Saturday, October 27, 2012

Almost Halloween

Hi ladies,

I know it's been a while but I've been thinking of you all.  Any sewing going on?  I bet some of you made some cute costumes this year.  I'm still miss no energy, so Kat made Miss T's costume for me - an amazing Alice in Wonderland creation.  The middle school "Monster Mash" was last night, so here she is all dressed up (and looking really poofy for some reason - that crinoline is doing it's job) ....
Of course, the costume includes an apron. Gotta love that.  I posted a linky over on Apronista, so if you've slaved over a costume this year, go link up and show off your work!

Sooooo, I'm thinking about hosting another Secret Santa Swap.  I miss you guys so much, and it was super fun last year.  Plus, I think if you're still reading this blog, you're a pretty dedicated swapper!  I'm working on the details now, but hope to have something posted this weekend.  yippee!!

Here's the badge, if you want to get a jump start and blog about it (but only tell your really good friends who give great packages):

Much love from rainy Oregon,
Shawnee the Swap Mama


  1. Apologies now for all my typos -- they drive me crazy to read on other people's posts yet I'm SOOOO guilty!!!

  2. If it includes an apron, count me in. I was in cake decorating class the past 4 weeks and wore a different apron from my swaps each time and they were loved!

  3. I am so in and yes I hope aprons are included this time around.

  4. Oh! I am so excited! I've missed your swaps so much and am so excited about this one!

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  6. Didn't participate last time, but hoping to this time. Count me in.

  7. If it's an apron,count me in!!!

  8. Count me in!! I hope participants will interact on line more than the last time. I want pictures and comments!!

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