Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks Julie!!!

Julie, thank you so much for this great apron! I love, love, love it! Not only is it flirty, it's sassy, pretty, fun, Christmasy and more words that I can't drag out of my brain. I can tell you this, my family is going to see me in this apron every day until Ephiphany!! My mom usually does all the baking, but this year...I'm going to put on this apron and walk through the kitchen where she is working. Then I'm going to turn around and leave the kitchen, because I don't want to get anything on my apron!
And look y'all -- it's reversible!! The camera didn't come close to capturing the beauty of the fabric, but take my word for it -- it's divine.
Check out the coordinatin pocket!!
So, Julie - thank you! Merry Christmas. I love it!


  1. Christy,
    I love reversible aprons, a great
    2fer1....and I love the fabric of your sassy apron.

  2. DARLING - very cute - I love the style and the pocket!


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