Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank you Shawnee!

Last week the postman brought me a super-special package all the way from the USA - a fabulous flirty apron from our swap-queen, Shawnee. I LOVE the apron - it fits perfectly, is very comfortable, and looks so cute! I've taken some photos but can't find my camera's USB cable in all the muddle created with house renovations, so I can't download the pictures just yet :-/ I promise I'll post them ASAP.

Thank you Shawnee for a great swap and a wonderful, widely-travelled apron!

PS - To my other swap partner Donna P. - thank you for your kind email! I had trouble with my reply email getting bounced and asked Shawnee to pass on my message to you ... hope you got it in the end!

Here's the apron I ended up sending to Juddie, imperfections and all (although my daughter sure looks cute). It was made with love! ~Shawnee

**BELATED UPDATE!** Finally, here are some pictures of me wearing this lovely apron on the evening of its arrival. I'm sorry I didn't look very elegant on that day - as you can see, we were renovating our house and I was wearing the apron over several layers of clothing as we had no heating (in an early-winter cold snap). But I love the apron ... it makes me feel as though I'm in a 1950s TV show as I flit around the kitchen!


  1. It's adorable!! The model is very pretty too! :)

  2. Very nice apron Shawnee. You sent it to a sweet person. Juddie was my surprise swap partner.

    She sent me a beautiful full apron with lots of goodies! Plus she has beautiful handwriting and wrote out several recipes for me including little drawings. So cute!

    I appreciate you forwarding my the email from Juddie. I don't know why for sure she couldn't email me but I did get her message.

    Thanks again to both of you sweet ladies!


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