Sunday, May 25, 2008

Using Delivery Confirmation

I just wanted to be sure that everyone understands what I meant when I required "Delivery Confirmation" from the post office on your packages, and that is not to be confused with "Certified Mail with Return Receipt".

With Certified Mail/Return Receipt, you do have an exact record of when the package is sent and received but the prices start at almost $7.00. It's most often used when you must prove when something is mailed, and requiring the signature adds a layer of security. That's overkill for our use and pretty darn expensive too.

Delivery Confirmation is only about $0.75 extra at time of mailing and you can track date/zip code/time delivered. You are given a tracking number at time of purchase and then can to go the post office website and look up its status there. You can just ask your postal person to add it on at the counter, and it is also available if you use their automated postal mailing machines.

Since we are sending only an apron and paper products, I'm hopeful that the postage will stay reasonably priced even with their small recent price increase. I want everyone to be able to play!


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  1. Thanks for giving us more information on the delivery confirmation. I haven't used it before and was wondering what it would cost.


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