Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Deadline Extended to May 30

I've extended the "deadline" for our Sew Along to May 30 (my 50th birthday!). I've got a wonderful prize package that anyone who posts pictures on the swap blog will be entered into, sponsored by Modern June​.  And several of you said you'd also offer prizes but I still need to coordinate.  Sorry for being distracted and not pulling this all together sooner but I can't wait to see more of your creations!  =)  More details soon, but check this out!!!


  1. Shawnee:
    While I am not participating in this one, I have an amazing collection of gingham buttons in red and white and black and white. They are brand new in sealed packages and I am willing to send one of each to those who request them.

    1. Jean, do you still have those gingham buttons? I would love to have some of them!!

  2. Quiltinggranny, what a sweet jesture....

  3. Hey Shawnee,,, hoping you had a fabulous B-day... remember,,, "We may be growing older,,, but we Refuse to Grow UP!"... lol!



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