Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just a little sample

Here is a taste of what I have whipped up. Okay, I won't lie. I've had this apron in my arsenal of stuff for over a year. It's one of the first I made after I started sewing. For some reason I haven't been able to part with it and have always pulled it out to look at it. As I was going through my stash looking for love fabric I came across it again. Wouldn't you know it totally fit the theme, was the right size for my partner, and it finally just seemed like maybe was the time to let this seek a new life in someone's kitchen instead of folded away. So onto the finding of the cookbook! This pattern didn't call for a pocket but I may still add one on. I may also still add some "flirty" accents. Hmmmm...
I love the whimsical nature of this fruit fabric. It's so colorful and fun and silly. Yet once I added the simple black polka dot it actually fancies it up a bit. Very crisp yet cute. I'm thinking of adding a pot holder or something for fun. Now it's off to Vegas to meet some old friends for a few days.

My mom tried this on for me to make sure of the fit. She asked me what I was doing this for. When I told her I joined another swap she laughed. She asked me why I do this. The answer was simple. I like getting stuff. I like getting stuff as a surprise and it's really fun to get something from a stranger. Something about creative projects being shared amongst like minded people. I really love to see people's interpretation of a theme. Plus, who doesn't like getting a one of a kind present made just for you? I also enjoy seeing what I can whip up as I usually try a new pattern each time. I never got a chance to post what I received from the last Martini Madness swap so I'm going to go a bit off tangent here. Forgive me.
First what I gave...

And what I got in return... Who wouldn't want to join after some fun like this?

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