Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine FQ Partners


Doesn't this fabric look delicious?? I have connected with everyone and fabric is in hand or will be SOON!  So, let's get down to the fun stuff - partners.  This time, you will receive from the same person who sends to you - so a REAL swap.  Since we have an uneven number of players, I'm going to sew-along instead of swapping.

Ellena and Mary Lea
Kerry and Molly (Molly is new, so she sends first and Kerry mails after she receives)
Jennifer and Tammy
Glenda and Jeanie

Comment below that you've seen your assignment.  I will send you both contact info this weekend, so touch base with each other via email ahead of time to confirm address and desires.  IF you want to receive or make something other than an apron, talk it out with your partner but no pressure either way.

POST pictures!!  I really want to see the goodies in the works.  If you are not already an author on this swap blog, I will send you an invitation.

Reminder on the regular swapping rules (tweaked for this one):

Normal rules apply (aka you and I will be email buddies)
1. To reply to my assignment email within 48 hours, acknowledging receipt of your partner and letting me know you’re still playing.
2. To joyfully create an apron that you would love to receive, washed and pressed so it’s wonderfully fresh for your partner.  Any extras are just that - extra, so don't go overboard.
3. To mail your package no later than February 7 (earlier if NEW) using USPS Delivery Confirmation or other tracking, and to email me at shawneeh at with the tracking number so I know you’ve met your mailing commitment.
4. To email me when you have received your package, and to copy me on your thank you email to your partner who worked so hard on your apron.
5. To have fun! All participants will be invited to author on the Apronista Flirty Apron Swap blog and will be able to post pictures of aprons-in-progress, comments and giveaways. The more the merrier! Since this isn't a secret partner swap, you have to be trickier but post as many photos and details as you are comfortable with - and LOTS of packages received!!


  1. Thanks Shawnee!! Very happy to have Tammy as my partner!! So, Tammy send me your Address, likes and dislikes, size, etc...Send to

    Send me your e-mail address, and I will send you any info you want!!
    Waiting to hear from you!!!!!


  2. How pretty sorry I missed this one! Piece Beadgirl!

  3. I've just seen this Shawnee!! Got all my fabrics...looking forward to emailing with my partner!!

  4. Thanks Shawnee!! I haven't heard from Jeanie yet. Jeanie email me! I found some super cute material to make your apron :-)

  5. Hi there Molly

    Lovely to "meet" you, and looking forward to creating a fabulous apron for you. Please email me, so that I can your info, and find out what makes you smile :-)
    Have a great day

  6. I've got it (just a little slow). I am emailing Jennifer right now!

  7. kerry's reversible CUPCAKE PEEK-A-BOO apron will be in the mail tomorrow! How do I post pix?


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