Friday, April 30, 2010

Sent and Received

As i have mention in previous post I'm in an Apron swap, On the 27/4/10 I packaged up the apron I made (see early post for pics of the apron) and cook book and have send it off to my partner.

and in mail today I received my apron from Jo. ( Thank you so much I love it)


  1. I hope you like your cook book.. I knew you had no use for kids cook books so i aimed for your other kids lol

  2. What a cute, cute apron, and how thoughtful to give a kitty cookbook!


  3. how cute, I love the kitty cookbook how fun!!

  4. ooohh the cat treat cook book came with cookie cutters and little treat bags to share with other kitty mums lol I think this one maybe a wee bit of a homer present lol

  5. Great aprons! This is so much fun. Everyone is so creative.


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