Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost ready ....

Hey gals!

So excited to report that swapper partner emails are ALMOST ready to go.  SO happy to see such sweet, familiar names, along with a few new friends.

I am switching it up this time, in that you will send to the same person who is making your apron package.  YES, you can and should still post pictures just make them a bit more cryptic and secret-like.  We all know generally what pattern is being used, but there are a TON of ways to make your apron unique.  And you're little tuck-ins can make the package so special.  Special does NOT have to be expensive.  (Although, I will tell you that I love to bargain shop so my boxes always feel more expensive than they cost.)  Now, you can email your buddy freely to find out more about them, and really make a new friend.  Although, because we are an odd-number of swappers (29), there will be one trio.

Don't forget, if you are partnered with a Freshman, don't send out their package until you've received a box from them!

Watch your in-boxes tomorrow evening!!

Ruffly hugs,

PS -- If anyone wants to sponsor a giveaway this time around, just let me know!


  1. I am dying to find out who I have!!
    I cant wait to buy fabric this is one of my favorite aprons to make.

  2. I too am excited to start making this very special ruffled beauty!!

    Guess we will find out who for in a couple of hours!!



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