Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waaay Off My Game...and a Thank You!

What do I usually do when I sign up for an apron swap...stalk the blog multiple times a day checking out all of the sneak peaks and giveaway posts...start sewing before I get my partner info...find tuck-in ideas everywhere I go...have my package ready to mail before the deadline. NOT THIS TIME! I didn't check the blog nearly as often...I had great fabric and had a hard time getting my creative juices flowing...tuck-in ideas didn't come easily...and my package went out late. BOO. I think the teacher in me has hit the end of summer slump, and inspiration wasn't flowing like usual. Ok! Enough excuse making!

I received a wonderful swap package from Grace several days ago (again...usually I post pictures the day I receive the package). I am way behind on uploading pictures from my camera, so I don't have a picture to share, but Grace posted the picture a few weeks back. Grace...THANK YOU so much for the wonderful package! I have used the magnet, potholder and apron already. Thanks for putting your heart into my package. I really enjoyed it.

I suppose it's time for this funk to end, and to get back into the routine of the school year! Happy swapping everyone!

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  1. Glad you received the package & are enjoying the goodies... I know what you mean about "Summer Slump"... and the heat doesn't help much either! lol!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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