Saturday, May 16, 2009

Speaking of Angels...

Imagine my surprise when I received a package in the mail from Debra Sherline of New York, NY! In the card she enclosed, she said..."I am not your Flirty Vintage Kitchen Linen Apron swapper...I knew you had been flaked on a couple of times and just thought it was not fair! I wanted to send you this package to put a smile on your face...Well, she really did!
She not only made me a darling apron, but she attached a little hand-embroidered tea towel with rick-rack and a cute little daisy button!

The apron tied with a beautiful bow and came in gorgeous leopard tissue paper and was sealed with a kiss! Enclosed in the package was a wonderful recipe that I can't wait to try! Check out my blog at to copy it yourself! I learned from Debra how much it meant to make someone happy, with nothing in return for good turn deserves another...I not only got a beautiful apron, I made a friend! I just Angeled an apron myself for Aunt Pittypat's Don't Ditch It, Re-stitch It mother always taught me to "pass it on"...For those of you who haven't received an apron and are an Angel yourself next time..."pass it on".


Hi my sweet swappers,

I think it's been long enough and several of our swappers are without aprons. Would any of you be able to Angel a package, with the same love you put into your original partner's package? If so, email me and I'll send you details along with many thanks.

You have been so amazing. Thank you one more time.


Friday, May 15, 2009

My apron arrived!!! (A little while ago...)

Here are some photos of the apron I received in the Vintage Linen Flirty Apron Swap. My swap partner was Kristi from California. She sent me this lovely apron, it is to be like one a Frontier Woman would wear. Great for the Yukon!!!
She used fabric she inherited from her grandmother and I think that's very special. She sent me a recipe for Porr man's chow mein casserole which I may make for my upcoming quilting party. It looks fun!!! She also sent in a lovely dishtowel and book called These are my words, The diary of Sarah Agnes Prine - a true Frontier Woman.

I apologize for the delay in posting pics, it waasn't from a lack of loving my apron!!! It's been a busy week. If you go to my blog, you can see a bunch of silly pics of me in my apron (

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flirty Apron Swap- Vintage Linen remix received

I received this BEAUTIFUL apron from my swap partner, Heather M. of CO. (Click her name to take you to her super blog!)

Heather used a variety of vintage linens and table cloths to create this stunning vintage linen apron for me. My kitchen has a rooster decor and Heather used her artistic talents to give the impression of rooster feathers in the lines of color and patterns found in the assortment of linens. I just love this apron.

I'm very camera shy and thus, the photo on the dress form in the yard, but I want you to know that I've love this apron and have been wearing it a lot.

Shawnee, this swap was such fun! Thank you too for your hard work and organizational skills!


Jennifer (in Ontario, Canada)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kat and Mindy in Florida

Oh, snap! Mindy and I are so happy to have participated in Shanay-nay's apron swap (our nick name for Shawnee). We lovingly named our store's Body Form Shanay-nay as well. So as you can see we are giving Shawnee a hug!

I received my lovely package from Cindi O in Yukon Canada Saturday; a fitting Mother's Day gift and it is so lovely! This is my favorite apron by far. I am showing off how slender it makes me look even though I am shaped like Big Bird. The material is super absorbent (I wore it all day today doing house work). Let me tell you, this was the perfect apron for me as I am hard on them. I love the fuchsia, green and purple! Cindy's blind grandmother crocheted a lovely dish towel for me too and I received a towel that matched my apron along with a recipe which I am going to try soon. Please go to Cindy O's blog spot for April 2oth, 21st and 22nd to see her apron time line. Cindy really put a lot of effort into making her own pattern for me.

Mindy's swap partner was Heather at Corner Stone Farms in Maryland. She was absolutely thrilled to get the sassy and flirty apron and loved it as well as the rosemary soap, candles, tomato basil jam, vintage table runner and a doily. If Heather were here Mindy would give her a big hug too. The detail Heather created in her reversible apron was much appreciated.
A shout out to all our new friends. We know we will cross paths with you again but in the meantime we hope that you are able to enjoy each day for the gift that it truly is.

Kathy and Mindy in Florida

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day, Swappers!!

(Please note the Mama in this cutting is wearing an apron.)

I hope each my sweet swappers is able to honor your mother today. Visit if you can, call if she's too far, honor her memory if she's passed on. My own mommy died in 1997; little T and I took her favorite purple flowers to her grave yesterday and also left a flower for my best friend who lost her breast cancer fight last year. Each of my four kiddos will drop in for a visit over the next few days since everyone's work schedules makes one event impossible. We're getting ready to head into church this morning, and I'll serve in the nursery where every other month I'm a community builder for the classroom leaders.

DON'T FORGET that tomorrow is National Wear Your Apron Day. Wear one of your flirty aprons around town as you go about your normal business and then blog about everyone's reactions!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hello everyone,
I wanted to show you the apron I received from Diane O in California. Isn't it cute?

My three favorite things about it are:
- that it's white (all professional cooks/bakers wear white aprons for some illogical reason)
- the pocket that is made of three vintage cloth coasters
- the embroidered fruit around the edges is highlighted somehow with colors of red, green, yellow, and (the color I asked for) purple!

Also, Diane sent me the cutest old fashioned farm-animal cookie cutters to accompany it. Thank you Diane! And thank you to everyone who posted with your inspirational creations! It has been fun to see the various ways this project has been interpreted.

Take care,
Heather M in Colorado

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you, Thank you!

I received my swap package from Amber in BC yesterday! It went all over the US before arriving at my door, so thank you Kat's Tail for sending it on it's way home!

The apron is adorable, with a big pocket for clothes pins, and came with embellished rubber gloves, a dish towel, and eye pillow, some essential oil, bath salts AND an apron pattern! I love it so much!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lucky me

Yes I know I've been very weel treated. Beleive it or not I did not receive one but two wonderful aprons. Amy has realy been very generous. She did not like the way the straps of the roses apron turned out, so she sewed another one to go with it !!! Honestly I can't say which one I favour most. I do love the red roses but the fabrics she chose for the other one go so well together. Today my parents came to visit us, as I could not chose, I wore one in morning and the other one for the afternoon and I am still wearing it now.
Thank You Amy!!!
By the way, I also received a very charming note pad to put on the fridge and vintage cook book.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

I love it

Look at the wonderful apron I received from Angela. Thank You, Thank you!...... I love the hand painted hibiscus flowers. Included were 4 wooden spoons, matching napkins and a welcome friends sign that hangs on my front door.