Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Partner List

Just thought you'd like to know - here are our match ups!

Amy F and Jennifer W 
Barbara B and Tammy S 
Barbara Y and Donna P 
Becca O and Jen S 
Chrissy P and Laura G 
Elaina Q (Frosh) and Ruth S 
Heidi R (Frosh) and Tonya W 
Janice M and Mary Lea W 
Jean K and Kathleen S 
Lenore S and Mary F 
Lori A and Mindy I 
Lori B and Micki S 
Madelyn M and Amy K 
Melinda C and Nadine C 
Nerina F (Frosh) and Shawnee H 

 I'm sending out blog author invites to those who need. Now is the time to start posting sneak peeks of your fabrics -- feel free to show a couple of options if you want to keep some of it secretive.


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