Friday, June 19, 2009

My Vintiage Apron has arrived!

This is the post from my personal blog today, about the wonderful "Angel Apron Package" I got from Solidia today. (I am just reposting part of the apron portion here, though you can read more and see the apron I made from the links.)

Due to unknown circumstances, one day I had a message from the Shawnee that I had been assigned an "Apron Angel" and my package would be coming soon. Well, soon has turned into today, and I had a wonderful apron and matching hot pad from Solidia today. It is really wonderful and I love it!
She also sent a couple of recipes and one of them is for some cookies that remind her of ones her grandmother used to make, even though the recipe for those were lost when she passed away. I know how much I value family recipes and how hard it would be if a favorite was lost. I am so glad she was able to find this and then shared it with me.

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  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.


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