Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Moore Ruffled Apron Swap

Woo-hoo!!  Here are the details on our NEW swap

One "Moore" Ruffled Apron Swap
Deadline to Enter: May 15, 2012
Mail Between: June 10 - 20, 2012**
Register HERE

 Handcraft a Ruffled Apron for your partner using Morgan Moore's Tutorial (or similar), and your partner will craft one for you! Tuck in two small goodies for your partner (around $10 in value or so).  
(See "fine print" below)

**NEW for this swap is something that I heard about over on Ravelry (come be my friend there, I'm CrochetCupcake).  We will have Freshman and Senior Swappers.  You are a "Senior" if you have successfully swapped with Shawnee before (mailed on time, met notice requirements, etc.).  You need to check "Freshman" during registration if you've never swapped here before or if you missed the mailing deadlines or other requirements in your last swap. New (Freshman) swappers will have to ship early, so plan accordingly.(Maximum five new/"Freshman" swappers; number may be raised if a large number of Senior Swappers who will accept a Frosh partner register.)

Here are some cute ruffled apron tutorials:
Morgan Moore's Iconic Tutorial
Becoming Krista's Tutorial

LeeAnne's Everyday Celebrations tutorial

Domessticated's Tutorial

After you select the perfect fabrics and pattern, then you can pull together the rest of your package. Try to be creative with your tuck in ideas --- I personally would LOVE an embellished tea towel like I talked about here, but chocolate or tea/coffee area always a yummy idea or perhaps a fun kitchen gadget.  There's a list of tutorials for tuck-in ideas on the sidebar and I'm happy to add more if you post ideas in the comments below.

The Fine Print:
By signing up for Shawnee's Swap, you agree to the following:
1. To reply to my assignment email within 48 hours, acknowledging receipt of your partner and letting me know you're still playing .

2. To remain anonymous; if you need to ask your partner a question, send a message through me or use a secret email account that does not have your real name attached (test it first).  I MAY be announcing partners early, so "anonymous" might become a moot point -- still trying to decide that one.

3. Seniors: To mail your package no sooner than June 10 and no later than June 20, 2012, using USPS (post office). If you are partnered with a Freshman, do mail until you've RECEIVED your box. Freshmen: Mail your package BEFORE June 10, 2012. EVERYONE: You agree to ship USPS Two-day Priority with Delivery Confirmation (only $0.75 extra) or other tracking, and to email me the tracking number so I know you have met your mailing commitment.

4. To email me when you have received your package, and to copy me on your thank you email to your partner who worked so hard on your apron.

5. To have fun! All participants will be invited to author on the Swap Blog and able to post pictures of project-in-progress, comments and giveaways. The more the merrier!

This is intended to be a US only swap -- if two swappers from the same country wish to swap, I can work with that but no guarantees about participating.  International swaps have been the hardest to finalize - sorry!!!

Can't wait to see who wants to play along!  Be sure to invite former swappers to join again, or invite a new friend you would feel good about recommending.



  1. I'm in too!! Not sure why my comment on Saturday didn't post?? humm...

  2. I'm glad I decided to stop by! Haven't done an apron swap in awhile :)

  3. Wow, are there only going to be 7 participants in this swap!! The 6 who added a comment and Shawnee!! Come on everyone, the more the merrier!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope I'm in! I am ready for another apron swap as it seems likes it's been awhile since I did one. I can't wait!

  5. I'm so happy to be in another swap it get's my creative juices going!

  6. I'm in! yay! Can't wait to get started! xoxo

  7. Ok..I'm trying again!! LOVE the ruffly aprons!!

  8. Hey shawnee...I signed up but I dont see my name on the list and I havent heard anything.....


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