Thursday, September 8, 2011


Thanks for playing this summer!!  I didn't get a wrap-up post done but aprons were loved by all, prizes were awarded, and the sounds of Hawaii were spread around blogland kitchens!! (Jen, my sweets, is still waiting on HER package but we're working on it. She sent me the BEST package, too.)

I'm planning on ONE more swap this year, so I'd love to hear if you prefer an fall or winter apron.  Have a great week!!!!

Love ya, Shawnee


  1. I'd love to join in this time around. I got in over at Hot Mama apron swap. I'm up for either but a Fall one would get us done before the holidays and we'd have a nice apron for Thanksgiving.

  2. If we did a winter apron we could wait until after the holidays.
    I'm in either way.
    Majority rules : )

  3. Thank you Shawnee for all your hard work! I am in for whatever!


  4. Hello Shawnee! I would love to participate in your next apron swap. Please let new swappers in this next round. :) I would prefer a winter apron (Christmas would be the best!). I loved seeing all the aloha aprons! Have a Great Day! :)

  5. The Alhoa apron swap was a bundle of fun - loved it:-)
    My vote would go to a Winter theme for our next swap, but I'm happy to do either.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these swaps - it's very much appreciated.

  6. I'd love winter theme too...but whatever you decide will be great!!!

  7. Oh please fall, I love fall. Christmas is always too busy. We could do a winter one later and count it for next year!

  8. I am open for either one, my fabric slash, and lots of holiday fabric!

  9. Either would be fine with me.
    Thanks again Shawnee for all of your hard work.

  10. I have finished my table runner for someone very special!! I also have made one of the tuck-ins!! I am pretty sure I will buy the other one, but I haven't been able to find what I had in mind!!

    Is anyone else finished??


Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!