Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love My Apron

Got my apron from Cynthia awhile ago already, and I apologize for not posting sooner. I'll tell ya, I was on my way out the driveway, but I saw the package in the mail, stopped to retrieve it and ripped it open in the car. Everything was wrapped in purple and had a wonderful smell, which came from a sandal air freshener (with a pina colada smell -I think) There was also some lavender as a tuck in treat.  The apron was perfect, and came complete with Chef's hat, aloha dish towel and a new pair of flip flops.  My camera is giving me fits, but maybe I can corner one of my kids (who have working cameras) to get a picture. Otherwise here is her preview. Thanks so much for a great swap Cynthia!

P.S. She's a terrific seamstress and has some neat stuff at her shop. Lots of lovely aprons there! If I could, I'd order every one.

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