Saturday, June 6, 2009


You are all wonderful! I have all my previous swappers covered with you angels, plus some to spare. Thank you!

For my future swaps, I've added a layer of protection I hope. Anyone new to the Flirty Apron Swap must have a good reference from previous swap hostesses. Anyone BRAND NEW to swapping will need to send their package to ME before the early mailing deadline (this time, July 20) and include enough postage that I can then forward it on. If I do not receive it as required, I will direct the swapper's own partner to mail their package on to the swapper's partner. I hope that makes sense ...

Speaking of new swaps, here's the delayed SUMMER FUN SWAP!!!

I hope you all enjoy Lucille Ball as much as I do. Just seeing her beautiful face always makes me smile, and I laugh when I think of my favorite scenes from her shows. Here are a few pictures that I think of when I think "Lucy":

Don't you think you could create a WONDERFUL Lucille-esque apron?? I DO! I can see a dress style made from navy with white polka dots and collar; a pink factory smock with matching pink chef's hat; a grape-treader special ala Sophia Loren; or something super special made with "Lucy's Chocolate Factory" fabrics.

Deadline to Register: June 21
NEW Swappers: mail to Shawnee before July 20
All Others Mail After: July 20
But Mail Before: August 4

Create a handmade "I Love Lucy" apron, and include up to $15 worth of retro housewife or I Love Lucy goodies with your package.

Normal rules apply (aka you and I will be email buddies)
Email me four times:
#1 - within 48 hours of assignment to keep playing
#2 -when you send your package WITH TRACKING NUMBER
#3 -when you receive your package
#4 -cc me on your thank you email (can combine with #3)

If you have a great Lucy-like prize you'd like to donate, just let me know and I'm happy to highlight your shop or blog in exchange.

--- OOPS, I forgot:
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER then leave a comment and post a badge on your blog!!


  1. All signed up! Will post a badge to blog next time I get out there. Saved one to my file!

  2. I signed up ... what a GREAT theme, I am so excited!

  3. Oh what an AWESOME theme! I can send it from my new home state! Im signing up!

  4. I'm so in this round!

    Just an FYI-- the text is really hard to read on the new blog template.

    Gotta go- I have pattern shopping to do over at Mary Mulari's site.

  5. Lucy? I LOVE LUCY!!! yeah! sign me up.....but I have NO idea what I'll make this go round...hmmm

  6. Great theme, and it sure will be fun coming up with something for Lucy, although a trip to the fabric store may mean "some 'splaining to do" to my hubbie......

  7. Oh this will be at least two margaritas of fun! I have posted on my blog the great Lucy fabrics I will have in my brick and mortar store!

  8. Count me in please
    I emailed you the registration form
    I love that Lucy swap

  9. I love the theme but I **love** the new rules! I appreciate the extra effort it's going to take on your part, but after seeing all the angels needed last time I really was rethinking my swap participation. I think this is as good as it's going to get in terms of Swap Insurance.

    As one of the 'angels' for the last swap -- and I assure you that's the only way I could be described as being an angel -- I made out like a bandit. It was well worth the effort I put in, because I got a great girlfriend out of it!

  10. I just filled out the registration and I can't wait to get started.

  11. Shawnee,
    Thanks for the great new swap! I Love Lucy! I have registered and posted a badge on my site.
    I want to thank you for the new rules, I have lost out on one swap recently and still waiting on my garden swap apron and it is so sad to put so much hard work into a package to never receive anything in return! I hope that the new rules will discourage "non swappers" and let the rest of us enjoy it!
    God Bless,

  12. After hostessing a couple of Give Aways on my newish blog I am so ready to try this swap! I love making aprons!

    Thanks Shawnee for hostessing!

  13. I Love Lucy. I had to join this one. I have Lucy material so I'm ready.


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