Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank you Jean!!

Yesterday I received the awesome quilt organizer that Jean offered as a giveaway prize at the beginning of this swap. I'm super excited about it because I just started making quilts... okay let me rephrase, I just finished my first quilt top and I am almost done with the back but kind of avoiding finishing it because I'm so intimidated by the quilting part. I don't want to screw up all my hard work. I made a little larger than twin size (it was suppose to be twin but I didn't use an actual pattern) for my daughters big-girl bed. This quilt was actually suppose to be a practice quilt to make sure I could do it while I waited for the fabric I wanted to become more readily available but I do like how the top turned out so I may go with it.
Thank you Jean for offering such a handy giveaway and thank you Shawnee for hosting such a fun swap!

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  1. You are so very welcome and I am so glad you like it!


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