that I send the apron as-is with an explanatory note and a promise of a (much!) better one soon. I'm thinking I'll go with that idea.


Ugh. I was so excited to participate in my first apron swap. I mean, Mary Englebreit? Duh - count me in! I was all done with the add-ins. I just had a bit left to finish my ME fried-egg flower-inspired shabby chic apron and then it was off to the post office to mail my goodies...

And then The Bad happened.

I scorched the fabric and ruined the apron. *sigh* Now I have to figure out if I send a vintage black-and-white checked apron on time or make another apron, but send it late.

What would you do?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

swap package...

sneaky peeky weeky!


All right, where is everyone? You gotta scroll down and start commenting to enter the giveaway for the cute Mary Engelbreit Cookbook!! LOVE her!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bowl Cover Tutorial


Your favorite entertaining, potluck, church supper, or party bowls.
Bias tape (optional)


Pick out some bowls you would like to use.
I used different sizes of round cake cardboard as my templates.

Trace the the lip of the bowl on the wrong side of fabric, add 2 more inches, cut out.

Straight stitch bias tape around the edge of fabric.

Pulling the elastic tight, zigzag stitch the elastic to wrong side of fabric edge.

There you have it!

REMINDER - New Swapper Deadline and GIVEAWAY

Hello swappers! I am LOVING all the marvelous fabrics and sneak peeks. KEEP posting! =) I am like several of you ... struggling to decide! I have a LOT of fabric that fits in my theme, have bought some more, and STILL can't decide. YIKES!!

NEW swappers (hopefully more decisive than I) need to be mailing packages to me right away so they arrive BY June 18. That means priority mail by tomorrow and send me the tracking number, 'k?

This applies to:
- Crystal
- Cynthia E
- Melanie
- Staci
- Jen (sent already)
- Shannon (sent already)

EVERYONE ELSE, please wait to mail until after this Friday but no later than July 3. Can you believe, the end is in sight?!?

Oh, I guess that means we better have another giveaway, huh? I'm very excited about this one. I have a marvelous surprise --- the publishers of Mary Engelbreit's newest cookbook, Fan Fare Cookbook: 120 Family Favorites Recipes, will send a copy to one lucky reader!

As you may be aware, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything Mary, and this cookbook is no exception. While I am not always a fan of reader contributed recipes because many times the recipes just aren't very good, I am more impressed with this baby. I found several keepers. And, frankly, the illustrations make my heart flutter ... Ann Estelle is featured throughout in ADORABLE aprons! Silly, I know, but it just fits!!

*Contest Rules*
+1 Entry - Tell me what YOUR family favorite recipe is (YES, type it out)


Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for following this Flirty Apron Swap blog and leaving a comment
2nd Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for following my personal blog at and leave a comment here
3rd Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for blogging about this giveaway and linking back here (leave a separate comment with link to your post/twitter)
4th Bonus Entry: +1 Entry for entering our Fabric/Pattern giveaway HERE and leave a comment on this post, too
5th Bonus Entry: +1Entry for current swappers ONLY - mail on time and send Shawnee your tracking number

CONTEST DEADLINE July 3, midnight

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sent my box off!

Since I'm a newbie to the apron swaps =o) my box left this morning on its way to Shawnee. I was so excited packing it up!

Sweet As Cherry Pie

Here's a cute little peek at a most
delicious bowl cover tuck-in 
for my fabulous swap partner!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fabric Came!

I ordered my fabric and it finally came Ü. Now to figure out what to do.hmmmmmmmmmm

My Apron is Done!

Here it is---clothes line to fashion line :) Now on to my "Tuck-Ins"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cupcakes Anyone?

Time for a sweet snack!  The super cute crochet pattern for these cupcakes is by Ana Paula and can be found here.


I bought my fabric and tuck ins awhile ago. The only problem is now I don't know what I want to do with the fabric. I keep changing my mind. I just can't decide on a style or pattern. I'm hoping when school ends this week and I have time to create that an idea will just come to me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another sneak peak

A peaky shot of the apron top and a couple of the tuck-ins (they're started, but not finished)