Thursday, May 26, 2011

My beautiful Spring Apron

Here is the beautiful Spring apron I received from my awesome partner. The pattern is her very own and I love the way it fits, especially the wide waist band.

You may remember from my post that the tuck-ins for this swap were to correlate with our initials. My initials just happen to be the one word I would use to describe myself .... A.S.S. If I were sending a package for someone with those initials, I think I would have had to send monogrammed toilet paper. But my partner was so sweet - she sent some appliques, stamps, stationary, and an artichoke & spinach dip mix. The best, though, and the one that my kids enjoyed the most, was an Ukrainian apple cake recipe dedicated to Valera (an orphan we hosted last Christmas and are in the process of adopting). I've already made it and it was DELICIOUS!

Thanks, partner, I LOVE my apron and I've already used it so much!!


  1. Great apron! So cute! Your comments about your initials cracked me up... monogrammed toilet paper, too funny!

  2. What a cool apron, I love the look and the fabric is very pretty! Good Job!

  3. Your apron is wonderful and I really like the style!

  4. Very Pretty!! but then so is the model!!!LOL!!!! Very nice apron package!!!

  5. Awesome apron and what a great sense of humor you have!


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