Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Apron was on it's it's heading out AGAIN:-/

What can I say, I messed up! This is my first apron swap and I misunderstood the instructions..Old age, I tell ya! I sent it addressed to Shawnee at my recipient’s address, thinking Shawnee needed to send it on. Then we went on a 19 day vacay away from home..I notified Shawnee that I had messed up and thank goodness when we got home a couple days ago the original mailing box was waiting for me at the post office, it came back..So..just need to stick a new label on it, to the RIGHT gal and RIGHT address and off it will go..I did not take any pictures of it, drats, but maybe when my recipient receives it she will post pictures!

Anyway, its on its way, AGAIN! Sheesh!


  1. live and learn!!! I look forward to getting my apron! Hope you had a great vacation.

  2. Sorry that my directions were more clear. I can't WAIT to see her apron!!


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