Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Strawberry Inspiration Gingham Apron

I found this fabric at a thrift store and decided to pick it up way back here.  I made an apron for one of my daughters with it and there is still plenty left over.

Last night I was out in the garden and the strawberry plants were starting to peek out after the long, cold winter. How much more inspiration does one need? Check out what happens when paired with a little strawberry fabric!


  1. hey Connie, snuck over to your blog to take a peek... uber cute... now I can hardly wait to see the completed apron... 'sew' much fun!

  2. Love that mixed with the strawberries!

  3. Love that mixed with the strawberries!

  4. My apron is finished, just trying to figure out how to post it so everyone can see it! Every time I post something, it is sent back to me as not deliverable!


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