Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antsy in my pantsy!

Anyone else getting anxious and loopy with anticipation of the apron swap? I'm going through withdrawls. My new sewing machine is going to be delivered tomorrow and I want something to sew (like I don't have a whole list of things that I have said I would make for my little one). I know Shawnee is super dooper busy so I'll patiently wait. :)


  1. Lets hear about this new machine!

  2. It's a Brother PC-420. I'm excited because it's fully computerized and has an automatic needle threader, a feature I love on my embroidery machine. It's not super fancy but I think it will last me a long time since it has so many features. Best part is that I can pass on my 2 year old machine to my sister and hopefully pass with it a love of sewing.

  3. I'm antsy too..seems like we finished up the last swap a long time ago, although its only been a few weeks..


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