Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nadine told me she was going to spoil me....

and she did!  We have been emailing back and forth and she is just the sweetest...I think Shawnee knew she would and figured maybe I deserved it. Or maybe that is just how Nadine is and that could very well be the case! I told her I liked bright colors and I got them..All kinds of wonderful bright colorful things. I apologize to everyone for posting so late. She was right on time. I still am struggling with a lot of things, especially depression, but this apron is enough to make anyone smile!

She also made me a handtowel and included a washcloth...This went in my bathroom and no one is touching it!!!! A jelly roll from the fabric that she had left over (I am making something with it now). Some sewing notions, a potholder that is too pretty to go near an oven and the most wonderful bag with ruffles and pockets that I immediately put all my things in. It has been super hot here and it is perfect to take to the pool and all the women comment on it. She also made the coolest little bag. It had the green and white ribbon tab. she says it is her own pattern..I sure would like to know how to make it...It is so cute and no zipper!

 Just look at all this stuff...Nadine, thank you so much for your caring and friendship and for brightening my day...The smile is real. It makes me happy to just wear your apron and use the wonderful bag you made me...thank you again and dont be a stranger......xoxoxo melinda


  1. You received a great package!! Love all the bright pretty colors!!

    Can you tell I am smioling as I write this comment?



  2. I think Nadine was determined to make you smile!! That is some kind of goody package!! You look great in those bright colors!! I hope you are seeing a doctor about your depression and getting help. Life is too short to be miserable when you can get help and feel normal! Trust me, I know!!
    Gmama Jane

  3. Oh yes Ms. Nadine knows how to do up a swap package. Enjoy! Hope you are doing better.


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