Sunday, August 25, 2013

I love to lose myself in a good love story.


  1. Ack -- that looks absolutely DIVINE!! Love the elephant theme.

  2. Yeah!! This is my Favorite Things Swap!! It arrived yesterday late afternoon!! Every thing about this package is so me! I haven't read or seen this movie, Water for Elephants,and I am so ready to sink into a great book...right along with my favorite popcorn , Kettle Corn...How did you know? A proper thank you is in progress as we speak!

    Thanks again for the Really Super Duper Under the Big Top Package...I feel very special!

    jennifer robin

  3. Absolutely beautiful Kathy- and it is such a great love story too! I am sure you will like it a lot Jennifer. I am eagerly awaiting my box to arrive...My mailman probably thinks I am stalking him!


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