Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yippee! New Swappin' tiime is here! Yippee!!!

I've just signed up for the new swap and I'm already thinking about fabrics to use! All I need now is my partner assignment! I know....all in due time.....okay, I'll try to be patient.....take deep breaths.....don't think about it....think about something else...."Squirrel!!"....It's just not working....I want my partner NOW!!! Hahahahaha.... Well, I never said I was good at waiting! (I was one of those ladies who used to be at Mervyn's, with my face pressed to the glass, saying "Open, Open, Open!")


  1. I too am anxiously awaiting getting my info for the apron swap. They are so much fun and so addictive!

  2. I too have been anxiously awaiting the next Swap! I am so in!!! Cant wait to get started either!

  3. I already have my fabrics picked out!!! And I thought I had my tuck ins, but since we have to use initials, they may not work...we will see!! I can use them for myself!

    I wonder who my partner will be???????

  4. Wahoooo! both Sally S & I have signed up.....yes, we yack and have ideas churning in our brains for our partners aprons...
    I've been itchin' to get stitchin'


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