Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wow, wow -- Newbie Done Good

And we're off!  The swapping has begun!

I paired myself with Freshman swapper Sarah J and She Has Earned Her Spot!!  Check out to how send a perfect packet in three easy steps:

Step One:  Wrap the package in cute paper so it looks special.  THIS box says, "Open Me NOW"

Step Two:  Use fancy tissue paper for that extra special touch inside.  Include a handwritten note that explains WHY you sent these particular "Favorite Things"

Step Three:  Tuck in an assortment of goodies that, while not expensive, have meaning and are useful

Her wonderful note outlined everything that I received:
1 & 2:  A Maryland tin (my new friend Sara's home state) stuffed with coffee and tasty teas
3: A wine cozy "Woozle to keep my glass at proper temp
4: Package of Micro Greens that she says are effortless to grow
5: Greek Seasoning mix
6: A mini travel journal with monarch butterflies for us list makers
7: Clove gum to keep the bad breath monsters away!!

Thank you Sarah!!  Keep an eye out for YOUR box soon!


  1. and go to the front of the class, I haven't' even started my apron, aaahhhhhh!

  2. Did I miss something? I haven't received anything yet on a partner!

  3. Looks like perhaps mine didn't go through! Sigh!

    1. Not sure of the etiquette here, but I would be happy to put together another package and volunteer as a partner again if you wanted to swap.

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed your package. I had a blast assembling it, and I am so excited to get mine in the mail soon. Thank you again for accepting me into the group!


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